Tapping on Digital Transformation (DT) for continue relevant in the new market

The world is changing at the speed of light, tapping on Digital Transformation (DT) for continue relevant in the new market, is new market reality, we see lot of company fall due to no able to seize the new capability require for competing in the new changing market space. The bigger the company and more success

5 huge benefit of digital transformation

The fact is, the world is going digital, yet many businesses are unprepared. The technologies, skills, and processes they have in place do not translate to a digital world. The modern company must transform itself to adapt to the technology and processes needed in today’s digital world. Now, as explained in this article, this process

Implementing Security with Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is a trend affecting organizations across all vertical markets. Its aim is to optimize business operations and enhance customer engagement through the adoption and use of digital technology. This digital transformation effort is what is driving consumer-focused innovations such as mobile banking and telehealth. This transition has become necessary

The security struggle of Digital Transformation

There is one way in which every business, from large enterprise to one-person operations, across all industry verticals, are similar. To survive against the competition, you must have a digital presence. How the digital transformation affects your business is unique to specific needs, but the online existence and the use of devices and technologies to

A framework for Digital Business Transformation

For companies that use the newest digital solutions, namely social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC StackTM), major benefits can quickly accrue. Today’s organizations have a variety of information technology solutions at their disposal to simultaneously increase operational efficiency and generate unprecedented business capabilities. Unfortunately, many do not use these tools to their full potential, often

From Information Technology to Digital Transformation

We are pride as founded in enterprise IT era and enter into Digital Transformation (DT) era. We ourselves experiencing the digital transformation and benefit from it for rapid regional expansion. From automation, big data, cloud computing, digital workflow and online process, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and pursue standardization, all help us transformed into multi region and countries

Digital transformation and why it important

Because digital transformation will look different for every company, it can be hard to pinpoint a definition that applies to all. However, in general terms, we define digital transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to

The Era of Free Education

The era of free education is eye catching title. Under the past 15 years, we are transit from elearning to free education through massive open online course (MOSS) model, just need to paid for the certification if you really need one. Human society had transit from knowledge is power to knowledge is commodity. Thru digital

Under the latest news, Malaysia Islamic banking is undergoing change with the government propose merge of Bank Islam, Bank Simpanan and Bank Muamalat. Since this three bank is mainly in serving civil servant, and the impact for after merge for “right sizing” (to eliminate branch and job duplication) , it most likely to take place after

Paper and Forest products industry in the digital age

Digitalization and Digital Economy has not spelled the end of paper and forest products, but it do require the future mind leaders think out-of-the-box differently and adapt digital transformation for their business model. Paper and forest products such as physical printed book are not going away in the digital economy, fuel by smartphone, tablet and

AI take over IT job

AI take over massive of IT job that in the past manual and brain work intensive work such as data entry, manipulate data, compile report and reactive, passive job that waiting for service request and then react, and off course majority of repeated work. From the news headline this year along, we saw Microsoft, Oracle,