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The rapidly evolving landscape of technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, making it increasingly challenging to predict its exact direction in the future. However, based on current trends and advancements, we can identify several potential directions that the digital landscape may take. One of the most prominent areas of advancement is
Rising of Smart City Initiative across countries
The future of wealth and growth lies in the realm of the digital economy, where emerging technologies serve as the driving force. These technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, metaverses, and smart manufacturing, are poised to become the cornerstones of the fourth Industrial Revolution and contribute to unprecedented advancements. In the previous generation, knowledge workers
In July 2022, Sri Lanka’s default on its loan triggered an economic crisis that may not be fresh in the minds of many. However, the repercussions of this event are far-reaching and have significant implications. China, being the largest lender to governments worldwide, has taken advantage of its position by calling in foreign loans from
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Impact of Cryptocurrency to Financial Industry
The Hong Kong government has recently given the green light for the retail trading of cryptocurrencies, marking a significant moment in the industry. Starting from June 1, this move is expected to have a positive impact on the prices of cryptocurrencies, particularly major tokens like Bitcoin and Ether, as it introduces a new licensing regime
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The Era of Free Education
The Education to Employment gap is a prevalent issue in countries worldwide. This gap can be attributed, to some extent, to outdated academic curricula and educational systems that persistently rely on century-old or decade-old syllabi and learning materials. Unfortunately, these approaches fail to adapt to the rapidly evolving world. Despite the availability of massive open
Web applications have become essential tools for businesses across industries, enabling efficient management of resources, enhancing customer interactions, and streamlining internal processes. Significantly, poor application performance can greatly affect a business, resulting in negative reviews, lost revenues, and customer dissatisfaction due to incomplete transactions or disappointing experiences. IT Operations teams are often responsible for finding
The concept of reverse engineering is widely discussed and often asked about. Reverse engineering refers to the process of disassembling and thoroughly examining a product or device in order to understand its manufacturing concepts, typically with the goal of producing something similar. In the field of mechanical engineering, reverse engineering summarizes the process of reconstructing
In this digital era, where every company is becoming a software company, the importance of databases is undeniable. The number of applications in the market is constantly growing, making it crucial to prioritize the performance of databases. A high-performing database facilitates seamless data management, ensuring an organized collection of data and enabling the efficient operation
Digital brain, artificial brain
Generative AI has played a pivotal role in making artificial intelligence (AI), encompassing machine learning and deep learning, accessible and functional through widely used tools such as chat-GPT and Stablefusion. These innovations are just the beginning of AI and robotics’ integration into mainstream society, with many more improvements on the horizon. To stay competitive in
The advancement of technology has introduced smart technology with the vision of creating a better world for living. Fundamentally, the term ‘smart’ in smart technology originates from the acronym ‘Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology,’ as defined by netlingo. Now, the term has become a trademark for innovations – from vehicles, devices, and applications that possess
In today’s modern world, access to large amounts of data storage is essential for both consumer and enterprise needs, whether on-premise or on the cloud. The ability to aggregate big data and business intelligence to create artificial intelligence and robotics for work is becoming increasingly important for businesses. The worldwide data size is expected to
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4 Ways Internet of Things (IoT) Applications Is Changing Retail Industry
In this era of digital advancement, where every industry embraces digital transformation to move their businesses forward, the reliance on data has become fundamental. Data is exponentially growing at a tremendous speed, necessitating the adoption of efficient data management practices to ensure its value to organizations. Without effective data management, including robust data privacy and
Tapping on Digital Transformation (DT) for continue relevant in the new market
When it comes to digital transformation, technology platform and architecture changes are crucial considerations for all companies, regardless of their size. This is because the choice of technology platform and architecture can have a significant impact on the success of a digital transformation initiative. It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to
Take Care in Handling the Results of Your Web Application Testing
Today, the exponential generation of data is driven by various technological advancements and implementations, such as IT-OT convergence, superapps, cloud migration, and the as-a-service model. These factors contribute to the rapid increase in the volume of data being generated. Data fundamentally serves as a valuable asset in every organization, enabling improved planning, problem-solving, and decision-making
E-SPIN VMware Content Collaboration Bundle Product Overview
The operation of cross-border eGovernment systems presents various key security challenges that need to be addressed comprehensively. The following areas are particularly critical: Network Security: The increasing reliance on eGovernment necessitates robust security measures to safeguard communication networks against threats. Ensuring resilience against network attacks, such as unauthorized access, data modification, and denial of service,
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Zigbee Network Topology: Exploring the Three Types Network topology plays a crucial role in the design and functionality of communication networks. It encompasses the arrangement and interconnection of elements such as links and nodes within a network. In the context of Zigbee, a wireless communication protocol widely used in IoT (Internet of Things) applications, there
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