A Network Operations Center, or NOC, or modern known as NetOps, is the primary work space engineers utilize to monitor, manage and troubleshoot problems on a network. The Network Operations Center offers oversight of problems, configuration and change management, network security, performance and policy monitoring, reporting, quality assurance, scheduling, and documentation by utilizing sophisticated network

When more companies are using a certain approach, it is an evident that the approach is profitable or beneficial to organisation. In the recent years, there is rise in the number of adoption of Site reliability engineering (SRE) in companies as an added value to DevOps approach. SRE refers to the use of software engineering

How NOC Improve Data Center Availability

Network Operation Center (NOCs) is a central location where organizations support computer networks and telecommunications infrastructure, track and resolve IT infrastructure incidents, and ultimately ensure availability of data centers. Sometimes they are located in the data center, sometimes externally. They are usually connected to a high-speed internet connection or directly to the internet’s backbone to

Network Operation Center Best Practices

A Ticketing system The ticket system will allow you to keep track of all open, urgent issues and people assigned to handle each task. Knowing all the issues that are pending will help you prioritize transitional tasks and provide the best service to your customers. Knowledge-base system Keep a central resource for all the knowledge

What mean Network Operation Center(NOC) ?

Network Operation Center (NOC) is the central location from which network administrators manage, control and monitor one or more networks. The overall function is to maintain optimum network operation across multiple platforms, mediums and communication channels. The network operations center monitors the telecommunications network for certain alarms or conditions that may require special attention to