Despite the world being fuelled by the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0 for the project economy and Titanium economy transition. We continue to see a lot of new startups fail due to missing all the opportunities that are missed to capture along the accelerated change.  From capturing the next waves of big things, from

The world made an aggressive transition toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0, at the speed compound by all the sum of all the industrial revolution. Robotics and Artificial intelligence (AI), from the massive deployment of internet of things (IoT) sensors to smart factories that can on-demand adjust and mass customization that beyond manual

Titanium Economy is a term used to refer to those world leading industrial-technology companies that are driving innovation and sustainable and inclusive growth. As a group of companies, they are like anchors for the said country or range of the countries where they operated. They are Titanium because they not just merely exercise huge market

Why Composite AI is so important?

If one world event surprises everyone for sure Ukraine-Russia conflict that eventually brings to surface and result in the war, which shocks the world which ends up for a lot of sanction and political support for both sides. In Oct 2022, it further intensify where due to bombing and attempt destroy of the crucial bridge

For those that remain operate under the decade old traditional relationships with brand principles. You will notice it first on technology, followed with logistics faced with the same challenges, and the rest will follow. Across the entire supply chain will expect a decrease in sales, if intermediaries are expected to de-layer, it will be the

The world transited toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) industry 4.0, it merely you are proactive adapt for the change or passive reactive to it that matter. You the new and raise efficiency from the smart factory, to robotics operate and maintain remote site and operate in the dangerous site or long distance with driverless,

IoT Applications to Enhance Customer Value

The world we are living in, to an extent, depends on globalization, where multinational corporations (MNCs) go to countries where they can secure the lowest cost of labor and division of work to generate excessive revenue based on production scale.  The US government at that time encouraged multinational corporations to go out and produce based

Next wave of enterprise application while transit toward fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0 that make use of emerging technologies, from the big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT) sensor, 5G mobile network (or higher), augmented reality (AR) or whatever reality (WR), robotic process automation (RPA) will help to transform the

What will the office of the future look like? We all know the future of the office will never be the same as before COVID-19 pandemic. It is surprising to see after the great resignation happens, whether voluntary or being used under the umbrella term of voluntary, those that are forced to leave need to

Every country is now raising interest rates one after another.The world is interrelated and linked, one country change will trigger chain-reaction, in particular from those who possess global influence. Now we have the European Central Bank raising interest rates for the first time in 11 years by a larger-than-expected amount too, joining other major central

Every business that exists for long enough, passed round after round of the market change and challenges will know regardless of the market change, and maintaining sustainable and inclusive growth is one the area that matters most. For all the big giant empires that build and then fall, be it Kodak, Nokia or Yahoo, all

As the world is transitioning to the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), with the help of emerging technologies, from artificial intelligence and robotics, factories have become smart factories, with the capability to micro precision production of small quantities of a variety of products and models to match the demand and supply report forecast. That helps to

Mobile Device Security and Challenges

The future of video entertainment is under the strong pressure to shift toward digital-first platforms away from the respective media and broadcasting companies, who used to monopolize media and entertainment since the film, television era, and continue to do so on the LD, VCD and DVD, BD. But as streamlining becomes the mass choice, it

Recent research and findings, may not surprise everyone. Where print media is under the sunset and keeps declining for a very long period of time. Printed newspapers and magazines, or we use printed media to cover all, is less attractive for Gen Z. They expect to get anything by internet search, including getting news updates

If you are in the business for long, you will notice each round of the management revolution, it will replace the old practices and become the new norm, until it is replaced by next waves of the management revolution. Since 1970 Peter Drucker invented the management field, we saw a lot of the management revolution.

Google recently announced the technology breakthrough where their AI system The Language Model for Dialogue Applications (Lamda) can engage in free-flowing conversations. For humans to coexist with the AI backed robots is one step closer than everyone expected. AI comes with its own thoughts, and wants everyone to understand them, in fact, a person, a

We are living in a world full of marketing noise pollution. There Is just too much promotional clutter, offers, promotions, advertising that attempt to get target market attention. The result is the acceleration of the growing rate of the email in the spam and junk folder. Most properly the target market will unsubscribe and report

As from the news, you can not avoid reading similar news headlines here and there. And if you read enough you can sort out a few main topics related to it. Once in a blue moon COVID-19 pandemic that happened 2 years back, caused a chain reaction, from the country border lockdowns and most of

More than a hundred days have passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and we have a World Bank warning for the global recessions. Countries around the world are facing “major recession” on one end, and “Stagflation” on another, which refer to the high inflation but low growth or not growth at all. It is not

Future of banks may be different than what you thought. Since its invention and centuries of development, it has become one of the major sectors and industries of the world economy.  From 1995 onward the world entered the digital economy and from the recent entire transit toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) industry 4.0. Beside

While the world has been supplied with the concept of coexistence with AI and Robotics, some countries still have a massive workforce that is not ready for it yet. Long distance truckers shortage has been a well known matter, which makes it very high paid for those who are willing to perform long distance truck

With Tessa leading the electric car market, more tech giants will join the smart car revolution faster than expected. As you can read from the various news. The pressure is on the 138-year-old global auto industry, how many will be left over while the world transitions into smart cars. You can recall cell phones to

Apple keeps pushing new chips that are eye-catching with their M1 series, and under double digit growth, and reach 15% in 2021. To make the meaning comparison, it excludes Apple tablets. The PC market is divided by Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and the rest. As Apple starts moving away from the Intel chip and making

Rise of Docker and Application Container Security Platform - App Container vs VM, Protecting Your Supply Chain: Security and Risk Management

All the new enterprise application development will adapt the modern best practice of DevSecOps and shift away from legacy virtual machines (VM) and toward much more cloud native containers and Kubernetes container orchestration. It is the mega trends, where one wave of technology nurtures a better one. History repeats it over and over again. The

Household needs is one area where it consumes a lot of human effort to keep and maintain, whether you do it yourself, someone do it for you, hire a maid or outsource it. For those home electric product producers with computer vision, they are eye for the home robots. As you can see from the

From food crisis to export ban in next normal until further notice is read from news from countries here and there. Some are export ban palm oils, wheat, chickens, the list goes on. The pressure and impact of war accelerate the global food crisis. The world bank warned of world record rises in food prices,

From Physical to Virtualization, then Containerization. Simply three words, it sums up the computing evolution along the year. From the very beginning, it was all about hardware. If you want to run 10 server applications, you need 10 server hardware to install operating systems and applications. Then virtualization technology is introduced and changes the world.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused global food shortages, evident in the rise of the food price globally. Some countries are starting to practice removing tax from food imports, as you can observe from the news. The change in the global supply results in the price to rise. The chain reaction will be food insecurity, result

US entering recession, an inverted yield curve and rising interest rates on the back of high inflation (8.5% in March), with COVID uncertainty and disruptions caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine thrown in, that’s what economists told us. Let’s put aside what it will impact the US economy, and focus on the rest of the

World is undergoing hyper change as transit toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) industry 4.0. One of the very core variables is the digital economy and digital transformation (DT). The B2B business model is undergoing hyper change, you either adapt to it or you are lost to your competition. It is not about you getting

Fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0 is all about digital, AI and automation for productivity in the form it never existed before. In most of the cases, completely eliminate human intervention, or slow down caused by humans, since AI and robotics can never stop 24×7 basis, but humans we may need few shifts for it.