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We are living in the rapid changing world. Where the world change at the speed of light, but existing solutions and product may not even had the right word and definition to sum them what yet. So, we grouping those global themes and trending topic in this section.



For incident to series of event that share the common theme across the globe.



Latest technology breakthrough that set the coming standards.



Changing in the industries practice that shaping the future world.



Special develop content based on changing practice.

World keep changing at the fast speed. Few years on the road, once upon a time a successful entrepreneur who discovered the need for rising need for dedicated web application security testing (AST) tool and differentiate it with generic network vulnerability scanner at that time create a new product genre never existed before. The first
TechQuilibrium (a portmanteau of technology and equilibrium) is a balance between tradition and transformation. Each organization has its own techquilibrium depending on its industry, geography, target demographics, history, business goals, etc. All the top executive management teams need to design a value proposition that drives the right mix of traditional and digital business. It can

Service Mesh: How Does It Work

Last article we already talked about the basic about service mesh. So now we’re going to discuss about Service Mesh: How Does It Work? A service mesh doesn’t have new functions or capabilities to an app’s run time environment. Apps in any design have always needed guidelines to specify how requests get from point A
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Today I driving and hear from the radio news broadcasting. One news caught my mind, it about a single world largest “money printing” and monopoly business that right now serving countries as customer and help for printing money it log for the potential bankruptcy to all investor if they current restructuring program is not working.
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What Is a Service Mesh?

Today we going to discuss about service mesh. What is a service mesh? Service mesh is a way to command how different parts of an application share data with one another. A service mesh is a committed infrastructure layer that built right into an app, unlike other systems that managing the communication. The apparent infrastructure
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Toward Customer Centricity Growth Together

We believe in open conversation with customers provide future insight what next market technology breakthrough will be a success, what challenges it brings in and what changes are required, across the region we did business. For those who are willing mobilising resources adapting to the changing customer and market landscape what really needed (instead of
The digital transformation (DX) approaching the global multi-operator distributed cloud is not superficial anymore. So today we going to talk about Distributed Cloud: Evolution Toward Global Multi-Operator. To be associate with the globally distributed cloud, the edge clouds that communication service providers (CSPs) grant at access and local sites must maintain a strict set of
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Distributed Cloud In Automotive Industry

Mobile networks like 4G and 5G are constructed to allow the fourth industrial revolution by giving high bandwidth and low-latency communication on the radio interface for both downlink and uplink data. Distributed cloud in automotive industry take advantage these features, allowing a distributed execution environment for application to assure performance, short latency, high reliability and
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