As digital business grows across all industries, and data privacy continues to pose a significant risk to enterprises, the growing need for security includes a reliance on trust in digital identities. From a consumer point of view, digital identity remains fragmented, exacerbating the issue of identity credential overload. This approach will not scale as we

In this topic we will discuss why does RPA require AI?. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deals with structured data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to gather insights from semi-structured and unstructured data in text, scanned documents, webpages, and PDFs. AI brings value by processing and converting the data to a structured form for RPA to understand.

Since the next-normal, the need for the digital transformation in airline industry is not more a option, but something need to carry out at the speed of light or will affect the survival of the giant due to excessive of the loan due to be pay off on time, get fund injection from the investor

Hyperautomation has an extra layer of robotic ‘intelligence’ to perform tasks in a smarter way. Hyperautomation use of advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA). Hyper automation automates tasks that were once completed by humans. We could say that where automation is the robot’s arms to perform tasks


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the robotic process of automating business operations with the help of robots or technology to reduce human intervention. Regarding the topic RPA in Common business processes and activities, here we will highlight the business process of Quote-to-cash. In order to survive every business needs to do sales. We might be

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Can Robotic Process Automation (RPA) works more efficient than human? It is a very interesting and common question people in mind. In general, we can say a software robots can have same benefit to productivity as human but can maintain control of operations within your organization. RPA works efficiently for tasks like applications handling, providing

Most of the workplace encounters the COVID-19 crisis and are required to remote work for a long period of time. Traditional workplaces suddenly become empty premises since everyone is working from home. The perception starts to shift and favor the cloud workplace. From cloud infrastructure, computing, cloud server, cloud storage since it allows people to

Reasons to go to Multiexperience Apps. Multiexperience development platforms (MXDPs) are helping enterprises to grow rapidly and to scale their applications across a range of devices and platforms. MXDPs can help you develop a single application that can be deployed on a variety of devices. This greatly shortens down your efforts and gives brands more

Previous post we talked about what is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this post is about the advantages of Robotic Process Automation. Robotics process automation is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) capabilities to accomplish repeatable tasks, previously requiring human interaction. Automation can also streamline regulatory compliance that imposes fines

Airlines industry in the next normal is challenging. By keeping reading the news in how each industry responds to the COVID-19 global crisis, despite now in the next normal, it keeps the concern for industry and sector. As you can read from the news, airlines are big business and capital intensive and heavily depend on

While we are in the Next-Normal, with the Hong Kong reports first confirmed COVID-19 re-infection, this out of everyone expected. This has a lot of the implication for the next-normal everyone is expected and makes the global depression expect to go further and longer period of time to recover to the peak before COVID-19. If

Let’s get real, the world after Next-Normal (for some refer it as new normal) and post COVID-19 aim for restoring world economic, for those enterprises that already fall or downsizing during the period will take a long period of recovery, to the peak before the COVID-19 crisis begins. Whether it is bio weapon virus and

Industrial and institution buyer behavior to mass market consumer behavior did change radically in next-normal response to the COVID-19 lockdown. Or trigger due to downsizing, mass jobless and workplace need less people to get things done due to digital workflow and automation adoption include AI powered robot chat and the rising of the software Robotic

The new normal follows with the next normal catch whole world in surprise, and it seems this will continue for a while. All countries to some extent restructured the various sizes of the sector, industry, institutions and resources. The business that is falling, downsizing can not be instant to build back for institutions. For the

We all know digital transformation is not a choice, it is mandatory if the company wants to be kept relevant and survive in the digital economy. You like it or not, despite you are not in the high tech sector or industry, digital transformation remains relevant, the company capability to vertical or horizontal integration or

The era of new and next normal after COVID-19, whatever term you want to use it, we saw how the majority of big corporations across sectors and industry encounter financial difficulty, due to economic activity will take longer time than usual for the human kind to recover to the pre COVID-19 era. As the second

Depend on the country and how severity of the COVID-19, some is recovery and toward new normal, but we also have country is facing challenge for next normal, where evolutes COIVD-19 is come back. Until the new and proven cure is existed, the journey move of country encounter for sure is new normal to next

COVID-19 not just changed consumer behaviour but also business behaviour in various extent, as business adapted to the new normal for the post COVD-19 era. It is not yet over, but for most of the business is to learn the lesson and know how to cope with the “new normal” reality that as a result

Emerging from the pandemic, World toward recovery

Almost all the country emerging from the pandemic, world toward recovery or not is something everyone is concerned about. World economy is under the almost once in the century incident, no country can escape from the economic depression that is coming, due to the connected world economy for the modern world. No matter how each

Let's get real for new normal after COVID-19

New Normal as the new term the world is using for post COVID-19 world. Do not get it wrong, it is not business as usual like before COVID-19. The world is undergoing dramatically change, it challenge most of the sectors and attempt to recover from this world depression (indeed, it not like most of people

Apple WWDC 2020, or 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference took place two days ago, a statement will transit toward ARM Based Mac. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, it became a virtual conference. The 18 announcement is being made but I think the most worth to note is not the rest of the product continuous update release

Like it or not, COVID-19 created a new virus outbreak and introduced massive death tolls on the global scale. No one can escape from this round of changing economic landscape that introduces it. We saw a lot of enterprises across sector and industry fall, and those who remain need to take extreme measures to make

Digital Experience Platform DXP over CMS and CRM

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a new emerging term used to cover emerging categories of enterprise software for companies that want to pursue digital transformation (DT), with the goal of providing better digital customer experience management, like better understanding how people interact with your brand online. For example, a module to create emotional connections with

Wireless Site Survey as a Service Technical Overview by E-SPIN

Why Digital Transformation matters most in global coronavirus outbreak, because if at this stage of time, your enterprise is yet digital transformation, most likely you will impact in even more worse than those who are digital transformation. For digital transformation enterprise, they already invested in the digitalOps and make sure infrastructure to delivery is make

Company under the pressure for digital transformation (DT), or extinct from the business at the speed of light in the modern business world. For the worst is the top management for most of traditional and who success in the pre-digital transformation (DT) era thoughts that they will capable to survival follow the old world practice.

Implementing Security with Digital Transformation

As business journey toward digital transformation (DT), adapting digital ops to streamline digital business, from leverage robotic process automation (RPA) to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) – have impacted the way that companies do business. As a digital-era executive and management, understanding of these capabilities is no longer an option. Since it impacts

TechQuilibrium (a portmanteau of technology and equilibrium) is a balance between tradition and transformation. Each organization has its own techquilibrium depending on its industry, geography, target demographics, history, business goals, etc. All the top executive management teams need to design a value proposition that drives the right mix of traditional and digital business. It can

Today I driving and hear from the radio news broadcasting. One news caught my mind, it about a single world largest “money printing” and monopoly business that right now serving countries as customer and help for printing money it log for the potential bankruptcy to all investor if they current restructuring program is not working.

We believe in open conversation with customers provide future insight what next market technology breakthrough will be a success, what challenges it brings in and what changes are required, across the region we did business. For those who are willing mobilising resources adapting to the changing customer and market landscape what really needed (instead of

This post regarding, what is digital transformation over industries?  Digital transformation (DT) is the stage of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business systems, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. This visualization of business in the digital age we called it as digital transformation (DT).

It is true that Digital Transformation importancy-Go digital or Go extinction?  Digital transformation refers to the process and strategy of using digital technology to drastically change how businesses operate and serve customers. It already become ubiquitous in the age of digitization. That’s because every organization – regardless of its size or industry – increasingly relies