Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), or Healthcare IoT, refers to a connected infrastructure of medical devices and software applications that can communicate with various healthcare IT systems.  As an example, this can be thought of as simple as someone who wears a FitBit to track his or her steps; that step count is tabulated on


Technology-enabled healthcare — specifically virtual care — continue to evolve in 2018 to meet current and future needs of healthcare organizations, providers, patients, and members. Here is a few expectations virtual care technology: Easier to Use: The underlying technology will be much easier to deploy, learn, and use. Ease of use is critical for widespread

Types of Healthcare: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary

Every individual has required different care depending upon their health problem like Every individual has required different care depending upon their health problem like some require normal care and some require extra special care. So on the basis of patient condition healthcare divides into various types. Following types of healthcare are explained below: 1. Primary Healthcare Primary health

Mobile Application Security Testing (Mobile AST) as A Service

Around the world, mhealth activities bring a boost in the healthcare industry & become the first choice of all healthcare providers. As per the global survey, World health organisation found that mobile health activities spread their wings in almost all countries, but with variation in adoption levels. Following activities includes responding to patient enquirers online followed by using telemedicine, raising health awareness, SMS

In this era of development, technology is giving more power in the hands of patients & help physicians to combat disorders by harnessing the body’s own ability to grow & heal. Let’s have a look at following top 5 medical technologies using in healthcare. Artificial Intelligence Now days healthcare industry going to be more advanced with the

5 Types of Technology to Improve People's Health

The role of technology within our daily lives is increasing rapidly. We use the internet to buy new clothes, get in touch with old friends or make new ones, and even to attend to our financial affair. Many people use technology to support their health as well. This is called e-Health, the use information and

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Electronic Health Record

One of the most in demand healthcare systems that are commonly used by doctors and other health professionals is the electronic health records. This is one of the most easiest and convenient types that greatly helps in managing patients’ records. This is very efficient to some healthcare institutions like hospitals and many others specifically if