What is 5G? Everything You Need to Know

In 2024, the world has witnessed the transformative impact of 5G technology, marking a significant leap forward from the previous 4G LTE networks. As of now, 5G has achieved widespread commercial availability across most regions of the globe. Even in areas where it has yet to be fully implemented, comprehensive rollout plans are underway, while

1980s to 1990s is all about Bulletin board systems (BBS) and Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Then we have the rise of  social media we know today. It rose from the 1990s, or more specially 1997~1998 Myspace and Facebook, and various blogging and instant messaging services. With advances in smartphones and widespread use, social media services

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In this post, we will be discussing the challenges of Big Data in the Telecommunications Industry, including Volume, Variety, Complexity, and Velocity. Volume: With the rise of 5G mobile networks, operational data generated from each call or session is increasing dramatically. The addition of GPS, location-based services, and social media is adding to this deluge

Unless it is completely newly incorporated telco, it hardly without been handicap in somewhere by the past infrastructure they invested, and further complicated with various network monitoring system (NMS) and element monitoring system (EMS) typically deployed with the new project along the years. The result is a mix of generation of network and element monitoring

Mobile Device Security and Challenges

The future of video entertainment is under the strong pressure to shift toward digital-first platforms away from the respective media and broadcasting companies, who used to monopolize media and entertainment since the film, television era, and continue to do so on the LD, VCD and DVD, BD. But as streamlining becomes the mass choice, it

Recent research and findings, may not surprise everyone. Where print media is under the sunset and keeps declining for a very long period of time. Printed newspapers and magazines, or we use printed media to cover all, is less attractive for Gen Z. They expect to get anything by internet search, including getting news updates

We are living in a world full of marketing noise pollution. There Is just too much promotional clutter, offers, promotions, advertising that attempt to get target market attention. The result is the acceleration of the growing rate of the email in the spam and junk folder. Most properly the target market will unsubscribe and report

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6G Networks, we refer to telecommunication, 6G (sixth-generation wireless), which is the successor to 5G cellular technology. While most of the countries are still in the process of rolling out 5G Networks right now or busy to do so for the next few years on the road, 6G Networks is ready  for pickup from 2030,

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US-China Trade War Continues after Huawei case, with US revoked US license of China Telecom, so China Telecom must stop providing services in America within 60 days. The “national security” concerns, as cited by the US to prevent the Chinese government to access, store, disrupt, and/or misroute US communications. China Telecom has already provided telecoms

Augmented Reality boom in the next normal is what was expected, as after COVID-19 from lockdowns to eventually everyone got mandatory vaccinations. Every country is in the progress from recovery to reset. From traveling abroad, to local shopping malls. Traveling once each country resolve the no need the 2 to 3 weeks observation period when

Google Lens search tool recently announced, and allows you to snap a picture where you can not describe the things in writing what you saw, it will help provide the information for you. This is a great opportunity to boost a lot of the online shopping and video content or rich media. Are you starting