Digital Health Passport moved to mainstream adoption, in particular after COVID-19 pandemic, every country came out with a digital health pass like issuing vaccination information, or else, prohibiting the person to enter most of the public premise, in the next normal era. As smartphones being so handy and easy to carry, provide real time geolocation tracking, and

What Is The Meaning of Travel Technologies ?

Vaccine certificates for travel are starting to move toward the mainstream, as the travel sector and industry indeed need something in place to facilitate the traveling business, while at the same time addressing all the country border control regulations that are imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic. As vaccines keep rolling out across the globe following

No one will expect COVID-19 pandemic to spread globally and impact so long. Each round of the COVID-19 variant, we are forced to react from lockdowns to isolation with the interconnected world. Last year, the world talked about New Normal, then Next Normal, the world for post COVID-19 pandemic. How will it go? Despite vaccines from multiple countries invented

Let’s pick a country to be specific, for easy in specific illustration. Be note it can be universally applicable to other countries as well. Malaysia has a high amount of biodiversity thanks to its tropical climate and a large population of over 30 million people. Malaysia has high temperatures and humidity, heavy rainfall, and a

Health passport employee wellness programs bring a wealth of benefits for companies, including helping to attract and retain top talent as well as improving productivity and reducing health care costs. But there is no one-size-fits-all program when it comes to wellness. These programs can be tailored to address challenges and meet the objectives of your

Health passport has information about your health that belongs to you. You choose to write in it what you want a health professional to know about you. Examples could be how you want to be communicated with, or what gives you anxiety. Using this tool means you don’t have to repeat yourself all the time

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Global tourism shrank by 97% in April. Thousands of summer holidays are now up in the air, following a series of COVID-19 flare-ups around the world, with trips cancelled and travelers forced to quarantine when they return home. Now, a new Covid-19 health passport app promises to

The Health Passport is a booklet/patient-centered, internet-based in which people record the results of different medical tests and screening procedures they have undergone. The data in the Health Passport is not a person’s complete medical record, but it does contain information on patient demographics, doctor visits for which claims have been paid or denied, allergies,