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Qualys is company name, got range of product and component typically will be single subscription with multiple component and part, no to mention for exist of package and each come with entitlement and limitation. You need to provide those information prior for our renewal officer can help you. In specific, you need to provide following

This is a Training Services Agreement (“Agreement”) by and between you, the customer receiving training services (“Customer”), and “E-SPIN” Group of Companies. This Agreement is effective upon Customer’s signature or payment for or usage of the Training Services or Materials, each of which constitutes Customer’s agreement to these terms and conditions. 1. SCOPE A. Training

It global standard for all product warranties based on a fixed period of time starting from the purchase date of the unit. Duration of warranties are specific to each product. If proof of purchase cannot be obtained, the warranty duration is calculated from the manufacture date of the unit. Each of the respective manufacturer supplier

Piggyback service in general, or more specific sometime refer as fishyback (make use of sea transport) or birdback (make use of air transport). When come to the hassle free project supply, most of the time will include some of the item customer will interest for E-SPIN piggyback and carry on as complementary and make it

World keep changing at the speed of light. In particular for the technology product, they are usually go to higher version by provide more functionality, more modern application offering, and more bug fixed on the latest version, not to mention for ongoing perfection of the technology offering to the market. As you can see, no

To place an order based on your Purchase Order (PO), or Government Local Order (LO) please ask for our formal quote. When we issue Invoice and Delivery Order, your Purchase Order will add your Purchase Order number. The Purchase Order number will appear on your invoice and will be sent in PDF format via email.

Depend on the product your interest on purchase. Certain product do have demo, limited and full evaluation software for the fixed period product trial. It enabling your team to experience how the product performs before deciding if it’s right for you. What you use throughout your trial is what you will be receiving when you

The “price” element will not be hold fixed or constant along the year. In general, following variables will have impact on the price:- 1. Manufacturer price change – manufacturer price change from time to time. Some every year will revise the new price rate, some will revise after couple of time. Add-in or bundled with

For all new customers strictly prepayment upon invoice. Subsequent order, depending on your cases, you may request for term trade, where our finance department has the credit facility application form (and off course, you need to supply a supporting document for them to assess, and determine credit risk and credit line). Be note that submission of the credit facility application with incomplete supporting documents

Most of the client we served right now all leverage our local purchase/buying facilitation service, as all client prefer to trade locally for easy access to local support (pre sales, sales and post sales support) in the same time zone. For certain software product will required authorization, when require not just manufacturer supplying but also