While the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to end, due to the new COVID-19 variant it starts their wave of impact from place to place. Current rollout of vaccines is not seen and can stop it yet. Faced with the overall market willing to spend is no high, most of the sector is affected due to

The whole world is impacted by COVID-19 pandemic since the very first case recorded in China at Q4 2019, but the virus spread and loss of control is starting from Q1 2020. Right now the whole world is under another wave of COVID-19 Variants. But the world will never stop becoming that, instead, the whole

World is changing rapidly, despite COVID-19 pandemic and next normal, business and market move forward, and adoption all the latest best practice in the rapid manner. DevSecOps is the mainstream, as you can see all the open jobs, it all about someone who can deliver DevSecOps responsibility. Whether you are still using DevOps, or more

Cloud is the next Internet, if you are at the point to have yet put that into your business framework. Everything else is actually based on that and few more driving enabling technologies. At this point of time, we have one division line we can use to divide traditional companies living in the past, and

Out of everyone expected, COVID-19 pandemic took longer to go over.  Despite having the vaccine start rollout in November and December last year. But we are impacted by COVID-19 variants that spread at 10 times faster than previous years. Like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic continues, whatever previous thoughts about the next normal will be shifts.

Innovations Shaping the Future of Transportation Industry

Becoming a future-ready company in most of the business enterprise and government top decision maker mind. In the COVID-19 wave after another, following with the variants, whether or not the vaccine is effective or not, we still need at least 3 to 6 months to see. But the global economy due to lockdowns and businesses

2021 and beyond, let get real, The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and its effects will last. Now you walk out, the whole world is adapted for the social distance, wear a mask and consciously make use of the hand sanitizer, and we do not expose ourselves to the public space without a mask

Since November, the highly-infectious COVID-19 variant that emerged, it now bring in new wave of global threat and impact on the next-normal we expected slowly moving toward world economy recover with all the sector and border open for business and trade. Coronavirus vaccines are being distributed or in distribution, but the rise of the new

Now we are in the end of 2020, and welcoming 2021. Would like from personal communication to talk about personal communication evolution from now till 2050, 30 years from now. See technology evolution to 2050 from personal communication evolution Now we are in the end of 2020, and welcoming 2021. Would like from personal communication to

Organizing for speed as a means to transformation under the digital transformation generation is nothing new. Since speed, together with scale and scope, are the three core elements and strategic intent digital transformation aim to achieve. By increasing the speed, so did enterprise gain agility. As we can see now under the next-normal, most big

Digital Value Matter in M&A became a strategic consideration for most of post COVID-19 next normal, digital capability and asset did matter. Digital revolution and how much the digital value or capability a company possesses become one of the new M&A deal considerations. The more digital transformation the company is, the higher the digital value

Accelerating digital transformation in next-normal is in every business priority, since across the sectors, all being hit badly except for the few in the business of supply necessity. For the year of COVID-19 and various waves of new mutants, countries encounter one wave after another for the infection, and due to the long period of

The modern world and education system in the root do not change much, it follows the old practice of primary, secondary, college and higher education, one path after another. Systematically train students from beginner to intermediate then advanced, for fulfil various industrial world division of work macro economy expectation. Nothing wrong as it is, as

The coronavirus has introduced unexpected complications for manufacturing sectors. Take away those manufacturing COVID-19 essential items that are growing, how the rest are acting on COVID-19 in the next-normal. In general across global, the lockdown makes online shopping and home delivery sector growth, while physical retail is declining. For those who are manufacturing and supplying

The COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic crisis are hitting the insurance industry worldwide. The economy for the majority, if not all of the nation remain tough for the next few years. It disrupts and forms new behavior changes in the global scale in the short period of time. As most of the industries and

The next normal in telecom 2021 and beyond is something telcom player need to consider. Let get real, The COVID-10 crisis forced businesses in every industry to adapt at the speed of light quickly in the present (from reorg, downsizing, rightsizing, sell non-core business, focus on the new core business) and to plan completely different

Let’s get real, COVID-19 pandemic makes global change in various dimensions how business is doing. Lockdowns in global have led to near collapse in many business sectors, and creating significant shifts in both customer and consumer behavior. The past history regardless of how you do will be changed forever, due to the long next-normal the

In this topic we will discuss about a self-supervised speech pre-training method called TERA (Transformer Encoder Representations from Alteration). Recent approaches often learn through the formulation of a single auxiliary task like contrastive prediction, autoregressive prediction, or masked reconstruction. Unlike previous approaches, a multi-target auxiliary task is used to pre-train Transformer Encoders on a large

5 huge benefit of digital transformation

Digital Transformation in the Next-Normal for scale, scope and speed from private to public sector, it is the top priority. Let’s get real, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a public-health crisis in the global scale, whether you hold up the figure without releasing it to the public, as you can see how the developed countries figure

As digital business grows across all industries, and data privacy continues to pose a significant risk to enterprises, the growing need for security includes a reliance on trust in digital identities. From a consumer point of view, digital identity remains fragmented, exacerbating the issue of identity credential overload. This approach will not scale as we

In this topic we will discuss why does RPA require AI?. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deals with structured data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to gather insights from semi-structured and unstructured data in text, scanned documents, webpages, and PDFs. AI brings value by processing and converting the data to a structured form for RPA to understand.

Since the next-normal, the need for the digital transformation in airline industry is not more a option, but something need to carry out at the speed of light or will affect the survival of the giant due to excessive of the loan due to be pay off on time, get fund injection from the investor

Hyperautomation has an extra layer of robotic ‘intelligence’ to perform tasks in a smarter way. Hyperautomation use of advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA). Hyper automation automates tasks that were once completed by humans. We could say that where automation is the robot’s arms to perform tasks


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the robotic process of automating business operations with the help of robots or technology to reduce human intervention. Regarding the topic RPA in Common business processes and activities, here we will highlight the business process of Quote-to-cash. In order to survive every business needs to do sales. We might be

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Can Robotic Process Automation (RPA) works more efficient than human? It is a very interesting and common question people in mind. In general, we can say a software robots can have same benefit to productivity as human but can maintain control of operations within your organization. RPA works efficiently for tasks like applications handling, providing

Most of the workplace encounters the COVID-19 crisis and are required to remote work for a long period of time. Traditional workplaces suddenly become empty premises since everyone is working from home. The perception starts to shift and favor the cloud workplace. From cloud infrastructure, computing, cloud server, cloud storage since it allows people to

Reasons to go to Multiexperience Apps. Multiexperience development platforms (MXDPs) are helping enterprises to grow rapidly and to scale their applications across a range of devices and platforms. MXDPs can help you develop a single application that can be deployed on a variety of devices. This greatly shortens down your efforts and gives brands more

Previous post we talked about what is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this post is about the advantages of Robotic Process Automation. Robotics process automation is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) capabilities to accomplish repeatable tasks, previously requiring human interaction. Automation can also streamline regulatory compliance that imposes fines

Airlines industry in the next normal is challenging. By keeping reading the news in how each industry responds to the COVID-19 global crisis, despite now in the next normal, it keeps the concern for industry and sector. As you can read from the news, airlines are big business and capital intensive and heavily depend on

While we are in the Next-Normal, with the Hong Kong reports first confirmed COVID-19 re-infection, this out of everyone expected. This has a lot of the implication for the next-normal everyone is expected and makes the global depression expect to go further and longer period of time to recover to the peak before COVID-19. If

Let’s get real, the world after Next-Normal (for some refer it as new normal) and post COVID-19 aim for restoring world economic, for those enterprises that already fall or downsizing during the period will take a long period of recovery, to the peak before the COVID-19 crisis begins. Whether it is bio weapon virus and