The rapidly evolving landscape of technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, making it increasingly challenging to predict its exact direction in the future. However, based on current trends and advancements, we can identify several potential directions that the digital landscape may take. One of the most prominent areas of advancement is

Since 1980, from computing, to 1990 to the internet, the world economy is transitioning toward the digital economy. Lot of the words at that time were coin, such as information superhighway, as today we all know it is all about the internet. It provides a platform for the whole planet to connect and share information

We are now in the next normal, where most of the population is at least getting one vaccine, where it counts to the end of the long COVID-19 pandemic very soon. Lot of the technology is supposed to take place but yet to be mass deployed is finally it time we expect it will come

After a year and a half of lockdowns in the various forms, and at this point of time in the next normal. Majority of the people at large have evolved at the minimum 10 years before COVID-19 pandemic, which also breaks the chain for most of previous behavior, and substitutes with the digital experience (DX).

Creating a Great Digital Customer Experience Platform (DXP) Strategy for your business has become a megatrend both locally and internationally, as we move toward the digital economy and current next normal era. Digital marketing is more important than before, since more and more consumer and enterprise prospects and buyers turn to the Internet for the

This article is about how to Digitize Your Business With Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Why small businesses grow by just digitizing marketing on a digital experience platform, and even getting a digital experience for every revenue they can get. Of course, digital experience platforms have had an impact on their business. Today, over 80 percent

Digital Experience Platform DXP over CMS and CRM

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a new emerging term used to cover emerging categories of enterprise software for companies that want to pursue digital transformation (DT), with the goal of providing better digital customer experience management, like better understanding how people interact with your brand online. For example, a module to create emotional connections with