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Indicators to watch for 2022, the post let focus on some of the important indicators you should actively observe and follow to help you navigate for 2022. COVID-19 pandemic response, recovery and reset First is of course the COVID-19, as now we are moving from Delta to Omicron, what the world going on and your

Let’s get real, the traditional workplace is killed by COVID-19 pandemic, wave after wave of new variants. Latest that impacts the world is Omicron. No one will know after that what next. It forces businesses to adapt for the change in reality and accelerate those changes to be accepted across the globe. Web meeting become

New Year New Challenges 2022, it what in mind to start the new year post with. COVID-19 pandemic will not end in 2021, with the new variant Omicron being the virus in concern worldwide, which makes the next normal recovery or restart initiative. If it becomes another round of global impact like Delta last year,

Accelerate government transformations success rate

Market opportunities nowadays which focuses on people centricity and resilient delivery as key requirements in boosting business growth has lead to the need in accelerating digital transformation in organisations. Business and applications leaders are urged to find answers on the best solution in speeding up the transition. The answers lies on composability. Everything should be

Business leaders continue to disappoint with the workplace report for the most industry and sector show the gap for digital skill. Lack of it for most of the existing employees or discovered during the new hire interview. The very fundamental for what employers want is productivity, or in layman terms get what is supposed to

The US continues to demonstrate technology monopoly power by restricting trade, it is nothing new. From the past, we saw how it can ruin a successful business empire. You need to follow the US “rules”. Same as well when you do business within China, it has “rules” you need to comply with. Depending on what

As you can read across so much news and media, after 2 years in the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the enterprises are moving from response, recovery and reset. For those who remain, the key theme is accelerated growth, digitalization (or digital transformation) and adapting new post COVID-19 hybrid work. Not sure how to jump start,

Covid is surging in Europe and worries the world, it is a strong sign that the rest of the world might see resurgences follow what happens in the European continent. Since it doubled last month, the worrying trend has continued where winter begins. Most of the countries are rolling back from endemic back to pandemic

Digital transformation by digitalization and automation or being extinct, be the focus topic for the post. Market force is always exist, and regardless how big you are at the success time you are, but when the force is change, and you are resistant to change, your enterprise will be extinct, as you can see from

Technology impact towards infrastructure development is obvious. Each new technological innovation brings in business changes and improvements. There are five themes that simultaneously capture the technological trends reshaping business infrastructure requirements every business need to be aware and see how to seize it up:   Embedding technology: Embedding technology into infrastructure assets can have a significant impact

Next normal continue to have jobs that shortage to be fill, it out of everyone surprise, almost 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic, most of the business that required to rightsizing or close down, as expect is should reach the recovery and reset, but it remain lot of the job to be fill that remain shortage

NFT is recently becoming a hype in the digital art and collectibles world. The use of NFT has brought many benefits especially to digital artists. NFT stands for non-fungible token that can be used to indicate ownership of unique works or creation in any form. What are the benefits of non-fungible token ? Ownership and

Trends in the Media and Entertainment Industry 2

In the past, creative works such as artworks, music, book publications and photography are delivered physically. However, in present, the definition of ownership in creation had become wider through digitisation. The ability to store these creative works in various digital forms had brought us into the new world of trading called NFT. What is an

COVID-19 Reset for the world economy, be the topic for today. More and more people believe one of the items to reset is the G7, the Group of 7, was established during 1975-76 with seven countries of the developed West at that time. Include the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada. But as you

Next normal COVID-19 recovery to reset is a big topic, depend on the area we want to talk about,we can create a related post with it. 3rd vaccines as Covid booster jabs for older and at-risk is undergoing worldwide adoption, where some proactive countries are undergoing the 4th covid booster jabs. Nevertheless, with Covid keep evolving

User online aggregate activity response and behavior segmentation continue to be very relevant in the digital economy.Data is power, in particular you can access and know about your target customer behaviour, what they like and what they dislike, so you can provide them with the advertisement they are more likely to click. This is no

International shipping crisis and the rise of supply cost globally, become new news headlines across all the country. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world uses the work perfectly by division of work and production in the cheapest countries and then shipping in bulk containers. Now the issue is due to port lockdown, in particular happening

Digital Health Passport moved to mainstream adoption, in particular after COVID-19 pandemic, every country came out with a digital health pass like issuing vaccination information, or else, prohibiting the person to enter most of the public premise, in the next normal era. As smartphones being so handy and easy to carry, provide real time geolocation tracking, and

Today, the advancement of technologies grows at a rapid pace such that new technologies do not need to be introduced. Without even realising or knowing it, we are already using and relies on them in our daily life. This situation is proven with spatial computing, a concept that combines idea, tools, technologies and system that

COVID-19 from response to recovery, then reset is one of the three point plans most of the country is following right now in the various variations of implementation details of it. While the new variant keeps evolving from Delta to C.1.2 and maybe more will be coming, human kind from the last at least 18

Since 1980, from computing, to 1990 to the internet, the world economy is transitioning toward the digital economy. Lot of the words at that time were coin, such as information superhighway, as today we all know it is all about the internet. It provides a platform for the whole planet to connect and share information

Why most of the enterprises fail in digital transformation, will be the post main theme. Every company regardless of size, as long as you are in the business for something, you are used to what brings you to where you are today. For instance, being a banker, if you are 100 years old, you will

The next normal COVID-19 response, recovery and reset is the three point plan we offer as a good way framework for you. COVID-19 Pandemic in the micro level it can not run away from the topic like how it impacts on the industry and business. After 18 months we are now in the next normal

We are in the age of Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS), as cloud computing continues to evolve and new terms keep coming out and attempt to provide scope for both the market and industry. CIPS service providers, in the global scale, have only a few due to the global scale operation involved and are

Paper and Forest products industry in the digital age

After 18 months of COVID-19 pandemic, in the next normal, one industry and sector for sure will be heavy affect no just during COVID-19 pandemic, but as a result of accelerate mass behaviour change, the use of paper based product, this topic we talk about paper elimination trend and impact on those sectors. It is

Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) is nothing new, the term being invented for sometime, it evolved from the previous concept from software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). It typically refers to the extensive number of modern digital services, products and tools are ordered over the Internet and delivered to users on demand, rather than provided via local channels

Top 4 Digital Technologies trends in Retail Industry

In the year 2020, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have had no choice but to shift into digital business to remain in business. Digital business is the creation of new business architecture by connecting digital dan physical worlds. The characteristics of digital business overlap with the concept of digital transformation. Therefore,

We are now in the next normal, where most of the population is at least getting one vaccine, where it counts to the end of the long COVID-19 pandemic very soon. Lot of the technology is supposed to take place but yet to be mass deployed is finally it time we expect it will come

In 2020, Covid-19 pandemic had entered the list of the factors that lead to business disruption. It has been emphasized too many times that intelligent composable business (ICB) is the top strategic business plan to ensure the ability of company to survive unexpected changes in the business today and also in future. What are the

After a year and a half of lockdowns in the various forms, and at this point of time in the next normal. Majority of the people at large have evolved at the minimum 10 years before COVID-19 pandemic, which also breaks the chain for most of previous behavior, and substitutes with the digital experience (DX).

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of company experiences setbacks and pulled into decline stages in their business. As a results, organisations had to re-architect their business and transform into digital business. In order to accelerate the transformation of digital business, adopting composable approach or intelligent composable business is the key. According to Gartner, organisation