Business leaders continue to disappoint with the workplace report for the most industry and sector show the gap for digital skill. Lack of it for most of the existing employees or discovered during the new hire interview. The very fundamental for what employers want is productivity, or in layman terms get what is supposed to

Rebuilding the social contact in the COVID-19 great reset world with us is one of the angles worth exploring and it is really important for the next normal era. Some is use COVID-19 great reset to touching lot of the macro, micro and individual reset, and the focus on this post is on Rebuilding the

For those who can remain productive as knowledge workers, and capable to adapt to the changing workforce requirement, will remain as hired. While the rest who are not, continue to be unemployed, or eventually layoff due to structural change, and do not possess and are capable of delivering a new set of workforce needed skill,

Future of work is a big topic that can write tons of new ideas at different times as any technology and business world transformation occurs. We are now writing in the junction from the majority of the countries already reaching the milestone of giving their citizens 2 rounds of vaccine, and most of the restriction

Automation and Integration from now and beyond next normal, from on premise to cloud migration. This will be this post. Our human productivity from the began from standalone, then client/server and enter into web application, and recent year open for the mobile application installed into smartphone or tablet, all open up complete new productivity breakthrough,

Universities remain relevant in the digital age or not, it pops up from the employer mind, in particular for the new fresh graduate, they just simply do not possess what a modern workplace requires, even at a very entry position. Let face it, we all know lot of the university is living in their own

Are you ready for remote working after next normal, this is the questions not just those working class plan to get hire to be ask, and employer who intent to hire also in consider, since COVID-19 killed traditional workplace, disrupt the structure of how the traditional office and workplace how most of the people use

We now in the different stage of next normal, some in in the successful containment COVID-19 pandemic, some in the vaccine rollout. Regardless of which stages you are in, massive unemployment that did during the period, despite recovery will not fill back all the jobs, due to those jobs permanently cloud automated and completely eliminated or

Today is International Women’s Day IWD, this year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge , really it being called for and even after 46 years after equal pay act, gender pay gap remain. International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on 8 March around the world. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. At least

Paper planner is symbol of dated work practice? For the young generation where their entire life is grown up with the mobile phone, they do all their things via digital means, from mobile phone, tablet and laptop or desktop computer. The only generation most likely to adapt a pure digital solution for the lifestyle and

Smart Space in Next Normal

Smart Space, one of the modern workplace approaches to make sure for the modern knowledge worker office productivity, continues to be relevant despite right now under the next-normal. Since COVID-19 cure is being introduced, we can expect for the near future, most of the office workers need to go back to work from the office.