Antivirus was the first and still is the primary endpoint protection technology for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP). Throughout the last twenty years, there have been many other components added to EPP such as anti-malware, anti-spyware and personal firewalls, but most of these components are never even installed. Even with the added technologies there are still

Why Endpoint Protection is Important ?

as cyber-criminals continue to come up with new, more sophisticated attacks on businesses, those businesses need new ways to respond. Most companies are doing a good job of allocating money towards the problem; corporate spending on cyber-security is projected to grow eight percent this year (from 2015). Companies are spending money both on preventative security

Best Endpoint Protection Software Review

McAfee’s endpoint protection suites include the ability to manage in-house, remote, virtual and mobile endpoints. The company also offers an endpoint suite for managing Macs. To protect mobile endpoints such as laptops, McAfee provides full disk encryption so that even the information on stolen and lost laptops is secure. Although you will need to consult

third party security, 5 Steps to Manage Third-Party Security Risks

The best endpoint protection providers offer an efficient management console that can control all endpoints, software deployment and policy enforcement backed by a consistent, proven ability to protect your network from malware. Administrators should be able to use the software to easily manage their networks and to prevent data losses across a range of endpoints

Veracode Statis Analysis Product Overview by E-SPIN

A DEFINITION OF ENDPOINT PROTECTION Endpoint protection is a term often used interchangeably with endpoint security. Endpoint protection is often used to describe security solutions that address endpoint security issues, securing and protecting endpoints against zero-day exploits, attacks, and inadvertent data leakage resulting from human error. Targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats can’t be prevented

Trend toward Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) Market Endpoint Protection Market evolving to Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) Market From the recent Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms 2017, we notice that EPP market listing criteria rise again and now required vendor to demonstrate even more capability beyond their previous core technology offering. The current standard for