The global landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, and it’s not solely driven by advancements in generative AI. Within the realm of transportation, a new frontier is emerging beyond the realm of smart cars that traverse the skies. The next big leap is in the development of smart cars that can seamlessly transition from land

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are believed to revolutionize numerous industries, transforming the automotive sector into a safer and more efficient environment. An AV refers to a car that can operate without human intervention, commonly known as a self-driving vehicle. One prominent example of an AV is Tesla, renowned for its autopilot feature, providing a range of

We are now living in a technology driving world. Each round of new disruptive innovation, technology enabling us to receive better products and services, always come to change the current market, like kill off existing market leaders and rise of new stars. Here we talk about the few that are likely to make the impact

Innovations Shaping the Future of Transportation Industry

Right now the  transportation technology rapidly advances. Our journeys from one places to another places  are starting to look a whole lot different. The future is increasingly bright for innovation in transportation technology, as we find ever faster and ever smarter solutions for paring down our flights, drives, and rides. Here are 3 emerging technologies

Truck Platooning in Transportation industry

Truck Platooning in the transportation industry right now become one of the trend . Truck platooning is connecting two or more trucks in a group with the help of connectivity technologies, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and support systems such as adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist. The trucks in a platoon automatically keep a set

Challenges for adapting Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) technology

What is Challenges for adapting Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) technology ? Like it or not, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) or smart car technology being one of the big challenges for the automotive and transportation industry. Without doubt, it will disrupting existing automotive industry and make a massive changes on the existing transportation industry and

Insurance Technologies Trend

The Internet of Things The biggest trend affecting the insurance industry in the coming years, iOT, the term refers to all connected devices in the world. The most obvious example of an internet expert is your home and mobile needs. But increasingly, the car itself – or the new sensor / technology in the car

1. There are too many “corner cases.” While driver less cars have demonstrated remarkable proficiency in many aspects of driving, some contend that many driving scenarios will remain unsolved. MIT’s John Leonard, for example, points to left hand turns into heavy traffic, adverse weather, changes to road surfaces, and eye and hand gestures as open

5 Benefits of Autonomous Cars Improve Our Lives

With autonomous vehicles and connected cars already starting to hit the roads of cities across the globe, the potential benefits and challenges of this mobility revolution are being scrutinized in increasing detail. Research from Ohio University​ has highlighted just some of the potential ways that driverless cars could improve our lives – whether it’s by

Even though they’re barely on the road, self-driving cars have been talked about so much that they already seem like they’re last year’s model. Google has been working on one for years. Apple is allegedly, possibly, working on one, too. And there’s even speculation that everyone from Uber to Tesla could join the race, too.

Autonomous Car : Perception,Localization,Mapping

To perfect self-driving cars, companies in the AV space are now working on different approaches, focused on perception, mapping, and localization. Perception. The goal—to achieve reliable levels of perception with the smallest number of test and validation miles needed. Two approaches are vying to win this race. Radar, sonar, and cameras. To perceive vehicles and