Who can benefit from Computer Forensics?

Computer Forensics is fast becoming one of the most beneficial forms of investigation available to legal proceedings. In this day and age, almost everyone will use a computer or mobile phone at some point in the day, so it is highly likely that most crimes or breaches of privacy will come into contact with one

It is generally said that the forensic accountant analyse 100% data as against the external auditors chossing the samples. But imagine as a certified forensic accounting professional you are required to analyze hundreds of thousands or even millions of line items of journal entries, invoice items, receipts and payments. How would you identify items to

Stages Of Computer Forensics Examination

We’ve divided the computer forensic examination process into six stages, presented in their usual chronological order. Readiness Forensic readiness is an important and occasionally overlooked stage in the examination process. In commercial computer forensics it can include educating clients about system preparedness; for example, forensic examinations will provide stronger evidence if a device’s auditing features

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The issues facing computer forensics examiners can be broken down into three broad categories: technical, legal and administrative. Technical issues Encryption – Encrypted data can be impossible to view without the correct key or password. Examiners should consider that the key or password may be stored elsewhere on the computer or on another computer which

What is The Computer Forensics?

The field of computer forensics has grown to become a science in itself and individuals interested in pursuing this career path must complete formal training at a college or university, and get their computer forensics certification. Computer forensics is also known as cyber forensics. It involves applying computer investigation and analysis techniques to solve a