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Qualys is company name, got range of product and component typically will be single subscription with multiple component and part, no to mention for exist of package and each come with entitlement and limitation. You need to provide those information prior for our renewal officer can help you. In specific, you need to provide following

Minimum resource configuration 1 x vCPU  |  1.5 GB RAM*  |  1 x 40GB virtual HDD   Maximum resource configuration 16 x vCPU (recommended maximum of 8)  |  16GB RAM*   * Reserved RAM.  If your hypervisor supports it, Qualys strongly recommends that any RAM allocated to the Qualys Scanner Appliance also be reserved.  For example, if

Qualys is cloud based application based on software as a service (SaaS) offering basis. For the first technical and commercial is are you are ready for Cloud? (if No, no need to proceed further) If answer for yes for item 1. Then may select either shared cloud (just connect thru web browser to Qualys hosted

pon you success login to the portal, on your left hand side, you can pull out the module, you can click from the list and access from there, if you have subscribed on it.

Depend on your subscription, for most of the cases will usually involved at least one virtual scanner to facilitate the internal network scanning. If that the case, you are entitle and can access to download virtual scanner appliance.   Add new virtual scanner, the screen will also show how many scanner license under your subscription.

Qualys have three main segment offering, Enterprise, Express and Express Lite. In quick way to help you understanding, in general we can quickly divide by effective of IP count and volume can be cope in the most efficient way. Enterprise Suite can start from 1 to unlimited. But be note ideal size is 3000 node

We have receive the email inform account register, what next? Upon receive the email like below or similar in nature, (email and account being censored to prevent spam and for confidential) Click on the link will provide the login password. Copy it. Now you will have both ID and Password to continue access the portal.