DevOps approach allows the team to build a product that meet the customer demands at fast speed. However, the approach isolates security in its cycle which results in a vulnerable products. understood this crucial drawback and solve it by providing easy integration of security into its DevOps Platform by emphasising GitLab as the DevOps

From DevOps Shift Left Testing to DevSecOps Shift Left Security

GitLab 14 as the Future of DevOps Over the years, GitLab had served the world with a complete DevOps platform and stood strongly in several market reports through enhancements across the software development lifecycle. In June 2021, GitLab proudly announced the released of GitLab 14 or the future of GitLab. Also viewed as the future

Having a successful service virtualization requires experience. In this post, we will share four tips for a successful service virtualization. Keep reading and apply the tips into your existing organization practice. → Service Virtualization is not for tester’s only To deliver high quality software, all members should contribute in the process of testing. As a

Server-and-Software/Application-Layers on-Data-Center-and-Orchestration, Why do you need File Integrity Monitoring

Why should you use service virtualization? Simply, because It’s hard to stop testing because there is one component not available. As a consequence you will either not test until the component becomes available. Or you will start testing without this component. In both cases you will have issues, in the first case you will waste

When a company started to embrace DevOps, they will begin to realize the need and benefits of adopting site reliability engineering (SRE) into the practice. SRE has no clear definition, but, Ben Treynor Sloss, a Google’s VP of engineering or specifically the man behind the introduction of SRE coined the term as “It is what

When more companies are using a certain approach, it is an evident that the approach is profitable or beneficial to organisation. In the recent years, there is rise in the number of adoption of Site reliability engineering (SRE) in companies as an added value to DevOps approach. SRE refers to the use of software engineering

Meeting customer demands had always been every organisation important mission in business. Nowadays, due to the never ending invention of various technologies, IoT devices in particular, as well as the introduction to Internet of Behaviour (IoB), the mission has become more crucial than ever. Ergo, organisations have to adopt approaches that enable them to succeed

Take Care in Handling the Results of Your Web Application Testing

This post is about How threat model can reduce cost and time of security. Threat Modeling can be an effective way to reduce cost and time of security. But what makes it effective is how it is implemented. The more effective way you implement it the more effective result you get. In this post we

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps are two terms that a lot of people think it’s the same thing or they are synonyms. In fact CI/CD and DevOps are different. In this post we will talk about the difference between CI/CD and DevOps and how they are related. Before starting with the difference we would

DefenseCode for DevSecOps, this is a special event E-SPIN organize for business partner and end customer how DefenseCode ThunderScan SAST and WebStrike DAST can be deploy together to gain triple productive for the customer who have the two products, and how to use it accelerate your DevSecOps, secure DevOps or agile development lifecycle you are

Nowadays, due to customer’s demand and requirements, software development company has to keep up by at least adopting DevOps approach in their software development methodology. DevOps changes the game through iterative and rapid code development hence building, testing, and deploying software become faster and easier. Nevertheless, as the value of safe and secure delivery code