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As paid and still active customer, you can always login to your own license portal to log support case that related to product or suspect software bug or whatever product related issue. Out of the scope matters maybe subject to additional charges, just be noted for that. Below is the steps, make sure you had

 This is very popular being ask topic, manufacturer issue end of life (EOL) or sunset statement or notice, and it impact on the existing customer who use the old version that being affected, what should do next. For scenario customer who had still active software update or upgrade subscription (SUS), ie you are entitlement for

Technology keep changing and evolve along the time, so the deployed application due to technology advancement and latest functionality / feature release, bug fix and support resources focus on the latest version maintenance, manufacturer have publish the official Ipswitch Managed File Transfer Product Family (WS_FTP, MOVEit, MessageWay) product End of Life (EoL) and End of