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E-SPIN do not have time and material (T&M) rate, due to massive of support work involve simulation of support offsite, resolve first, prior for send engineer and support personnel onsite, as such massive of time can not be bill under that. E-SPIN maintenance support have massive portion fall under knowledge work, where require to apply knowledge, know how and expertise in

For local maintenance support subscription customer, whether under 8×5 or 24×7 basis, if the contract include preventive maintenance as part of the scope, then it usually inclusive of the following additional scope of work related to preventive maintenance onsite visit: E-SPIN support personnel will check against the preventive maintenance schedule and make proactive onsite preventive

E-SPIN provide full solution, from consultancy, solution architect, integration, project management, training and post deployment maintenance support for system/product supply deliver upon request, whether base on standard normal business day (NBD) 8×5 unlimited phone/email/remote and up to fixed frequency incident onsite or in combination with fixed quantity of preventive maintenance or mission critical system 24x7x365