E-SPIN please to announce for the following latest round of the technology update and upgrade for the following related product lines compiled from the various technical resources for easy reading in one go: D2 Elliot Web Exploitation Framework 1.14, August 7 2018 D2 Elliot has been updated with 11 new web exploits. Payloads and workflows

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Acunetix web vulnerability scanner is one of the popular and widely use application security testing (AST) tool in the cyber security market, capable to perform both dynamic application security testing (DAST), black box testing and gray box testing (with AcuSenor deployed for Java, PHP, .NET platform supported), as well as Web Application Penetration Testing (with

Web Application Security Assessment (WASA) as a Service Product Overview by E-SPIN

30-Jul-2018 Acunetix v12 release latest build update for existing customer and for new customer. Release Overview This new build adds detection for vulnerabilities in Cisco ASA, Apache Tomcat, Altassian Jira, Spring, JBoss and misconfigured nginx installations. The new build also includes HTTP Responses in the vulnerability alerts, and re-introduces manual intervention in the Login Sequence

Retina CS Management Console

Robust cloud solution for continuous web app discovery and detection of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Highlights Comprehensive discovery WAS finds and catalogs all web apps in your network, including new and unknown ones, and scales from a handful of apps to thousands. With Qualys WAS, you can tag your applications with your own labels and then

What Is Software Composition Analysis(SCO) ?

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is a relatively new industry term for a set of tools that provides users with visibility into their open source inventory. Although the misleading name suggests access to all aspects of the source code (commercial and open source third-party, proprietary, software composition analysis effectively acts as an open source management tool

The Basic Requirements of Software Composition Analysis

Here are the basic requirements we believe you need to ensure your SCA does all that it can do for you: Languages Support Companies need to ensure that the selected SCA tool can cover all coding languages ​​used by the organization and it covers vulnerability management and license compliance. Database The NVD relied solely of

How To Manage Open Source Risk with SCA?

Here Five way how to manage open source risk with software composition analysis: Identify open source components and vulnerabilities in all your applications When major vulnerability are exposed, E-SPIN represented product technology may helps you quickly identify which apps are vulnerable. You can manually white list certain components, which causes automated policy audits to fail

Modern and future DevSecOps ready application security testing (AST)

This year Magic Gartner Application Security Testing (AST) can summarize in one theme, either DevSecOps ready or you are out from being covered as the leading supplier. DevSecOps being a mega trends as the world under strong business and market pressure for being “Digital Transformation” ready, regardless of sector or industry. From the top down

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) is a process of testing an application or software product in an operating state. This kind of testing is helpful for industry-standard compliance and general security protections for evolving projects. Mostly, IT professionals contrast dynamic application security testing (DAST) with another type of application testing, static application security testing (SAST).

Static Application Security Testing(SAST)

Static application security testing (SAST) is a type of security testing that relies on inspecting the source code of an application. In general, SAST and application security testing services detect critical vulnerabilities within systems such as SQL injection, buffer overflow, and cross-site scripting and involves looking at the ways the code is designed to pinpoint

Application Security Testing Definition

Application security is the use of software, hardware, and procedural methods to protect applications from external threats. Once an afterthought in software design, security is becoming an increasingly important concern during development as applications become more frequently accessible over networks and are, as a result, vulnerable to a wide variety of threats. Security measures built