It had been a year since E-SPIN join into partnership with Cerbero Labs in November 2021. With believe that there are multiple improvements and new updates needed to be shared with our customers along the way, we hereby present you, our latest talk with Erik Pistelli-Founder and CEO of Cerbero Labs. Firstly, let’s us celebrate In celebration of E-SPIN 16th Anniversary, we are pleased to organize a 2 hours workshop Digital Investigation Platform AXIOM Tips & tricks, for our customer and business partners who we do business with over the years. Special thanks to Magnet Forensics, one of the E-SPIN active supplier vendors for years,  who is generous enough

What is Magnet REVIEW ? The ability to provide effective collaboration on digital evidence review can be challenging due to remote workforce. Delivering sensitive evidence in USB drives or the need for investigators to travel to the lab may brings security issues as well as wastes critical investigation time. In order to address this issues,

What is magnet AXIOM cyber ? Firstly, there are two products with AXIOM by name in Magnet Forensics, magnet AXIOM which is built for law enforcement and then Magnet AXIOM cyber, which is designed for enterprise or business solutions.  So, what is magnet AXIOM cyber ? Magnet AXIOM Cyber is a modern, digital forensics solution

Web Application Security Assessment (WASA) as a Service Product Overview by E-SPIN

With the modern business world depend on web application perform various automated and user activity, a hacked or web application security breach and the need for call out forensics investigation is obvious, at least learn how it is happen, what being compromised, and more important, how to learn from the lesson and secure the entire

E-SPIN Wireless Network Security Assessment Services Overview

Wireless forensics is a sub-discipline of network forensics. The main goal of wireless forensics is to provide the methodology and tools required to collect and analyze (wireless) network traffic that can be presented as valid digital evidence in a court of law. The evidence collected can correspond to plain data or, with the broad usage

Digital Forensic Process: Acquisition, Analysis and Reporting

A digital forensic investigation or digital forensic process in short, commonly consists of 3 stages: acquisition or imaging of exhibits, analysis, and reporting. Ideally acquisition involves capturing an image of the computer’s volatile memory (RAM) and creating an exact sector level duplicate (or “forensic duplicate”) of the media, often using a write blocking device to

Computer, Mobile Device, Network, Data, Database, Live and Digital Forensics

Digital forensics (sometimes known as digital forensic science) is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime. Digital forensics investigations have a variety of applications. The most common is to support or refute a hypothesis before criminal or civil (as part

E-SPIN Forensics and Investigation Management Solutions

Solution Overview E-SPIN is a value-added distributor and partner of enterprise or government agencies for end to end one stop computer, network and digital forensic and investigation management solutions provider, from system, hardware, software to services. As a reputable regional supplier and support center for clients across corporation to government agencies, E-SPIN focused on specific