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We are living in the rapid changing world. Where the world change at the speed of light, but existing solutions and product may not even had the right word and definition to sum them what yet. So, we grouping those global themes and trending topic in this section.



For incident to series of event that share the common theme across the globe.



Latest technology breakthrough that set the coming standards.



Changing in the industries practice that shaping the future world.



Special develop content based on changing practice.

Network Forensics Analysis Tools Used

Network Forensics Analysis Tools Used

Forensic analysis of network data allows investigators to reconstruct network activity during a particular period of time. These techniques are commonly used to investigate individuals suspected of crimes and to reconstruct the sequence of events that took place during a network-based information security incident. There are many network forensic analysis tools you can use, several
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Competencies in Application Performance Monitor (APM) Solutions

What is Virtualization Monitoring

Virtualization Monitoring Virtualization monitoring ensures that a virtualized IT infrastructure performs optimally and that virtual resources are properly allocated. Virtualized infrastructure monitoring requires collecting and evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs) for both physical and virtual components. For example, VMware KPIs include: VMs Hosts Resource pools Datastores Clusters Data centers Because physical resources are shared between
What does Network Forensics mean?

What does Network Forensics mean?

Network forensics refers to investigations that obtain and analyze information about a network or network events. It is a specialized category within the more general field of digital forensics, which applies to all kinds of IT data investigations. Typically, network forensics refers to the specific network analysis that follows security attacks or other types of
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What Your Virtualization Monitoring Should Cover
There are five key areas that a good virtualization management solution should cover to effectively manage your virtual environment. By focusing on these areas, you can ensure that you stay on top of the big picture and also eliminate any potential threats that may disrupt or impact the proper operation of your virtual machines. The
Tenable Product Family Overview

Tenable Product Family Overview

Tenable Product Family Overview, as you can see, it can divide into three (3) big family: Nessus, SecurityCenter and and one new product Industrial Security that cater for SCADA/ICS (Industrial Control System). Nessus Family only active member is Nessus Pro. Nessus Manager is end of sales, and new customer only solution is SecurityCenter

How Cloud Monitoring Works ?

The term cloud refers to a set of web-hosted applications that store and allow access to data over the Internet instead of on a computer’s hard drive. For consumers, simply using the internet to view web pages, access email accounts on services such as Gmail, and store files in Dropbox are examples of cloud computing
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Importance of Mobile Device Forensics
The term “mobile devices” encompasses a wide array of gadgets ranging from mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and GPS units to wearables and PDAs. What they all have in common is the fact that they can contain a lot of user information. Mobile devices are right in the middle of three booming technological trends: Internet of
The Future of Mobile Device Forensics
Most would agree that the golden age of mobile forensics is over. There is no longer an easy way to get through the passcode in new iOS devices running the latest version of iOS. Chip-off acquisition is dead for iOS devices due to full-disk encryption, while physical acquisition of Apple hardware is dead since the