For the existing customer in the past, the customer can make renewal instead of buying a new license. Depending on how long the past license is active (we mean still under software update and upgrade subscription SUS), the renewal engagement can be done as on time renewal or lapse renewal under grace period and lapse

1. Follow the email with your login credential, login to license portal and download the software (OS specific) and download license file. For customer with single administrator hold all the multiple users license, then the account with license file that will control for multiple activation up to license quantity. Enter your license key when requested.

This is prepared based on one of the user asking. Remember this is for floating license scenario only, where it is for “networking environment” scenario. Floating license allow install into as many “client” as you want, it control you by how many “floating license” basis. The “centralized” license server will serve the role for monitoring

With the release of Acunetix 360, existing Acunetix Enterprise rename as Acunetix Premium, and Acunetix Standard. Special Edition of Acunetix Consultant work very similar like Acunetix Standard except it allow add/remove target and max 5 target, plus the option of compliance report and roaming 5 machine as the feature set. For more about special Consultant

This post is prepare for the existing customer who receiving above notice. The original post is below, already censored out important information and make it applicable for all the customer in more universal way. Background Information Acunetix web vulnerability scanner from v11 to v12 (over 1 year now), include also one of the fundamental change,

This post is to answer for one of the customer question related to how they can know what user is doing, ie activity when using WUG, like add and remove device during the login session. First of all, be note that WUG is monitoring system for device you provision in the system for monitoring the

This is prepare for one of the customer who required access to the function, to monitor for the system background process, and make notification if the process change state. System, whether server, workstation or mission critical machine, it now just above device up time that matter, but whether or not a specific system process is

Acunetix do check for this vulnerability. It is part of Acunetix Local File Inclusion checks, and would be reported as LFI not NULL byte injection. Any chance for customer will mis configure and miss to detect it? It could be that the client is not configuring the target correctly and as such Acunetix is not

For customer implement floating license architecture, whether in windows, Linux or Mac platform. Will possible come across a scenario, a user require to business travel and perform at any remote location or typical business meeting or working in offsite condition and context. Under that scenario, it can not be check in and check off from

A customer is report encounter issue, after IDA floating windows edition client install successful but license server manager encounter connection issue. Customer working environment got firewall. This is classic and typical problem indicate a communication problem between server and client (IDA). In addition to the license server port (28000), IDA workstation must also be able