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Modern workplace towards Smart Space

  From the current coronavirus outbreak that impacts globally, we are seeing how many enterprises are facing the challenge to get the business to continue and minimize the operation impact due to lockdowns ordered by the nations, as well as ban foreigners from arriving in the nation. Without doubt, not all the business sectors and

Data Management Challenges

Most of the data management challenges in now days,  branch from the faster measure of business and the developing generation of data. The ever-expanding variation, acceleration, and volume of data available to organizations is pushing them to seek more-effective management tools to keep up. They have some of the main challenges organizations face include the
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Use Power of Cloud to Benefit Drug Development
A Zero-Latency Enterprise (ZLE) is any strategy that exploits the immediate exchange of information across technical and organizational boundaries to achieve business benefit. For example, technical boundaries exist between various operating systems, database management systems and programming languages. “Immediate” implies being fast enough to bring all of the business benefits that simultaneous knowledge can potentially

Impact of AR Cloud

Modern world is moving based on AR cloud innovation which can be useful in our daily life seem endless. Impact of AR cloud? Imagine visiting a history of places or an planetarium and receiving all the information displayed in an instant way by simply scanning them with your AR cloud device. Further, AR cloud will
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Computer, Mobile Device, Network, Data, Database, Live and Digital Forensics
It’s difficult to imagine getting through your day without using technology for conduct modern business, whether it’s checking your email, downloading new music or tracking your fitness level. Just as you as an individual rely on technology every day to run your life, so are businesses going digital to run their operations and disrupt entire
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We have been discussing few topic regarding Application Data Management (ADM) in previous post. For today we going to look into the differences between Application Data Management (ADM) and Master Data Management (MDM). Before we going through with our topic today, we would like to explain what is Master Data Management (MDM)? MDM is the

How a Trouble Ticket System Work?

A trouble ticket system work by first making a report, or ticket, that records the interactions on a support or service case. The ticket is shared between both the rep and the client and logs their correspondence to one consistent thread. If there’s any confusion, or if a detail is disregarded, both parties can refer
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We already discuss about what is Application Data Management (ADM). So in this post we are going to talk over about the Application Data Management Implementation Phases. There are 3 phases in the implementation of ADM; Analysis and Planning, Implementation and Automation, last but not least review and refinement. The first phase is analysis and