Nessus v10 vulnerability assessment scanner is officially released on 2-Nov-2021. Tenable Makes the Power of Nessus v10.0 Portable with Raspberry Pi Tenable has released Nessus v10.0 and extended supported platforms to include Raspberry Pi, allowing penetration testers, consultants, security teams and students to deploy the power of Nessus v10.0 anywhere. The latest release makes vulnerability

The Internet of Things, What you need to understand?

Internet and other networks nowadays is based on IPv4 with 32-bit addresses, which limits the address space to 4,294,967,296 unique addresses. While the addresses were assigned to users, the unassigned addresses will naturally be decreased. On 3rd Feb 2011, the IPv4 address exhaustion has occurred while it had been delayed by address changes such as

Take Care in Handling the Results of Your Web Application Testing

What is the risk of Internet of Behaviour (IoB)? An article released by Gartner, in October 2020, stated that “IoB does have ethical and societal implications depending on the goals and outcomes of individual uses”. Therefore, while the IoB has been recognised its contribution especially in business and healthcare, its risk should not be disregarded.

Internet of behaviour (IoB) is an extension of Internet of things (IoT) where research companies combine the existing technologies to focus on behavourial psychology. While IoB opens a lot of opportunities in businesses and helps to monitor compliance with health protocol during the ongoing pandemic, it also opens door to cybercrime. Let’s understand the relation

The internet is inarguably an important tool in our life and the importance become immensed during the outbreak of COVID-19. People had to stay at home and keep distance from everyone. The border is closed and communication can only be done through one method, the internet of things (IoT). As a result, most organisation has


IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks or 6LoWPAN for short is originated from the concept that even the smallest devices should also have an access to the Internet Protocol. These smallest devices or low-power devices with limited processing capabilities should be able to participate in the Internet of Things as well. The 6LoWPAN group

Technological trends in online retail industry

Digital marketing refers to the modern marketing component that makes use of internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. As marketing and psychology go side by side in advertising for mass consumer behavior and industrial buyer behavior influence, the role

The internet continue to serve as a catalyst for productivity, it can also drastically affect the trends in behavior of people in a massive way, since we are now practically internet or online connected or living in the digital economy, where everyone is globally connected to some extent, with the smart watch, smart mobile, pc

The predicted Technology to support company resiliency will  grow into mainstream even after next normal. Internet of behavior (IOB) technology allowed businesses to respond and survive during new normal by combining IoT and IoB data to predict responses to online shopping advertisements or social media posts. For example, based on the user respond to the

The Internet of things (IoT), is the connecting of any electronic device to the Internet. We have smart homes where one can control just about everything electronic in the home from a mobile, computer, or tablet. The collection of usage and behavioral data by these IoT devices to give insights to users’ behaviors, interests, and

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected physical objects that gather and exchange information and data over the internet. The number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has doubled over the past five years and these things are everywhere with us today, from wearable technologies to remote access to electrical devices in

The interfaces are dissolving, and we’re finding new ways for technology to identify both us and features of our behavior. 5G’s impact will extend beyond faster data connection to enable new physical experiences, made possible by facial and body language recognition. This means we will soon become walking barcode in covid era and we need

The Rise of Smart Spaces is global phenomena, it keep rise in the global scale to improve personal and professional productivity, increase energy efficiency, simplify complex processes, and potentially make daily work life easier and less stressful for employee. World shifted toward digital economy and all sectors and industries is struggle to make their own

Edge Computing in IoT. What is edge computing in IoT? Edge computing allows data produced by internet of things (IoT) devices to be processed closer to where it is created instead of sending it across long routes to data centers or clouds. Edge computing is perfect for IoT for three reasons. Firstly because the data is

Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) In Automotive Industrial

Cognitive Predictive maintenance (CPdM) In Automotive is aiming to clearly identify vehicle maintenance issues before they occur. In line with the trend toward autonomous vehicle, by extracting data from repairs with vehicle sensor data, predictive data analytics can find some useful correlations that would be hard for humans to identify. Most 21st century “smart” cars

Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) in Transportation

Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) in Transportation is focusing on targeted servicing and monitoring. Against this background, transportation companies are looking for new and improved ways to reduce downtime and make the best possible use of available resources and also to reduce cost. Below is the reason why a Transport industrial need to use Cognitive Predictive

4 Ways Internet of Things (IoT) Applications Is Changing Retail Industry

4 ways Internet of Things (IoT) Applications is changing retail industry is a network of connected physical objects embedded with sensors. IoT allows these devices to communicate, analyze and share data about the physical world around us via networks and cloud-based software platforms. Internet of Things is the talk of the town over in construction,

The Benefits Of Smart Cities 2

While the definition of a smart city is still evolving, some things have become clear: Smart cities leverage information and communication technology to improve service levels, people’s prosperity, sustainability, and economic development. Smart city technology can make cities more effective and efficient, as required by the rapidly expected growth in urban populations over the next

The Benefits Of Smart Cities

While the definition of a smart city is still evolving, some things have become clear: Smart cities leverage information and communication technology to improve service levels, people’s prosperity, sustainability, and economic development. Smart city technology can make cities more effective and efficient, as required by the rapidly expected growth in urban populations over the next

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way industry work in many different ways, from customer interaction, to consumption of content. Digital transformation has become much more than just technology alone, it is now an essential part of any food and beverage that wants to be successful, over barriers to innovation, leverage those innovations to better

IoT Adoption In The Consumer Products Industry

The consumer products industry may well be the greatest beneficiary of  (IoT) Internet of Things. IoT  enabled digital transformation (DT) is changing the  industry’s methods . Also, certain regions of the world are moving forward with IoT faster than others. Adopting IoT can be very beneficial for consumer products companies across the world. It can