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Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps are two terms that a lot of people think it’s the same thing or they are synonyms. In fact CI/CD and DevOps are different. In this post we will talk about the difference between CI/CD and DevOps and how they are related. Before starting with the difference we would

DefenseCode for DevSecOps, this is a special event E-SPIN organize for business partner and end customer how DefenseCode ThunderScan SAST and WebStrike DAST can be deploy together to gain triple productive for the customer who have the two products, and how to use it accelerate your DevSecOps, secure DevOps or agile development lifecycle you are

Nowadays, due to customer’s demand and requirements, software development company has to keep up by at least adopting DevOps approach in their software development methodology. DevOps changes the game through iterative and rapid code development hence building, testing, and deploying software become faster and easier. Nevertheless, as the value of safe and secure delivery code

Today, in the modern software development market demand, the implementation of Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines is no longer an exception. This is because CI/CD pipelines are capable in improving the workflow of software delivery through a fully-automated process efficiently. However, these capabilities do not eliminate the vulnerabilities that exists in the CI/CD pipelines that

5 Things Your ISMS Needs to Be Effective

In software engineering, pipeline refers to a set of automated processes that allow developers and operation professionals to work together to build and deploy codes to a production compute platform. Through this post, we will further understand DevOps pipeline and why DevOps security matters? DevOps is a term adopted from the combination of the word

There are a lot of CI/CD Tools, each of them has their own special features. E-SPIN compile the list for those who in the CI/CD tools chain journey or in pursue for the DevSecOps in single integrated platform in 2021 below: Jenkins Brief: Jenkins is an open source automation server. It can automate tasks such

Knowing the benefits of CI/CD tools can let you know how important it is. Implementing CI and CD in your projects can provide your software with a lot of benefits that are indispensable. To know more about those benefits keep reading.   Code Quality Using CI/CD tools enhances the code quality. Working separately to fix

CI/CD Tools Instead of working separately in developing a software, CI/CD tools provides a shared environment that allows developers to work together so the software can be delivered in high quality and more secure in a short time. CI/CD tools allow the developers to see the changes made by other developers, so all of them

  What is GitLab commercial tier? GitLab Commercial Tier refers to the paid tier which are GitLab Premium and GitLab Ultimate. What is offered in both tiers? GitLab Premium Ideal for scaling organisations and for multi team usage. Adds enterprise level support with priority support, live upgrade assistance and a technical account manager and enterprise

What is GitLab?  GitLab is a complete open-source DevOps platform, delivered as a single application, fundamentally changing the way Development, Security, and Ops teams collaborate and build software. This makes GitLab unique and creates a streamlined software workflow, unlocking your organisation from the constraints of a pieced together toolchain. What GitLab does? GitLab is a

Why DAST and SAST is best combined for the AST approach, the reason is simple, it covers the matter in two key result areas (KRA) most people want to cover and demonstrate vulnerability management and for various regulatory compliance. As most industries and sectors remain, have the practice for outsource and appoint 3rd parties to