In today’s increasingly software-centric and digital business landscape, effective data management and analysis have become pivotal for driving organizational success. Traditional methods of deriving insights from data are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of this dynamic environment. Organizations of every industry need an approach that provides instant, effective, and unbiased solutions—a system known

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been an important system for businesses of all sizes for many years. It enables salesforce automation and management, but it has evolved to capture customer end-to-end journeys, drive customer relationships, retention, and revenues. Emerging technologies and the fourth industrial revolution have shaped the future of CRM. Merely making the marketing,

Benefits of Big Data for Banking Industry

Big data, along with other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics, is helping to transform various industries across the globe, including the banking sector. Big data is a result of the need to process data sets that have become too large and complex for traditional tools to handle. By aggregating

User online aggregate activity response and behavior segmentation continue to be very relevant in the digital economy.Data is power, in particular you can access and know about your target customer behaviour, what they like and what they dislike, so you can provide them with the advertisement they are more likely to click. This is no

A zero-latency enterprise (ZLE) is an ideal state for any modern enterprise intent to reach. Since it concerns making all the rapidly changing information available across the entire business, as the bigger the company it is, the bigger challenge to make available across enterprises, you just imagine for multinational corporations across countries with how many

Model Operations (ModelOps) is to focus primarily on the governance and life cycle management of a wide range of operationalized AI (Artificial Intelligence) and decision models. This includes knowledge graphs, optimization, rules, machine learning, agent-based models, and linguistics. Model Operations (ModelOps) is at the center of every organization’s enterprise AI approach, if you are yet

Augmented Analytics Is the future of data and analytics. Augmented analytics or Augmented Intelligence, an approach that automates insight-finding by incorporating natural language processing and machine learning (ML) to create better data preparation method and data findings. This Augmented analytics also makes data easier to understand by presenting completely in sequence and getting clear results,

Technology intervention in retail industry is changing the way many businesses operate for the better of the company and its customers. Technology is enhancing many industries from financial institutions to retail outlets. It is important that companies stay up-to-date with the increasing changes and enhancements technology is creating for their business. In the retail industry,

The Benefits Of Smart Cities 2

While the definition of a smart city is still evolving, some things have become clear: Smart cities leverage information and communication technology to improve service levels, people’s prosperity, sustainability, and economic development. Smart city technology can make cities more effective and efficient, as required by the rapidly expected growth in urban populations over the next

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way industry work in many different ways, from customer interaction, to consumption of content. Digital transformation has become much more than just technology alone, it is now an essential part of any food and beverage that wants to be successful, over barriers to innovation, leverage those innovations to better

What is the Electronics Sector ?

What is the Electronics Sector ? The electronics sector produces electronic equipment for consumer electronics and industrial products, such as mobile devices, televisions and circuit boards. Industries in the field of electronics include telecommunications, equipment, electronic components, industrial electronics and consumer electronics. Electronic companies can produce electrical appliances, manufacture electrical components and sell merchandise in