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We are living in the rapid changing world. Where the world changes at the speed of light, but existing solutions and products may not even have the right word and definition to sum them what yet. So, we group those global themes and trending topics in this section.



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Everyone who is monitoring the SoC trends, for sure with note for the every rising player is expect to put the end of Intel dominance x86, as more and more SoC being designed and market that provide very promising system performance, or consider breakthrough that Intel chip can not be deliver as such a low
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Many business operations had been affected since the outbreak of COVID-19. Organisation has to embrace various methods and alternatives in order to sustain their businesses. The methods also include leveraging their assets and reducing cost. Predictive maintenance can be viewed as one of the way out as it offers benefits such as increase in return
Since the first consumer electronic transaction happened in 1995, we humankind entered the digital economy. Almost all of the things can be digitized, sent and consumed in the digital form. Classic examples include audio music, video (movie and drama streaming), and ebooks. The very first to do those and do it right is Infrastructure -Led
Digital transformation (DT), enabling and accelerating enterprise digital transformation is the top most cited priority for all the top management and leader across the sector and industry, across the globe. The DT strategy execution and how can you measure your enterprise progress, one of it is using the techquilibrium, the digital balance act and point.
Since WHO declared COVID-19 Pandemic, it has been over 16 months, and we are now in the next normal era. Most of the companies are under huge operating losses, due to existing business models vulnerable to digital disruption. For those who are not able to gain the time, they are shut down, taken over by
Creating a Great Digital Customer Experience Platform (DXP) Strategy for your business has become a megatrend both locally and internationally, as we move toward the digital economy and current next normal era. Digital marketing is more important than before, since more and more consumer and enterprise prospects and buyers turn to the Internet for the
To achieve techquilibrium (a portmanteau of technology and equilibrium) is a digital balance act in the more and more digital transformation era. In close to two years of COVID-19 pandemic, most traditional enterprises who ignore the importance of the digital transformation, mostly being wiped out from the market existence, bankrupt, shut down, take over or
From the date the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 pandemic, now it is 16 months already. Of course, we all know this crisis happens much earlier in one country, as early as Q4 2019. We are not in the era being known as the new normal, a newer term and much accepted is the
Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) In Automotive Industrial
Unplanned downtime holds the top position as the most concerning problem in the manufacturing industry. Downtime in manufacturing is often related to machine failure, production failure and unplanned stop. The impact of downtime in manufacturing can be serious and lead to loss in manufacturing process and production. Over the years, manufacturers had always tried to
To enable the enterprise transform toward zero-latency enterprise (ZLE), a new form of digital transformed enterprise, one area most people need to look into is data management. Traditional and legacy data management you use right now may be one of the areas to bottleneck all your effort. For those in the technology market for long
Augmented and virtual reality or whatever reality (AR/VR/xR) solutions continue to change the way businesses can use it to deliver a range of the services, it just limits the business creativity to find the killerapp and value proposition by the business only, in another, it offers endless potential applications. Due to AR/VR/xR if want to
Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) in Oil and Gas Industrial
The shift from traditional factory to smart factory had triggered the adoption of predictive maintenance in many organisation as their maintenance strategy approach. If you are the decision maker in your organisation, what will your decision be? When stumbled upon an option with significant impacts on future operations, trends or lifestyles, the best practice is
The term ML isn’t new, it was invented in 1959. Machine learning enables the computers with the right software application to learn from the historical data and formulate a solution which can be used to solve similar problems in future, without the explicit need of further instruction by humans to inform computers of all the combinations of
A zero-latency enterprise (ZLE) is an ideal state for any modern enterprise intent to reach. Since it concerns making all the rapidly changing information available across the entire business, as the bigger the company it is, the bigger challenge to make available across enterprises, you just imagine for multinational corporations across countries with how many
Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (cpdm) Platform In Manufacturing
The manufacturing industry had always evolved as the technology evolved. Today, the industry is no longer in the era of automation based on human inputs but has leap forward to cyber physical system. This transformation is known as Industry 4.0 where everything is about data. There are many buzzwords that appear alongside the introduction of
Maintenance is often considered by the management as just another expense which is associated to the failure in operational technology and devices. However, in the recent years, the management had realised the importance of maintenance as it contributes various added values to business processes such as preservation of assets, reduction of cost through optimising maintenance