How Artificial Intelligence (AI) deliver real value for companies

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business is not a new concept, but we have reached a point where the focus has shifted from early adoption and research & development (R&D) to understanding how it can deliver true value through investment. This can come in the form of automation across various industries, or by

The world is transitioning towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) or Industry 4.0, and it is crucial to be proactive in adapting to these changes rather than being passive and reactive. Smart factories, robotics for remote site operations, driverless vehicles, and AI-powered legal and judicial systems are just some examples of the new efficiencies emerging

The Future Of Big Data In Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility companies are facing a new landscape where they must integrate alternative energy, improve customer understanding, and strengthen relationships, while also providing reliable, safe, and affordable energy to all. These organizations can use analytics to improve agility, reduce costs, and enhance asset reliability, as well as better position themselves for the next big

When enterprises enable IT-OT convergence, they embarked into data-rich sectors, making them to become critically in need of having the most effective technology to utilise and transform the data into useful insights. For a certain simple data analysing process, hiring data scientists and even machine learning engineer is unfortunately a cost consuming action. No-code AI

Digital transformation, which was previously labelled as an ‘added value’ in a company quickly evolved into a crucial component essential for the resiliency of organisation in the recent years after Covid-19 hit us hard since 2019. ‘Every company is a software company’ – this statement had become the mantra in the recent years as more

Why Composite AI is so important?

If one world event surprises everyone for sure Ukraine-Russia conflict that eventually brings to surface and result in the war, which shocks the world which ends up for a lot of sanction and political support for both sides. In Oct 2022, it further intensify where due to bombing and attempt destroy of the crucial bridge

If you read the news, it is very hard not to get the news and all kinds of advice for history in the making. All the technical data is pointing toward the global economy roller coaster ride began, not began to rise, but began for the long fall. After the world banker meeting earlier, the

Vulnerability Management explained in E-SPIN Vulnerability Management Wheel model

Technology is one of the major macro environmental forces that shape mankind’s way of living and do business. Since entering into the computing era, following the internet and current digital economy era, regardless of sector and industry, you are shaped by it. Either you adapt to the technology trends or you are expected to get

5 huge benefit of digital transformation

In the 1980s, Tom Peter was published In search for excellence, a business book at that time based on his research and founding, what makes an excellence company, and explain what he found with the excellence companies at that time. 40 years over, actually merely 10 years, most of the company uses as the case

Layoffs in 2022 prepare for increasing uncertainty regard the global economy. If you readings the news, you will notice for all successful companies take the precaution and freeze for hiring and some is proactive layoff ahead of time to make sure they are stay lean for the economic uncertainty that coming. For some, it is

Every business that exists for long enough, passed round after round of the market change and challenges will know regardless of the market change, and maintaining sustainable and inclusive growth is one the area that matters most. For all the big giant empires that build and then fall, be it Kodak, Nokia or Yahoo, all

If you have read the news, you notice a few major forces and the theme is starting to attract more attraction. From the Russia-Ukraine conflict, global food and energy inflation, and some countries running into bad debt, even the US is now under testing for the second quarter for GDP negative flow, and most likely

World is undergoing hyper change as transit toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) industry 4.0. One of the very core variables is the digital economy and digital transformation (DT). The B2B business model is undergoing hyper change, you either adapt to it or you are lost to your competition. It is not about you getting

We all know the rise of the project economy, But no many everyone knows what it is about and what it means for the future of work. It impacts the future workforce and way for the workforce management. The world transit toward project economy, organization get dynamic teams and assign them into various projects to

Pandemic will continue but COVID-19 ends, this is the most widely accepted in the current market. Despite the fact that the new COVID-19 variant has come out, one after another, most of the world countries, in particular for those practicing co-exist strategy, put COVID-19 ends and move on. You can see they are starting to

For global corporations, it does not lack the management framework and standard for best practice.  In the last few years we have seen the digital transformation initiative where most of the great enterprises and their chief have put DT first in their top priority. Simply go cloud computing where you do not make your enterprise

People are starting to question whether the tech giant is worth the perceived stock value and their future worth with the change in the computing and technology landscape. Metaverse stock recently falling creates a new momentum for the devaluation trend. Just like other sectors and industry got the life cycle, so did the technology and

Paper and Forest products industry in the digital age

As expected, paper and forest products continue to decline due to digitalization, as the world transit toward fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0. Global consumers continue to adapt digitization and digital lifestyle and equivalent digital products, from physical journaling to digital journaling (where in the first place no paper is needed, together with stationary consumption).

E-procurement Trends in The Global Marketplace

75 percent of global Fortune 500 companies fail to catch the next waves of big things. If you use 1995, the internet era as the dividing line, current fortune 500 companies, 75% of them are never in the list, that means, for the 25 years duration alone, 75% of the companies are in the list

Except for the existing zero-COVID strategy enforcement countries, the rest who adopt co-exist are undergoing and implementing various return-to-office policies. Most modern enterprises had some sort of digital workspace capability, be it from make use of the existing cloud-based office suite, real time call, web meeting and chat, or for some with the VPN and

For all the executives, their key priority is to develop a killer strategy that makes sure the company mobilises all the resources in the right way for the company to maintain competitive edge for the future to come. It includes digitally transformed the company to make sure it aligns for the modern and future market

2 years after COVID-19 pandemic where are we going? First we had the Omicrons variant, then we had the Russia-Ukraine conflict that turned to war and followed with a lot of sanctions. The world is in the process of COVID-19 pandemic response, recovery to endemic, and we have the world accelerating toward recession, as supply

Digital transformation had helped various businesses to survive the economic damage during the pandemic and significantly becoming an important requirement in accelerating business growth. Digital transformation, however, means more than adopting different digital technologies on business strategies for business sustainability and growth. Implicitly, it also means changing a company regardless of its industry into a

After over 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going through some sort of response, recovery and endemic, then repeat the cycle again with the new COVID-19 variant. This change agent accelerates world evolution in next normal, acceptance for the cloud and remote work, or known as anywhere workspace as the new norm. Depending

More and more customers adopt the DevSecOps to achieve seamless integration and automation benefits, so do adopt the same best practice for the bigger context toward Value Stream Management (VSM). If you zoom out and you will notice this is fit in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) or known as Industry 4.0 framework. The world

Every enterprise should be digitally transformed and done, for those who are early adopters and for those who are late adopters during the 2 years COVID-19 pandemic or known as Next Normal. Else, you most likely will difficult to catch up for what next, being the data-driven enterprise within the next 3 years or shorter.

Use Power of Cloud to Benefit Drug Development

Indicators to watch for 2022, the post let focus on some of the important indicators you should actively observe and follow to help you navigate for 2022. COVID-19 pandemic response, recovery and reset First is of course the COVID-19, as now we are moving from Delta to Omicron, what the world going on and your

Let’s get real, the traditional workplace is killed by COVID-19 pandemic, wave after wave of new variants. Latest that impacts the world is Omicron. No one will know after that what next. It forces businesses to adapt for the change in reality and accelerate those changes to be accepted across the globe. Web meeting become

New Year New Challenges 2022, it what in mind to start the new year post with. COVID-19 pandemic will not end in 2021, with the new variant Omicron being the virus in concern worldwide, which makes the next normal recovery or restart initiative. If it becomes another round of global impact like Delta last year,

Accelerate government transformations success rate

Market opportunities nowadays which focuses on people centricity and resilient delivery as key requirements in boosting business growth has lead to the need in accelerating digital transformation in organisations. Business and applications leaders are urged to find answers on the best solution in speeding up the transition. The answers lies on composability. Everything should be

Business leaders continue to disappoint with the workplace report for the most industry and sector show the gap for digital skill. Lack of it for most of the existing employees or discovered during the new hire interview. The very fundamental for what employers want is productivity, or in layman terms get what is supposed to