Depend on the nature of the solution, product or based on tailor made project scope that from training need analysis (TNA), then develop custom training program, based on the the solution/product/project and lengths of the training, usually we will name it basic 1 day, standard 3 days, advanced 5 days, extended x days, and custom

Due to something will encounter some prospect and customer use the word interchangeable, which in reality it is not, so we help to write in detail to address all potential parties interest on the subject matter. We are different in relation to Enterprise IT solutions/systems in context. Different industries and sectors may have different context,

All the product standard training or tailor made customized courses (from short basic 1 day, standard 3 days, advance 5 days, extended 10 training or longer) upon completion of each days attendance in either the on-demand or instructor-led setting. A Certificate of Attendance provides a written validation of your attendance in these courses and can

This is a Training Services Agreement (“Agreement”) by and between you, the customer receiving training services (“Customer”), and “E-SPIN” Group of Companies. This Agreement is effective upon Customer’s signature or payment for or usage of the Training Services or Materials, each of which constitutes Customer’s agreement to these terms and conditions. 1. SCOPE A. Training

Our aim E-SPIN Group is committed to providing a quality service for its customers and working in an open and accountable way that builds the trust and respect of all our stakeholders. One of the ways in which we can continue to improve our service is by listening and responding to the views of our

In the United States (US), all public companies, accounting firms, and private organizations on the verge of IPO must comply with SOX regulations that mandate accuracy, integrity, and security of the financial information the companies handle. However, manually monitoring networks and processing log data for SOX compliance is a tedious and an error-prone process. To

E-SPIN Network System Application Monitoring (NSAM) WhatsUp Gold (WUG) project service depend on the project quote statement and committed service man days involved, it typical involve following variable or parameter you can cross check and reference with the quote / proposal received: Project kick off meeting (a session of project kick off meeting that involve

E-SPIN do not have time and material (T&M) rate, due to massive of support work involve simulation of support offsite, resolve first, prior for send engineer and support personnel onsite, as such massive of time can not be bill under that. E-SPIN maintenance support have massive portion fall under knowledge work, where require to apply knowledge, know how and expertise in

For local maintenance support subscription customer, whether under 8×5 or 24×7 basis, if the contract include preventive maintenance as part of the scope, then it usually inclusive of the following additional scope of work related to preventive maintenance onsite visit: E-SPIN support personnel will check against the preventive maintenance schedule and make proactive onsite preventive

Before project kick off meeting, usually our service team will prepare and compile the deployment plan document for the specific product / solution you are subscribed. That deployment plan will spell out all the expectation, statement of service work, background, requirement, pre deployment planning process, what will follow during deployment, and post deployment. It will