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As paid and still active customer, you can always login to your own license portal to log support case that related to product or suspect software bug or whatever product related issue. Out of the scope matters maybe subject to additional charges, just be noted for that. Below is the steps, make sure you had

This document will assist customer for WUG 2017 version and onward. For old or legacy version, ie WUG 2016 or below, refer different document. Adding a single new device to WhatsUp Gold This document also relevant for customer intent to add a single device without using discovery. There are two ways to add devices to

This document is prepare for customer who ask about how to export information from WUG. Below document will show you how to export devices or related information from Whatsup Gold(WUG) version 16 and 16.x ., ie pre WUG 2017 Edition. 1.First step you need to login to WUG web browser. 2.Go to ‘Report’ tab and

Whatsup Gold latest release was on August 28, 2018 Operating system and virtual environment requirements FIPS is no longer supported in Operating Systems prior to Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 or 8.1. For evaluation purposes, WhatsUp Gold operates on Windows Pro 7, 8.1, and 10. However, production level support requires Windows Server versions only.

With the WUG 2018 is finally release on 7 March, 2018 but do come with completely different way for licensing. For those who already adopt the “total point“ licensing you got to re introduce back with the “device” based count licensing and addon for those advanced feature set and functionality, with additional on top “add

For WhatsUp Gold (WUG) one of the common use and automated feature is auto trigger alerting and notification when the monitoring device reach the down and up, when reach the condition of how long the duration. For example, device down for 5 minutes, send email notification and alerting. Same as well (even it is rare)

This is very common frequent ask question (FAQ). What E-SPIN Network System Application Monitoring (NSAM) WhatsUp Gold (WUG) capable to monitoring is depend on the edition of license (ie whether had that feature in the edition), and what customer had and capable to provide those feature required support (eg, for NetFlow, need device support NetFlow

E-SPIN Network System Application Monitoring (NSAM) WhatsUp Gold (WUG) project service depend on the project quote statement and committed service man days involved, it typical involve following variable or parameter you can cross check and reference with the quote / proposal received: Project kick off meeting (a session of project kick off meeting that involve

E-SPIN Network Server Application Monitoring System (NSAM) WhatsUp Gold (WUG) is a Unified Network, Server, Application Management System that offering Unified Network, Server, Application Discovery, Monitoring, Alerting, Reporting, Managing that provide Active (via PING, SNMP, WMI) and Passive Monitoring (via SNMP Trap/Syslog/Windows Event Log), Performance Monitoring (via SNMP/WMI) functionality and allow expand of the base functionality

Perform ODBC From windows start menu: For a 64-bit Windows OS: Select “Run” and enter c:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe, then select System DSN tab in the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog 2. Select “WhatsUP” from System DSN then click Configure.  The Configuration wizard will appear 3. Verify that the assigned Name is “WhatsUp and that the Server field is assigned correctly