What is continuous intelligence? And, what does it provide to software development, IT operations and business teams? Continuous intelligence (CI) from all your data is not another phrase to describe real time, speed or throughput. It is a business-saving technique that helps enterprises analyze data in real-time from previous experiences and use it to optimize

Step-by-Step Guide to Secure Software Development 2

Today we going to discuss regarding Step-by-Step Guide to Secure Software Development 2. Development stage Best practices for developing secure protection software against high risk vulnerabilities. As a result, there is no need to fix these vulnerabilities later in the software life cycle, which reduces the cost of overhead and customer recovery costs. Code review While

E-SPIN DevSecOps and Application Security Technology Briefing

E-SPIN are please to organize a technology briefing event for the existing customer that complete complementary by E-SPIN for existing customer. The event theme and topic focus on E-SPIN DevSecOps and Application Security Technology Briefing , the modern and future standard for accelerate traditional application development to production 30x to 100x faster thru the automation,

What are the steps you can take to ensure that security is functioning in an Agile organization? Here are the four best ways to ensure secure software development in the Agile era. Build Security In Through User Stories To help put the first aversion  for safety to rest, security forces need to help develop the

Difference between Rugged DevOps and DevSecOps

DevSecOps vs. Rugged DevOps DevSecOps and Rugged DevOps are critical in the market where software updates are often performed several times daily and old security models can not be maintained. DevSecOps adds a robust security tool to traditional DevOps practices from Day 1. DevOps engineers are prudent to safeguard measures to all levels of software

DevSecOps Best Practices: Automate Early and Often

1. Check your code dependencies Separate audit performed by companies on over 1,000 commercial applications indicates that 96% of them include open source components. More than 6 in 10 applications contain known security vulnerabilities in the component, and some have been there for four years. However, only 27% of respondents said they had a process

Website and Web Application Security trend

Website and Web Application Security trend ongoing will be the eye catching title since it keep changing along the year, you are make a new one with the year said “Website and Web Application Security trend 2018”, “Website and Web Application Security trend 2019”, and it will continue to be topic people want to read

What is the meaning of DevSecOps?

The meaning of DevSecOps is a philosophy of integrating security practices in the DevOps process. DevSecOps involves creating a ‘Security as a Code’ culture with continuous, flexible collaboration between release engineers and security forces. The DevSecOps movement, like DevOps itself, focuses on creating new solutions for complex software development processes in an agile framework. In

Modern and future DevSecOps ready application security testing (AST)

This year Magic Gartner Application Security Testing (AST) can summarize in one theme, either DevSecOps ready or you are out from being covered as the leading supplier. DevSecOps being a mega trends as the world under strong business and market pressure for being “Digital Transformation” ready, regardless of sector or industry. From the top down

From DevOps Shift Left Testing to DevSecOps Shift Left Security

World is changing at the speed of light, Digital Transformation (DT) initiative happen all the places across globe. We keep saw giant corporation falls and new rising corporation who leverage the digital transformation to establish themselves in the new marketplace, regardless of industries and sectors. Shift Left Matters from testing to security In the world

The leading provider of information security and compliance cloud solutions. Qualys has everything you need for security and compliance in application development. Qualys DevSecOps Solution Benefits  Comprehensive bug, misconfiguration detection Catches coding and configuration errors throughout development, early and often, before launching apps in production Remediation prioritization Pinpoints the most critical vulnerabilities present in code