Impact of Cryptocurrency to Financial Industry

Financial Technology (Fintech) in Digital Trust include mobile banking redefine convenience and accessibility, cryptocurrency and challenges. The world of finance is undergoing a digital transformation driven by fintech innovations, including mobile banking and cryptocurrency. These technologies have the potential to reshape the financial services industry, offering convenience, accessibility, and efficiency. However, they also raise important

In recent years, the US banking system has been facing a critical juncture with a number of high-profile bank collapses. As a result, consumers are worried about their deposits and whether they will receive them in full. This has led to a fear that US banks at risk could become a global issue, affecting not

Over the years, the world of payments has undergone a significant evolution, moving from the traditional paper cash and coins to digital transactions. As a result, the financial industry has had to keep up with the pace of change to meet the needs of its customers. However, despite the emergence of digital and mobile wallets,

Benefits of Big Data for Banking Industry

Big data, along with other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics, is helping to transform various industries across the globe, including the banking sector. Big data is a result of the need to process data sets that have become too large and complex for traditional tools to handle. By aggregating

As the business world evolves, companies in all industries must adapt in order to stay competitive. The banking sector is no exception, as it faces new challenges such as the rise of internet and digital-first banking, fintech and insurtech, and the shift towards cashless societies through mobile payments. With increased competition from other sectors and

The world is moving, regardless of global recession. It is always time for a lot of industries and sectors to consider the balancing act for digital and physical channels. If the physical channels and the touch do not bring much more value, it makes sense to deliver via the digital channels. For example, maybe what

Future of banks may be different than what you thought. Since its invention and centuries of development, it has become one of the major sectors and industries of the world economy.  From 1995 onward the world entered the digital economy and from the recent entire transit toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) industry 4.0. Beside

Digital disruption in insurance

Insurance industry is just like the related banking industry or sector, being strongly rooted in history. The concept of insurance dates back to at least the 18th century B.C., with the Code of Hammurabi (or more specifically c. 1792–1750 BC) . Modern insurance believe to bagan in London in the early decades of the 17th

We saw a lot of change from the past 2 years since COVID-19 pandemic began, and how the world is coping from COVID-19 incident, and moving toward recovery and aiming for a reset for the coming of the next normal. We saw a lot of the mega trends happening, and most of it existing banking

Google Lens search tool recently announced, and allows you to snap a picture where you can not describe the things in writing what you saw, it will help provide the information for you. This is a great opportunity to boost a lot of the online shopping and video content or rich media. Are you starting

Hackers focus on cryptocurrency exchange and digital token platforms now, if you are yet to be aware of it, you better act on it. Whether you are cryptocurrency exchange or digital wallet service provider, you need to focus your resources to make sure your infrastructure, system, services and application is perform end to end cybersecurity

Since we entered the digital economy, more and more digitalization of the product is being replaced by physical products as the preferred choice or completely phasing out the physical product, or shrinking the demand for physical product. For instance, CD, DVD, Blue-Ray disk, printed book, newspaper, magazines, travel guide and encyclopedia. Phones have become smartphones,

While COVID-19 is reaching the end, bank and financial sector expect massive credit risk after next normal began. While most of the countries will be forcing banking and finance sector players to provide more credit and loan to accelerate the economy recovery. But the 2 years long COVID-19, whether you like it or not, it

Non-banks dominate digital banking from traditional bankers, it phenomena we can observe from all kinds of new innovation e-banking, mobile wallet payment to fintech, you name it. Most of it is not really initiated by the traditional bankers, either due to they are still very comfortable to be in the banking business or due to

The world is moving toward a digital economy for decades now, a lot of change is underway. Whether as existing banking sector players or new entrants unlocked by the digital economy to offer digital bank solutions, we can see for what is going right now. From the case for stopping the Jack Ma Ant’s mega

Why banks must reinvent themselves or extinction from digital transformation (DT). Regardless of where we live and whatever countries we mention, world is become digital economy and the more extensive digital infrastructure and online being used, the more efficiency it will be. From mobile banking application to online banking self service, it empower traditional bank

E-SPIN Unified Vulnerability Management (UVM) Explained

Since Tom Peter and Robert Waterman written and published In Search of Excellence in 1982. Those large firms with dominant positions in markets that were senescent or static in the past. Then the wave for Good to Great, and now in 2019, after globalisation, internet, digital economy and current digital transformation era. Market size alone

Accelerate government transformations success rate

Indeed, that 10 years from now, we begin from the end, in case for those yet to see what the change and impact will be. Mega trends are concept we use for describe global, sustained and macro economic forces of development that impacts business, economy, society, cultures and personal lives thereby defining our future world

Digital Transformation in Camera Market

Everyone is being aware the dead of DSLR is near, but the future of photography is not mirrorless. Smartphone being kill off digital point-and-shoot camera, it will continue replaced the rest of camera market and segment. If you being saw what is going on in the open eye and mind, you will see decline of

Digital disruption in insurance

Digital disruption in insurance happen in speed of light. Few years back, we never hear the term InsureTech, but now in digital transformation (DT) era, it suddenly being widely spread popular trend just like FinTech for the banking industry. For the very core of the insurance, property-and-casualty (P&C) claims process once you can fully digitalize and

How Big Banks are Innovating With Fintech

Like it or not,  emerging of blockchain and machine learning (ML) to big data and artificial intelligence (AI), making each players in the industry for adapting fintech innovation is a must or you are require to get ready to outperform by your competitor, in the global scales basis. For those who are able and those

Digital Transformation and Beyond is no more a new word use to describe for the changes and challenges for the enterprise encounter and require to overcome and adapt for continue to be relevant in the modern and future market enterprise. Regardless of sector or industry, whether it is government or multinational corporation, the modern technology

How Big Banks are Innovating With Fintech

The global fintech market attracted $5.4 billion in investments during the first quarter of 2016, which represents a 67% increase over the same period a year ago, according to Accenture. While start-ups have attracted the lion’s share of investment, many large commercial and investment banks are determined not to be left behind by investing in

The Advantages Of Fintech For Your Finances

The word Fintech comes from the union of two words Fin = Finance and Tech = technology. One of the main purposes of the Fintech is to reduce the infrastructure costs of financial institutions. It is not necessary to have a network of branches with offices or with the customer service personnel that have all

The constantly evolving face of the financial technology startups covers a wide variety of technologies, audiences, and services. How, then, do we sum up its contributions to business in one short article? If we had to sum up the core commonality across the spectrum, I think the common threads would be increased accessibility and speed.

1.Ant Financial China-based Ant Financial is a spin-off from the Alibaba Group (BABA)Officially founded in 2014, it has originated from Alipay – the world’s leading third-party payment platform founded in 2004. Today, Ant Financial runs Alipay, Ant Fortune, Ant Financial Cloud and other financial services. Together, Ant Financial and its affiliates cover wealth management, credit

Fin Tech Trends Become Major Game Changers in 2018

1.Next-gen chatbots – 2017 saw several major banks, adopting chatbots for supporting customer interactions. Currently, these chatbots are said to possess the intelligence of a 2-3-year old. However, as machines do not suffer from physical or learning fatigue, the evolution of a chatbot could be best described as more exponential than linear. So, in 2018,

Under the latest news, Malaysia Islamic banking is undergoing change with the government propose merge of Bank Islam, Bank Simpanan and Bank Muamalat. Since this three bank is mainly in serving civil servant, and the impact for after merge for “right sizing” (to eliminate branch and job duplication) , it most likely to take place after

Mobile application replacing bank branches

Mobile application replacing bank branches and young generation prefer apps The need for more bank branches and cash to serve more bank customer generation is gone. As young generation prefer mobile application and internet for digital and ebanking. Mobile banking app globally rise as banker recognised the mega trend and young generation bank customer prefer