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Many business operations had been affected since the outbreak of COVID-19. Organisation has to embrace various methods and alternatives in order to sustain their businesses. The methods also include leveraging their assets and reducing cost. Predictive maintenance can be viewed as one of the way out as it offers benefits such as increase in return

Since the first consumer electronic transaction happened in 1995, we humankind entered the digital economy. Almost all of the things can be digitized, sent and consumed in the digital form. Classic examples include audio music, video (movie and drama streaming), and ebooks. The very first to do those and do it right is Infrastructure -Led


Digital transformation (DT), enabling and accelerating enterprise digital transformation is the top most cited priority for all the top management and leader across the sector and industry, across the globe. The DT strategy execution and how can you measure your enterprise progress, one of it is using the techquilibrium, the digital balance act and point.

Since WHO declared COVID-19 Pandemic, it has been over 16 months, and we are now in the next normal era. Most of the companies are under huge operating losses, due to existing business models vulnerable to digital disruption. For those who are not able to gain the time, they are shut down, taken over by

To achieve techquilibrium (a portmanteau of technology and equilibrium) is a digital balance act in the more and more digital transformation era. In close to two years of COVID-19 pandemic, most traditional enterprises who ignore the importance of the digital transformation, mostly being wiped out from the market existence, bankrupt, shut down, take over or

Maintenance is often considered by the management as just another expense which is associated to the failure in operational technology and devices. However, in the recent years, the management had realised the importance of maintenance as it contributes various added values to business processes such as preservation of assets, reduction of cost through optimising maintenance

Cybersecurity Automation and Integration

Today, the manufacturing industries revolve around customers’ satisfaction and demands as a key indication to successful production. This competitive environment lead to a conclusion by many factories in embracing smart factory as a solution. As the term indicates, smart factory applies digitilisation and automation where machines are connected to smart devices such as internet of

The next normal and rising M&A and partnerships, you may notice from the headlines across the globe, is rising, since COVID-19 pandemic and continuing to the new normal, then next normal. You will notice that more and more IPOs across the globe are asking for the extraditionary price as well. Beside the extraordinary few industries

Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (cpdm) Platform In Manufacturing

Smart factory refers to a factory that integrates physical production processes and operations with digital technology, smart computing, artificial intelligence and big data. It offers promising effects on production and manufacturing such as improve productivity, reduce cost, reduce downtime and minimize waste. Additionally, it is labelled as the ‘factory of future’ because it carries characteristics

This article is about how to Digitize Your Business With Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Why small businesses grow by just digitizing marketing on a digital experience platform, and even getting a digital experience for every revenue they can get. Of course, digital experience platforms have had an impact on their business. Today, over 80 percent

Agile transformation started before the COVID-19 pandemic, and accelerated during COVID-19, the new normal and next normal. For the whole world, sectors, industries all are mobilising resources for agile transformation, moving away from traditional, slow-moving hierarchies to flexible and fast decision making models that fuel for the internet and instant communication, where delayer the middle


The developing of technologies nowadays spring up like mushrooms. Everyday there will be always new discovery. Despite been known to discovery a long time ago, transfer learning have evolve a lot since then. Today we’re going to talk about Transfer Learning in IoT (Internet of Things). To make the linkage between the two issues, transfer

Futureproof organization has recently captured the media interest, we start to see the term being used to write various aspects for the topics. As more and more businesses are falling under the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic, the next normal seems to take longer than everyone expects, as new waves of variants keep coming one after

Why industry 4.0 matters for everyone, is the opening for this post. We know we are now in the industry 4.0 or transition over, depending on what kind of countries you are living in. Some people know in detail, some know the term but never bother to spend the time to fully understand it, its

In searches of the term knowledge workplace, you will find a few articles that relates knowledge workplace to knowledge management. This is because the effectiveness knowledge workplace and knowledge management is said to be interrelated. First, let’s look at the term knowledge management. There are a lot of definition of knowledge management. The many definitions

According to Gartner, OT security is referred as the practices and technologies used to protect people, assets, and information, monitor and/or control physical devices, processes and events and initiate state changes to enterprise OT systems. What is the importance of OT security? The rise of the industrial internet of Things (IIOT) leads to industrial transformation

Many researchers believe that knowledge is a key asset of organisation and effective utilisation of knowledge can enhance value and performance of an organisation. In a case study conducted by Akhavan et al., (2009), they mentioned that knowledge is considered as one of the most important properties of organisations in the contemporary management theory and

How Does the Clouds Affect Energy Sector?

From Hybrid Cloud toward Multicloud, the world is accelerated as more and more cloud migration cases from Next Normal. It is not about hybrid cloud vs multicloud that matters, it is which one is more robust and future proof that matters. We are not told Multicloud is better than Hybrid Cloud, it is more about

From COVID-19 pandemic global outbreak, to new normal and then next normal. Lockdowns, semi-lockdowns to nationwide lockdowns, to prevent one wave after another for the COVID-19 variant that continue to make headlines across the globe. Some countries are still facing high infection rate and death ratio. We have the vaccine enrollment in progress, but the

Let’s face it, we have so many countries invented vaccines, and so many countries are already enrolling them into their citizen, but if you saw the global news, you will notice the new wave of variants is keep coming, the wave of lockdowns is introduced back. Out of everyone expected, it seems it will take

Operations in the next normal, it is time to recheck again, after a year from the first global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. For the companies and enterprises that should fall, for whatever reason, it should never exist anymore. For those that adapted and evolved their operations in the next normal, they continue to serve the market.

What is Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) we can explain in a few sentences. It is all about a new generation of computer programming, that is different from the previous hand-coded basis, and makes use of a rapid application development environment to create application software via graphical user interface (GUI) that makes use of modern technologies.

Cloud computing is the future now, no tomorrow. Cloud computing is well known as Internet 2.0, it is not about another wave of new technologies that come and go, it is digital transformation (DT) a lot of very fundamental ways of how we are living today. What we learn from the past will not be

Non-banks dominate digital banking from traditional bankers, it phenomena we can observe from all kinds of new innovation e-banking, mobile wallet payment to fintech, you name it. Most of it is not really initiated by the traditional bankers, either due to they are still very comfortable to be in the banking business or due to

In previous topics we had discuss about what is IOB (Internet of Behavior) and its value. The impact of IoT technology and the Internet of Behavior cannot be overlooked today, as they will influence consumer behavior and the marketing platforms used to gain their attention. Therefore, it is essential to start integrating the Internet of

How APM Works and future of APM, Supply Chain Security Standards

IT world shifts toward business value focus, let’s be open minded, people not really buy a product, they are buying a business value associated with the purchase. Modern companies are all digital companies to some extent, digital transformation is where the world transitions to. Traditional IT used to internally focus on operational efficiency, with the

Organizations for all sizes across the globe now need to organize for change after next normal. In particular for companies that have already downsized and scaled down due to COVID-19 pandemic, they need to decide what to do next. The world in the positive progress for vaccine rollout, more and more markets, sectors and industries

While everyone is making use of smartphones, not everyone knows how to make it work for your business. Let’s talk based on the banking sector and industry. Upon business idea execution, we can see the difference, some use it to provide passive banking needs replacement, whether for use for authorized banking transactions by authenticating the transaction.

World is changing at the speed of light, at blink of time, decade gone, digital economy become the dominant force for everything to take place, from the next internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and anything else that have the positive impact for now and future all is digital economy related. We are now

5 huge benefit of digital transformation

In the 1980s, Tom Peter was published In search for excellence, a business book at that time based on his research and founding, what makes an excellence company, and explain what he found with the excellence companies at that time. 40 years over, actually merely 10 years, most of the company uses as the case

Paper planner is symbol of dated work practice? For the young generation where their entire life is grown up with the mobile phone, they do all their things via digital means, from mobile phone, tablet and laptop or desktop computer. The only generation most likely to adapt a pure digital solution for the lifestyle and