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Problem: My question is how to reduce / drop audited IPs without upgrade license? Here, audited IPs is 262 over than licensed limit is 256. Retina Licensing Notice Solution: To reset your counts, I have included the information below; however, please note, if you are in fact over your count on the next scan after

Problem: On BeyondInsight Console, username and password cant type on box and error popup – invalid license key BeyondInsight console How to solve problem: The license cache need to refresh. Step: 1. Close Retina Network Security Scanner and BeyondInsight Console 2. Open BeyondInsight Configuration Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\eEye Digital Security\Retina CS–>REMEMConfig BeyondInsight Configuration 3. On

Upon the BeyondInsight setup successful, all the login is thru the web page localhost and then IP and password. Alternative login depend on your scenario or context When working in BeyondInsight, note that times displayed match the webbrowser on the local computer(unless stated other wise). To logon BeyondInsight: 1. Select Start>All Programs> eEye Digital Security>BeyondInsight>BeyondInsight

Few scenario you need to go thru your existing assets in the inventory, and make decision to deleting them else will hit the license limit, since it licensed by total IP count basis. Below the standard operating procedure (SOP) how to deleting assets in BeyondInsight Deleting Assets You can remove assets from the Assets list.

At the time for write the article (dated 21 Jul, 2016), BeyondInsight (formerly Retina CS) 5.8.1, Retina Network Security Scanner 5.24.2 is the latest build and version. Manufacturer do not have active policy to publish end of life and end of support like Microsoft. Below is the official reply from manufacturer for those who concern about the

Summary Introduced in Retina Network Security Scanner 5.15.0, the Retina Local Scan Service (RLSS) provides the ability to perform local tasks on the target being scanned. Such tasks include the ability to control and execute console commands. RLSS is a temporary service that is deployed, performs an action, and then removed. The use of RLSS

Question: Need to check with you whether can we changes VA setting where the current scanning setting for Minimum Password Length is set to 14 to 8? The Audit tab is where you enter the parameters for the actual vulnerability scan. You specify the actual target hosts and target ports, the audits that Retina should run (e.g.,