Telco CSOC Grade Core and CPE Network Performance Monitoring Solution Enhancement. Context: Our client is a prominent national telecommunications company established in the Asia Pacific region in 1984. Initially focused on fixed-line, radio, and television broadcasting services, the company has since grown to become a leader in broadband, data, fixed-line, mobile, pay television, and network

Streamlining Network Management Complexity with E-SPIN NMS/OSS Integration Packages In the fast-evolving world of enterprise networks, organizations with expansive infrastructures or multiple Network Management Systems (NMS) face the daunting challenge of seamlessly connecting these systems. The goal is to consolidate alarm data efficiently, ensuring smooth integration of various components into a unified Operations Support System

Telecommunications Network Management System (TNMS) Integration and Custom Software Development Showcase. Background and Client Overview: Our esteemed client stands as a premier telecommunications service provider and operator, offering a wide spectrum of services including mobile, fixed-line, data, and internet solutions within their operational region. With their continuous expansion efforts and evolving infrastructure, the client recognized

Integration of Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Solutions In the realm of modern enterprise and IT service provision, the efficient monitoring and diagnostics of network performance (NPMD) is a crucial undertaking. Enterprises and IT service providers commonly rely on commercially available network performance monitoring diagnostic (NPMD) tools, as well as network performance management (NPM),

Background Information MINDEF, the Ministry of Defence of the nation (Malaysia), located in the Asia Pacific region, is responsible for executing government defense policy, with the main goals of protecting the country and its interests and enhancing global peace and stability. To upgrade the nation’s military defense against cyber warfare and provide top-grade vulnerability management,

Network Performance Monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) solutions are essential for organizations that rely on network infrastructure to function. These solutions help to monitor and maintain network performance, ensure network availability, and optimize network resources. The five basic functions of NPMD solutions are discover, map, monitor, alert, and report. Discover is the first and most crucial

From DevOps Shift Left Testing to DevSecOps Shift Left Security

In today’s digital age, effective communication is key to the success of any business. A reliable and robust telecommunications infrastructure is essential to ensure smooth and uninterrupted communication between employees, departments, and clients. However, designing and implementing such a system can be a daunting task for businesses. That’s where the Communications Cabling Design & Bid

E-SPIN believes in the dynamic ecosystem that should continue to evolve and adapt for the changing world, so do the partner and emerging technologies that carry and represent, should reflect that. As the world transitions from third industrial revolution to fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0, we are aware that the established technology that dated

A Network Operations Center, or NOC, or modern known as NetOps, is the primary work space engineers utilize to monitor, manage and troubleshoot problems on a network. The Network Operations Center offers oversight of problems, configuration and change management, network security, performance and policy monitoring, reporting, quality assurance, scheduling, and documentation by utilizing sophisticated network

As the world is transitioning to the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), with the help of emerging technologies, from artificial intelligence and robotics, factories have become smart factories, with the capability to micro precision production of small quantities of a variety of products and models to match the demand and supply report forecast. That helps to

In conjunction with the E-SPIN Sdn Bhd, E-SPIN is pleased to organize an on demand special session of WhatsUp Gold Overview for Public Sector seminar event, that for Malaysia government agencies and public sector, which is applicable to other public sectors for similar context. The Seminar Event to be held in the coming Apr-13-2022 3