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Today, enterprises are taking full advantage of cloud native computing to accelerate innovation. More companies are shifting their IT environment to the cloud. Cloud migration, however, leads to incompatible data siloes which further bring about many challenges such as data protection and security issues, inability to move data, inconsistent data management and lack of control.

In computing, virtualization, i.e. the act of creating a virtual version of computing, including virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices, and computer network resources. From the hardware virtualization or platform virtualization, a lot of operating systems under utilise operating systems after consolidated and free up physical space utilisation, which is essential for datacenter space utilisation.

The recent years shows many organisations taking another big step in their digital transformation by opting cloud migration. Cloud migration is the process of moving IT resources of businesses or organisations into the cloud and undeniably effective in term of cost-saving in maintenance, however, organisation should understand one crucial fact when they decided to shift

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Speed, agility and flexibility are what drive the industries today. Software development industry is not an exception. With technologies continue to evolve every second, consumers’ expectation on applications and services have become increasingly demanding. Subsequently, software companies are imposed to adopt various force multipliers in order to address these demands. Among the technologies being adopted

The recent years witness more and more companies migrating to the cloud as the implementation of digital transformation demands for more efficient IT operations as well as leading to the increase in the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure. Cloud migrations which is defined as the process of moving IT resources of businesses or organisations into

The implementation of digital transformation has its pro and cons. While, digital transformation evidently shows effective results in maintaining business sustainability and growth, it also leads to the increase in costs of building and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Consequently, many organisations opt for cloud migration as a solution. With more and more organisations started to

Believe it or not, the term cloud computing has been around since the 1960s. Nevertheless, it is not until this recent years, cloud computing has risen its popularity as a promising tool in enhancing agility and flexibility in business. In addition, the outbreak of Covid-19 and the acceleration of digital transformation had made cloud computing

The benefits of application of high performance computing (HPC) on cloud is undeniable. HPC on cloud not only gives organisations agility but also flexibility and scalability. However, while many agrees that HPC on cloud is the future HPC application, some organisations are still reluctant in its implementation due to misconception on various issues in adopting

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Digital transformation which was once considered as an additional driving factor of success in organisations had now changes it status. Today, it had become the master key in determining longevity as well as success in many organisations. In 2020, due to the covid-19 outbreak, digital transformation became more important than ever. The transformation had helped

Digital transformation not only improve efficiency, value and innovation in various industries but also increases the amount of data needed to be managed by businesses and organisations.  These abundance amount of data or workloads had bring about the importance of High Performance Capacity (HPC) application.  Until recently, HPC on-premise had become the main solution in

The importance of high performance computing (HPC) continue to elevate as it shows promising results in solving complex issues in many industries particularly science, engineering and business. Today, the use of data shows exponential increase as more and more organisation embrace digital information. Presently, with abundance amount of data need to be solved, organisation had

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Digital transformation evidently contributes a lot in the growth of organisation such that more organisation had listed digital transformation as one of the top essential investment in their business. Since digital transformation involved the utilisation of Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and other advance technologies, it causes the size and amount of data needed

COVID-19 Reset for the world economy, be the topic for today. More and more people believe one of the items to reset is the G7, the Group of 7, was established during 1975-76 with seven countries of the developed West at that time. Include the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada. But as you

We are in the age of Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS), as cloud computing continues to evolve and new terms keep coming out and attempt to provide scope for both the market and industry. CIPS service providers, in the global scale, have only a few due to the global scale operation involved and are

Since COVID-19 and then new normal to next normal, for the bright side lesson, COVID-19 serves as the change agent that accelerates the changes that take 10 years to accomplish. From remote-to-work, adoption of web video communication and meeting on a large scale for various usage and context. Cloud migration accelerated, as even more enterprise

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From Hybrid Cloud toward Multicloud, the world is accelerated as more and more cloud migration cases from Next Normal. It is not about hybrid cloud vs multicloud that matters, it is which one is more robust and future proof that matters. We are not told Multicloud is better than Hybrid Cloud, it is more about

Cloud computing is the future now, no tomorrow. Cloud computing is well known as Internet 2.0, it is not about another wave of new technologies that come and go, it is digital transformation (DT) a lot of very fundamental ways of how we are living today. What we learn from the past will not be

The whole world is impacted by COVID-19 pandemic since the very first case recorded in China at Q4 2019, but the virus spread and loss of control is starting from Q1 2020. Right now the whole world is under another wave of COVID-19 Variants. But the world will never stop becoming that, instead, the whole

Cloud is the next Internet, if you are at the point to have yet put that into your business framework. Everything else is actually based on that and few more driving enabling technologies. At this point of time, we have one division line we can use to divide traditional companies living in the past, and

Most of the workplace encounters the COVID-19 crisis and are required to remote work for a long period of time. Traditional workplaces suddenly become empty premises since everyone is working from home. The perception starts to shift and favor the cloud workplace. From cloud infrastructure, computing, cloud server, cloud storage since it allows people to

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Indeed, that 10 years from now, we begin from the end, in case for those yet to see what the change and impact will be. Mega trends are concept we use for describe global, sustained and macro economic forces of development that impacts business, economy, society, cultures and personal lives thereby defining our future world