In various scenario and context, customer may require to reset a license, said from machine A relocate to machine B, either due to existing machine being obsolete or out from warranty support, or massive upgrade exercise require re provisioning entire system one more time again from the ground up. Please follow step by step guide

Minimum resource configuration 1 x vCPU  |  1.5 GB RAM*  |  1 x 40GB virtual HDD   Maximum resource configuration 16 x vCPU (recommended maximum of 8)  |  16GB RAM*   * Reserved RAM.  If your hypervisor supports it, Qualys strongly recommends that any RAM allocated to the Qualys Scanner Appliance also be reserved.  For example, if

With the WUG 2018 is finally release on 7 March, 2018 but do come with completely different way for licensing. For those who already adopt the “total point“ licensing you got to re introduce back with the “device” based count licensing and addon for those advanced feature set and functionality, with additional on top “add

What is the difference within the three edition of Omnipeek? something it will be confuse for new user, so you can use the following table to see the difference. In general, voice and video matter, need to use Omnipeek Enterprise edition. Full Omnipeek product comparision OMNIPEEK ENTERPRISE OMNIPEEK PROFESSIONAL OMNIPEEK CONNECT User Profile Large company;

Like the screenshot attached, login to the respective customer account portal, check the license key you intent to renew, make sure it is right now have yet expired, else got to do as new subscription, it can not be renew. Please ask our service officer to generate a new subscription quote for you instead. Once

For WhatsUp Gold (WUG) one of the common use and automated feature is auto trigger alerting and notification when the monitoring device reach the down and up, when reach the condition of how long the duration. For example, device down for 5 minutes, send email notification and alerting. Same as well (even it is rare)

This is very common frequent ask question (FAQ). What E-SPIN Network System Application Monitoring (NSAM) WhatsUp Gold (WUG) capable to monitoring is depend on the edition of license (ie whether had that feature in the edition), and what customer had and capable to provide those feature required support (eg, for NetFlow, need device support NetFlow

E-SPIN Network System Application Monitoring (NSAM) WhatsUp Gold (WUG) project service depend on the project quote statement and committed service man days involved, it typical involve following variable or parameter you can cross check and reference with the quote / proposal received: Project kick off meeting (a session of project kick off meeting that involve

E-SPIN Network Server Application Monitoring System (NSAM) WhatsUp Gold (WUG) is a Unified Network, Server, Application Management System that offering Unified Network, Server, Application Discovery, Monitoring, Alerting, Reporting, Managing that provide Active (via PING, SNMP, WMI) and Passive Monitoring (via SNMP Trap/Syslog/Windows Event Log), Performance Monitoring (via SNMP/WMI) functionality and allow expand of the base functionality

This is common ask question. Due to computer license is locked to specific machine, but due to replacement or suffers a hardware failure, in order to change a license to another computer manufacturer will need the following. • Manufacturer required a formal signed letter on the company letterhead • The letter should mention the license IDs to