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We are living in the rapid changing world. Where the world changes at the speed of light, but existing solutions and products may not even have the right word and definition to sum them what yet. So, we group those global themes and trending topics in this section.



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Reverse engineering vs binary exploitation

Reverse engineering vs binary exploitation, or malware analysis, binary software analysis to exploitation development, vulnerability research. It is a very common and widely interrelated concept, some are put together and create the confusion and misunderstanding they refer to the same matters which it is not, just like another confusion for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
Self driving car users are legally accountable for it or not, it now becomes a major headline across the globe. Indeed, Autonomous-car that auto-pilot, are users who own it legally liable for any accident it creates or not? We expect to see more and more self-driving cars on the road this year and thereafter. Since
Use Power of Cloud to Benefit Drug Development

Indicators to watch for 2022

Indicators to watch for 2022, the post let focus on some of the important indicators you should actively observe and follow to help you navigate for 2022. COVID-19 pandemic response, recovery and reset First is of course the COVID-19, as now we are moving from Delta to Omicron, what the world going on and your

The office value in the next normal

Let’s get real, the traditional workplace is killed by COVID-19 pandemic, wave after wave of new variants. Latest that impacts the world is Omicron. No one will know after that what next. It forces businesses to adapt for the change in reality and accelerate those changes to be accepted across the globe. Web meeting become
Ransomware continues to be the main security threat from now and beyond, even some nations classify it as a national security threat. Just imagine if the ransomware attack breaches the nation’s mission critical infrastructure and various government agencies, what will it be? Beside those high profile cases that the public exposed, but in real life,
Hex-Rays Decompiler Product Overview by E-SPIN
Today, enterprises are taking full advantage of cloud native computing to accelerate innovation. More companies are shifting their IT environment to the cloud. Cloud migration, however, leads to incompatible data siloes which further bring about many challenges such as data protection and security issues, inability to move data, inconsistent data management and lack of control.
VMware NSX Product Overview by E-SPIN
Data is an important assets to organisations. However, without an effective data management, organisation will not be able to unlock its potential in supporting business growth and outcomes. Annually, Gartner, a research and advisory firm, will release their findings on the top technology trends that are crucial to business. In 2021, data fabric had made
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The media industry had long predicted the death of broadcast TV, due to challenges for both subscriber fees and advertising revenue. Just in the last few years, almost all the giant corporations run their very own media channel, from Disney, from Apple just name it. As everyone is chasing to become the second Netflix and
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Data management is the process of gathering, organising, securing, and storing data from organisation for analysis in making business decisions. Digital transformation has greatly shaken the once stable world of data management. Due to the IT-OT convergence, the amount of data is increasing and becoming more complex. As a results, organisations need to adopt a
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While the recent each of the CPU maker house already announcement for the new product line up, that in benchmark figure outperform the Apple M1 Max System on a Chip (SOC).  But for those who have been in the industry so long and really know about M1 chips in and out, you will notice that
In computing, virtualization, i.e. the act of creating a virtual version of computing, including virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices, and computer network resources. From the hardware virtualization or platform virtualization, a lot of operating systems under utilise operating systems after consolidated and free up physical space utilisation, which is essential for datacenter space utilisation.
As a well known fact, for machine learning, an artificial intelligence (AI) GPU or graphical processing unit does matter to accelerate at least 5x for whatever tasks involved. It is due to the fact that there are a lot of execution units (or cores) involved. However for the coming new CPU, it may not be
Importance of technology and software in the retail industry
The impact of the advancement of technology is both good and bad. While it simplify certain processes, it also increase complexity of certain processes or implementation. Significantly, organisations need to apply the right technology to accelerate their progress. In term of decision making, the right one is decision intelligence as according to Gartner. Decision intelligence
From the very first COVID-19 case that happened and reported in Wuhan, the world has coexisted with the COVID-19 for 2 years. Wave after wave of new COVID-19 variants, and wave after wave of various forms of lockdowns introduced across the globe. The impact is the economic decline, mass unemployment, and associated death. Depending on
Decision-making has always been a challenging aspect in running an organisation. The future of your organisation depends greatly on every decision made. Since the world today is all about data, organisations need the right technology to analyse and process the related data into suggestions and conclude the right decision. According to Gartner, the technology you
One of the most crucial part in driving business towards success is making the right decision in adopting and planning your business strategy. The right move will put your business into the right path as well as enhances its growth and resiliency. According to Gartner, one of the many technologies that shows promising results in