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Accelerate government transformations success rate
The whole world in the process of digital transformation (DT), every company in every size, all is attempt to accelerate their digital transformation before their competitor did. Digital transformation (DT) also be the global trend for government, and government transformations if you read in the global news, it take place every country in the globe.
How NOC Improve Data Center Availability
Network Operation Center (NOCs) is a central location where organizations support computer networks and telecommunications infrastructure, track and resolve IT infrastructure incidents, and ultimately ensure availability of data centers. Sometimes they are located in the data center, sometimes externally. They are usually connected to a high-speed internet connection or directly to the internet’s backbone to
Network Operation Center Best Practices
A Ticketing system The ticket system will allow you to keep track of all open, urgent issues and people assigned to handle each task. Knowing all the issues that are pending will help you prioritize transitional tasks and provide the best service to your customers. Knowledge-base system Keep a central resource for all the knowledge
What is meaning of Stress Testing?

What is meaning of Stress Testing?

Stress testing are tests that examine limits on your system by testing them under extreme loads. The test examines how the system behaves under intense loads, and how it recovered when returning to normal use, i.e is a KPI like the achievement and the same response time as before? In addition to the KPI testing
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What is Application Lifecycle Management(ALM)?
Application lifecycle management, or ALM, is an integrated system of people, processes, and tools that manages application life from concept to retirement. Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) is similar to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), but is more comprehensive in scope. Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) encompasses governance, development, maintenance, and dissolution of software, while Software Development Life Cycle
Benefits of Application Lifecycle Management(ALM)
Application lifecycle management(ALM) software package offers many dramatic benefits to all development intensive businesses, such as those who plan, build, and sell software to customers and other third parties, or companies that provide IT home-based teams to develop proprietary software for internal use by workers. Some of the special advantages that can be gained through
What mean Network Operation Center(NOC) ?
Network Operation Center (NOC) is the central location from which network administrators manage, control and monitor one or more networks. The overall function is to maintain optimum network operation across multiple platforms, mediums and communication channels. The network operations center monitors the telecommunications network for certain alarms or conditions that may require special attention to

Technology in Government

Government or public sector had extensive range of technology by generation one a decade, some as old as from IBM dominance main frame technology, to Windows-Intel (WinTel) Windows server and client, to client/server application and web application, and the modern mobile application to perform various federal to state government function. As the one of the