In the recent years, blockchain technology had taken the online trading into the next level. Recently, the hype centered around NFT. According to a report by market tracker DappRadar, NFT trading volume shows 704% increase from the previous quarter. That means there is a massive amount of trading of digital assets happening worldwide within a

Have you heard of NFT and cryptocurrency? Nowadays, NFT and cryptocurrency had become the buzzwords in the digital trading world. While NFT and cryptocurrency share few similarities, do not get confused by thinking that they are the same thing. Thus, how is an NFT different from cryptocurrency ? What are NFT and Cryptocurrency? NFT stands

Impact of China declaring crypto-currencies illegal, including bitcoin during last week, put the whole word in the impact. Since 2019, it has been an official ban in China, but still allows online trading via foreign exchange. Last week’s announcement makes it so clear for national crackdown and seizure of illegal wealth if you continue to

Hackers focus on cryptocurrency exchange and digital token platforms now, if you are yet to be aware of it, you better act on it. Whether you are cryptocurrency exchange or digital wallet service provider, you need to focus your resources to make sure your infrastructure, system, services and application is perform end to end cybersecurity

Impact of Cryptocurrency to Financial Industry

With the new world entering into the digital economy, we have cryptocurrency, heavily traded and used for a lot of use cases, whether it be for legal transactions or trading in the shadow world, due to not being able to trace it. From time to time, we will hear about massive scale cryptocurrency mining, or

No one will expect COVID-19 pandemic to spread globally and impact so long. Each round of the COVID-19 variant, we are forced to react from lockdowns to isolation with the interconnected world. Last year, the world talked about New Normal, then Next Normal, the world for post COVID-19 pandemic. How will it go? Despite vaccines from multiple countries invented

Benefits Of Electronic Healthcare Record

In a world around digital information, an electronic health record is a natural extension of what we expect in our lives, digital transformation from paper based health record to digital record. However, easy access to data is just the most basic benefits of eHR technology. Professionals in clinical information disciplines – especially those earning their

Blockchain and its benefits for the Insurance Industry

Right now Blockchain is considered the most disruptive technology invented in the last few decades that can be compared to the invention of the wheel, fire, and the internet. It has a tremendous potential to radically change on how business are run around the world today. While Blockchain finds its applications in almost all industries, for

Pocket-Size Food Scanner Technology

Many products are thrown out simply because they no longer look appetizing or because they are past their best-before date. One of the projects concerns a food scanner designed to help reduce waste at the end of the value chain in stores and in the homes of consumers. In future, the inexpensive pocket-size food scanner will

How Big Banks are Innovating With Fintech

Like it or not,  emerging of blockchain and machine learning (ML) to big data and artificial intelligence (AI), making each players in the industry for adapting fintech innovation is a must or you are require to get ready to outperform by your competitor, in the global scales basis. For those who are able and those

Top 5 Trends in The Electronic Industry

This post regarding Technology mega trends that shape the future of the world. Let we look ups with the few of benefit of it : 1. Datafication of our society and rise of big data and business intelligence Like it or not, everything we did in each day, from connect to facebook, WhatsApp, buying coffee,

Digital Transformation and Beyond is no more a new word use to describe for the changes and challenges for the enterprise encounter and require to overcome and adapt for continue to be relevant in the modern and future market enterprise. Regardless of sector or industry, whether it is government or multinational corporation, the modern technology

Blockchain Technology in Real Estate

Blockchain technology in real estate is having an impact on the way we do business, in these three key ways: 1. MLS Property Data At its core, blockchain is the ability to share databases and processes. This opens up promising opportunities to make real estate data, which is principal to the process of buying and selling

Why Center of Excellence is Important Nowadays

Every developing company will think on something that will ensure the company is working in efficient and productive way. Most of the time, even though the process executive do not know very well about the process, and the way to manage the processes. This problem can be solved by establishing a new department, Center Of

Impact of Cryptocurrency to Financial Industry

INTRODUCTION A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is made by Bitcoin’s foundation and secured by advanced encryption method, cryptography and it related to blockchain technology. Cryptography also function as to  control the creation of new coins. Due to its strong and advanced security, it is impossible that this currency may be faked

How Blockchain Will Impact to Aerospace & Defense

These are very few challenges that aerospace and defense companies are handle in industries characterized naturally by complex products, in-depth supply chains, and markets over decades with many, often shifting, participants. Significant investment, effort, and technology have produced tremendous progress in this area, but the continued need for industry growth and efficiency demanded more. Aerospace

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This article will review how 2018 is shaping up in blockchain technology. The visionaries will forge ahead, those hoping for immediate industry and process transformation will give up. This is the answer I usually give when asked for a one-sentence summary of how I see 2018 shaping up in the blockchain technology arena. Following blockchain

Is blockchain tech the missing link for the success of IoT

One question in our mind, is blockchain tech the missing link for the success of IoT. In this article, we will talk about how blockchain play roles for the success of IoT Blockchains are still a fringe technology in many ways, but it’s slowly making its way into the mainstream. While blockchain technology aspires to

Pros and cons of blockchain technology

This article will discuss about pros and cons of blockchain technology that we need to understand. Here also, we highlighted the biggest pro and cons or advantages and disadvantages of blockchain. The biggest Pros Dissemination. The core value of a blockchain is that it enables a database to be directly shared without a central administrator.

The Blockchain considered as new web 3.0?

The blockchain gives internet users the ability to create value and authenticates digital information. What will new business applications result? This article will discuss how the blockchain considered as new web 3.0? Smart contracts Distributed ledgers enable the coding of simple contracts that will execute when specified conditions are met. Ethereum is an open source

Blockchain and perspective you need to understand

This article will discuss on what is Blockchain and perspective you need to understand The blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention – the brainchild of a person or group of people known by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. But since then, it has evolved into something greater, and the main question every single person is asking