Today we are going to discuss regarding, how is branded content management different from native advertising? The two terms regularly get exchanged. However, it’s significant for marketers to comprehend the difference to get the message of the brand across in the correct manner so your company can use them right to maximize the benefits. Native

Digital Experience Platform DXP over CMS and CRM

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a new emerging term used to cover emerging categories of enterprise software for companies that want to pursue digital transformation (DT), with the goal of providing better digital customer experience management, like better understanding how people interact with your brand online. For example, a module to create emotional connections with

What is the Growing Importance of Branded Content Management? The branded content management is making it harder for brands to reach consumers and for media associations themselves to capture and retain a loyal audience. At the same time, consumer trust in traditional advertising is low. Not to mention most of the advertising consumers will choose

We have been discussing about Branded Content Management in previous post. For today we going to look into the differences between Branded Content Management and Content Marketing Management. Before we enter through with our topic today, we would like to explain what is Content Marketing Management? Content marketing management is the creation of content that

Branded content management is a commerce approach that affect creating content linked to a brand that allows consumers to make the connection with the brand. It is focused on the values of the brand and, not on its products or its services. Branded content management does not focus on products and services. Although brand products

Branded content management varies from other marketing concepts for it focuses on the brand’s culture and values, rather than its products and services. However, due to the growing attribution to user experience, branded content management is now making a big comeback. As a website copywriter, it is important that you know the basics of writing