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Introduction This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to delete a folder that a user has created in GitLab. Deleting a folder in GitLab can sometimes lead to the unintended removal of the folder from the file system as well. However, if you want to retain the folder and its contents as untracked in the

This is a topic and question that has been commonly addressed over the years. To activate and utilize Acunetix’s latest version and edition, follow these steps after installation: Upon logging in to Acunetix, you’ll be directed to the Profile page. On this page, provide your contact details. Enter your License key to proceed with product

Upon the license registration by Tenable based on the user given detailed, depend on the actual usage and context, such as the some officer is resign from the organization, or change department or transfer to handle different function within the organization, it all will trigger the need for during the license still in active subscription

This is prepare for the customer who are rush and do not watch or follow the proof of entitlement (PoE) link. Here is expand it in more detail. In most cases, an organization will have a License Manager (also known as a Tech or Portal Admin) who is knowledgeable about License terminology. You may want

If you’re new to Canvas Exploitation Pack (CEP) ProtoVer Testsuite and recently signed up, here’s a quick guide on how to use Protover scripts to detect 0day vulnerabilities. ProtoVer Testsuite is a protocol and file format tester written in pure Python for expert users to test protocols and files. It is not integrated with Canvas,

This is a support document created to assist new users or those new to HCL AppScan Source. It serves as a visual guide to help navigate the various sources. It is important to note that this document is intended for customers who have a proof of entitlement (POE) in hand, whether it is a trial

Burp Suite Professional and Enterprise Reporting Sample, this is one of the very common things people mostly ask and serve for, to get the overall feeling how it look like. Below is some of the sample based on scanning vulnerable website and generate the report as sample, so you know what it can. For Burp

It is one of very typical questions will rise from time to time, based on the typical enterprise use case and requirements, what kind of the physical or virtual server resources required to provision for the GitLab or other DevOps project. Let start with the minimum requirements needed to install and use GitLab, as well

Nessus Pro is possible to perform credentialed patch scan, beside vulnerability or compliance scan it typically used for. Special remark: Only Domain Administrator accounts can be used to scan Domain Controllers. Before perform any credentialed scan, make sure your network is nothing block the Nessus Pro scan, ie whitelist Nessus Pro ip. Each network is

What happened when the Nessus Pro license expired? since it is a license subscription (LS) product. A lot of customers mind what happens if I lapse and late renewal with the existing working data. This post is dedicated to answering that for the customer on this question and related concern in one post. At the