In conjunction with the E-SPIN Sdn Bhd, E-SPIN is pleased to organize an on demand special session of WhatsUp Gold Overview for Public Sector seminar event, that for Malaysia government agencies and public sector, which is applicable to other public sectors for similar context. The Seminar Event to be held in the coming Apr-13-2022 3

E-SPIN believes in the dynamic ecosystem that should continue to evolve and adapt for the changing world, so do the partner and emerging technologies that carry and represent, should reflect that. As the world transitions from third industrial revolution to fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0, we are aware that the established technology that dated

Background Information The Client is the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) of the nation, within Asia Pacific (APAC), responsible for implementation of government defence policy. Its principal objectives are to defend the nation and its interests and to strengthen international peace and stability. To ensure equip the nation military defence with the global Cyber warfare and

Background Information The Client is a national telecommunications company founded in 1984 within the Asia Pacific region. Beginning as the national telecommunications company for fixed line, radio and television broadcasting services, it has evolved to become the country’s largest provider of broadband services, data, fixed-line, mobile, pay television and network services. The Client represents one

WhatsUp Gold or well known as WUG is IT network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) , IT infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) domain solution that widely adopt for the various IT availability and performance monitoring, from infrastructure device, server, IT services, application performance to modern multi cloud, virtualized environment, wireless network, network traffic analysis (NTA) for link

Many business operations had been affected since the outbreak of COVID-19. Organisation has to embrace various methods and alternatives in order to sustain their businesses. The methods also include leveraging their assets and reducing cost. Predictive maintenance can be viewed as one of the way out as it offers benefits such as increase in return

By using the network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) tool you are preventing a lot of problems, not only this but also you are keeping the network performance healthy and operating as visibility it should be. Without using the NPMD tool you will be facing a lot of problems and you need to pay for

The world is keep changing, here the The Best NPMD Tools in 2021, to monitor network performance and to gain network visibility, you need tools to help you in monitoring. Monitoring tools not only help you in monitoring but also it saves your time and money. Here are 7 of the best Network Performance Monitoring

If you are wondering about what Network Performance Monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) solutions actually do, here is the answer. Any NPMD solution has a few essential functions. These functions are: discover, map, monitor, alert, and report. Each of them will be explained below, just keep reading.   Discover Always to be able to monitor network,

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Nowadays, technology is used by every enterprise, and the entire work relies on the internet, so if anything happens to the network, the whole work will be affected, regardless of whether it is single site, multi-site or global WAN network. Therefore, every business should use a Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) solution, regardless of

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For those who in the IT industry for over decade will know, the same field of business domain will not stay static, and it will keep incorporating latest technologies and practice, and evolve into new domain where usually new terms will be coined and used accordingly to try differentiate from the original domain. This post