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COVID-19 Reset for the world economy, be the topic for today. More and more people believe one of the items to reset is the G7, the Group of 7, was established during 1975-76 with seven countries of the developed West at that time. Include the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada. But as you

We are in the age of Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS), as cloud computing continues to evolve and new terms keep coming out and attempt to provide scope for both the market and industry. CIPS service providers, in the global scale, have only a few due to the global scale operation involved and are

Since COVID-19 and then new normal to next normal, for the bright side lesson, COVID-19 serves as the change agent that accelerates the changes that take 10 years to accomplish. From remote-to-work, adoption of web video communication and meeting on a large scale for various usage and context. Cloud migration accelerated, as even more enterprise

How Does the Clouds Affect Energy Sector?

From Hybrid Cloud toward Multicloud, the world is accelerated as more and more cloud migration cases from Next Normal. It is not about hybrid cloud vs multicloud that matters, it is which one is more robust and future proof that matters. We are not told Multicloud is better than Hybrid Cloud, it is more about

Cloud computing is the future now, no tomorrow. Cloud computing is well known as Internet 2.0, it is not about another wave of new technologies that come and go, it is digital transformation (DT) a lot of very fundamental ways of how we are living today. What we learn from the past will not be

The whole world is impacted by COVID-19 pandemic since the very first case recorded in China at Q4 2019, but the virus spread and loss of control is starting from Q1 2020. Right now the whole world is under another wave of COVID-19 Variants. But the world will never stop becoming that, instead, the whole

Cloud is the next Internet, if you are at the point to have yet put that into your business framework. Everything else is actually based on that and few more driving enabling technologies. At this point of time, we have one division line we can use to divide traditional companies living in the past, and

Most of the workplace encounters the COVID-19 crisis and are required to remote work for a long period of time. Traditional workplaces suddenly become empty premises since everyone is working from home. The perception starts to shift and favor the cloud workplace. From cloud infrastructure, computing, cloud server, cloud storage since it allows people to

Accelerate government transformations success rate

Indeed, that 10 years from now, we begin from the end, in case for those yet to see what the change and impact will be. Mega trends are concept we use for describe global, sustained and macro economic forces of development that impacts business, economy, society, cultures and personal lives thereby defining our future world

NoOps (No Operation) is Development and operations that no need to interact with one another to get their job done. It is development relies on self-service infrastructure, continuous integration, and deployment solutions but is only possible through the use of specific software solution. DevOps is Development and operations work together throughout the software development lifecycle

Why Center of Excellence is Important Nowadays

Every developing company will think on something that will ensure the company is working in efficient and productive way. Most of the time, even though the process executive do not know very well about the process, and the way to manage the processes. This problem can be solved by establishing a new department, Center Of


There are heaps of benefits to cloud computing, many of which have helped staffers around the world progress in their professional development. As part of a larger suite of managed IT services, cloud computing opens up your company’s assets, tools, and data to your workers even when they’re not in the office to log on directly


With advances in cloud services and video conferencing technologies, it’s becoming more and more common for virtual companies professional services to be virtual, meaning the majority or entirety of their team telecommutes 100% of the time. A Virtual Business conducts all or most of its business via the internet and does not have physical premises


Cloud computing is simply the delivery of IT services via the internet. Instead of buying huge IT estates to install multi-million-pound software systems on and store untold petabytes of data, in the cloud model, the data and services are entirely handled by an external provider. Today topic is, what Utility is Utilities ? For utilities,

Use Power of Cloud to Benefit Drug Development

The pharmaceutical industry has a long history of utilizing advanced technology to improve human health, but unlike other industries, recently having life sciences began to realize the benefits of the cloud. Currently, companies that focus on drug development are leveraging clouds to create central locations for all data covering the entire continuum of drug development,

Cloud-based software has been a boon for just about every industry, enabling businesses of all sizes to take advantage of security, speed, and scalability ensured by massive services providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). It has also helped software companies rapidly deploy, refine, and update their offerings with features and enhancements in ways that were

Cloud Computing Challenges and Issues

The current adoption of cloud computing is associated with numerous challenges because users are still skeptical about its authenticity. Based on a survey conducted by IDC in 2017, the major cloud computing challenges and issues by organizations are as follows: Security It is clear that the security issue has played the most important role in hindering

5 ways edge computing will transform business

As edge computing goes mainstream, it provides a major strategic benefit for a wide range of industries. Here are five ways edge computing will transform businesses in the near future: Lowering IoT solution costs: Edge computing allows you to process and analyze mission critical data closer to the device itself, reducing the amount of data

E-SPIN WS_FTP Solution Product Overview

Just a few years ago, not many predicted cloud computing would reach the heights we’ve seen in 2017 – 79 percent of companies now run workloads in the cloud (split almost evenly between public and private clouds). With the cloud bar constantly being raised, where do we go from here? Here are 5 Cloud Computing

Hex-Rays Decompiler Product Overview by E-SPIN

Put simply, all kinds of security measures are cheaper when implemented on a larger scale. Therefore the same amount of investment in security buys better protection. This includes all kinds of defensive measures such as filtering, patch management, hardening of virtual machine instances and hypervisors, human resources and their management and vetting, hardware and software

10 Technology Needed in Education

These technologies represent some of the cutting edge tools and trends in education. While some are being implemented now, regular use of others is on the horizon. We’ve scanned the guru’s lists and found the top technologies that educators need to prepare for in the next one to five years. Individualism 1.Wearable tech Smart watches