In most environments, the ultimate resting place of data, specifically financial data, health records and confidential trade secrets, that often subject to to regulatory compliance, is often any number of databases. This makes the security posture of the database itself the last line of defense for protecting data and customer information.  On top of specialized

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner (WVS) since mid of 2018 had full product structure change in which Netsparker don’t have the option of unlimited websites anymore. For all the existing customer upon expire (since it is license subscription), when renewing or for new customer for purchase the license, need to follow the new plan below. The

This is one of the common ask questions, as due to the fact network device default syslog, but for Windows machine (server, workstation or desktop) is default Windows Event Log. So for most of the customer intent to achieve log consolidation, it is no practical to keep one box for network device in syslog, and

Update on 2019 Jan 2. The information below is being outdated, it keep here for historical record purpose. Metasploit latest license will remain either open source, ie Metasploit Framework or Metasploit Pro edition only. And it available under license subscription (LS) basis only, and drop previous perpetual license (PL). Metasploit for commercial will use either

This document will assist customer for WUG 2017 version and onward. For old or legacy version, ie WUG 2016 or below, refer different document. Adding a single new device to WhatsUp Gold This document also relevant for customer intent to add a single device without using discovery. There are two ways to add devices to

This is very popular request for some sort of generic comparison. Be note at the moment Burp Suite got two Edition, Burp Suite Professional (for manual and advance testing), typically install into tester machine, whether it is laptop or desktop, since it need interactive testing and operate by user. Another edition is Burp Suite Enterprise

This document is prepare for customer who ask about how to export information from WUG. Below document will show you how to export devices or related information from Whatsup Gold(WUG) version 16 and 16.x ., ie pre WUG 2017 Edition. 1.First step you need to login to WUG web browser. 2.Go to ‘Report’ tab and

Whatsup Gold latest release was on August 28, 2018 Operating system and virtual environment requirements FIPS is no longer supported in Operating Systems prior to Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 or 8.1. For evaluation purposes, WhatsUp Gold operates on Windows Pro 7, 8.1, and 10. However, production level support requires Windows Server versions only.

 This is very popular being ask topic, manufacturer issue end of life (EOL) or sunset statement or notice, and it impact on the existing customer who use the old version that being affected, what should do next. For scenario customer who had still active software update or upgrade subscription (SUS), ie you are entitlement for

This is very common and widely ask question, in particular for new users had yet reading entire Burp Suite Pro documentation, or perform various manual testing cases yet. Just for quick recall, it is inside “intruder module”, “payload positions” tab. Inside got the pull down menu for “attack type”. Burp Intruder supports various attack types