Cloud Computing Challenges and Issues

The current adoption of cloud computing is associated with numerous challenges because users are still skeptical about its authenticity. Based on a survey conducted by IDC in 2017, the major cloud computing challenges and issues by organizations are as follows: Security It is clear that the security issue has played the most important role in hindering

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Device Edge In the first model, customers install and run edge computing software in existing environments. The hardware can be dedicated or shared with other services. In many scenarios, the edge stack is run on low-powered devices running ARM processors. For example, connected trucks can carry an embedded system-on-chip (SoC) computer running the edge software.

5 ways edge computing will transform business

As edge computing goes mainstream, it provides a major strategic benefit for a wide range of industries. Here are five ways edge computing will transform businesses in the near future: Lowering IoT solution costs: Edge computing allows you to process and analyze mission critical data closer to the device itself, reducing the amount of data

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Just a few years ago, not many predicted cloud computing would reach the heights we’ve seen in 2017 – 79 percent of companies now run workloads in the cloud (split almost evenly between public and private clouds). With the cloud bar constantly being raised, where do we go from here? Here are 5 Cloud Computing

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Put simply, all kinds of security measures are cheaper when implemented on a larger scale. Therefore the same amount of investment in security buys better protection. This includes all kinds of defensive measures such as filtering, patch management, hardening of virtual machine instances and hypervisors, human resources and their management and vetting, hardware and software

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This article will discuss about 6 Most Common Cloud Computing Security Issues. Affordable, efficient, and scalable, cloud computing is still the best solution for most businesses — but it can still leave you vulnerable if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Here are six of the most common cloud computing security risks: Distributed-Denial-of-Service Attacks When cloud computing

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This article will discuss about definition and categories of cloud computing. The “cloud” in cloud computing originated from the habit of drawing the internet as a fluffy cloud in network diagrams. No wonder the most popular meaning of cloud computing refers to running workloads over the internet remotely in a commercial provider’s data center—the so-called