Some of the common and typical symptom email setting and configuration is not correct when you saw “[email protected]” has had an internal exception. The exception is Timeout occurred. Canceling operation.. You can use the following step to troubleshooting, lot of way, but below is using telnet. Make sure firewall (if within) allow telnet connection from WUG

A case one of the existing client is asking for whether can WUG monitoring Windows server hard drive in RAID, and reporting for failure status. It will depend on the manufacturer, but in general the answer is yes. However, you may need a script similar to what we posted below. Otherwise, typically the systems send

This post is for customer who are after renewing their existing whatsup gold (WUG) license, but the machine still in the old expired date (due to user do required to perform refreshing the key new date into WUG machine). WhatsUp Gold contains a service renewal reminder within the WebUi  that displays at  90, 60, 30,

Zigbee is an IEEE 802.15.4-based specification for a suite of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks with small, low-power digital radios, such as for home automation, medical device data collection, and other low-power low-bandwidth needs, designed for small scale projects which need wireless connection. Hence, Zigbee is a low-power, low data rate, and close proximity (i.e., personal area) wireless ad

For the customer had still active software update and upgrade (SUS) coverage and yet to be expire, you can choose either from WUG server, “check for WUG update” OR alternatively, login to the license portal to pick the installer and download. Be note for either scenario, you are still require to install in the machine

What’sUp Gold (WUG) can configure and provide “proactive notification” such as email to let you know like server hard disk is reaching 80% of the utilization, or server memory is reaching 80% of the utilization. Due to the server is no in the “Down state”, so “proactive alerting” become very helpful feature to automated this

This is two part of question, we answer it one part at a time. Below is answer base on v12 in context. Acunetix is a multi-user system. The first account that is created is the main admin account, also referred to as the root account. This main admin account can create additional users, giving a

As paid and still active customer, you can always login to your own license portal to log support case that related to product or suspect software bug or whatever product related issue. Out of the scope matters maybe subject to additional charges, just be noted for that. Below is the steps, make sure you had

In most environments, the ultimate resting place of data, specifically financial data, health records and confidential trade secrets, that often subject to to regulatory compliance, is often any number of databases. This makes the security posture of the database itself the last line of defense for protecting data and customer information.  On top of specialized

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner (WVS) since mid of 2018 had full product structure change in which Netsparker don’t have the option of unlimited websites anymore. For all the existing customer upon expire (since it is license subscription), when renewing or for new customer for purchase the license, need to follow the new plan below. The