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We are living in the rapid changing world. Where the world change at the speed of light, but existing solutions and product may not even had the right word and definition to sum them what yet. So, we grouping those global themes and trending topic in this section.



For incident to series of event that share the common theme across the globe.



Latest technology breakthrough that set the coming standards.



Changing in the industries practice that shaping the future world.



Special develop content based on changing practice.

Business impact for the Wi-Fi 6 Adoption

Wi-Fi 6 is coming and starting to move toward a new mainstream, and we are eventually the time to say goodbye to Wi-Fi 5. In case you are not yet aware of the difference, see this summary. We are talking about faster Wi-Fi connectivity for almost everyone for all kinds of use cases, whether for
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Just as everyone expected, remote channel have gained wide acceptance. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, lockdowns and country border closed make physical, onsite channels practically impossible. While one door closes, another new door is opened, the remote channels – telephone and digital. Next Normal right now, we all get used to web meetings to get
13 Augmented Reality Technology Advantage
We are now living in a technology driving world. Each round of new disruptive innovation, technology enabling us to receive better products and services, always come to change the current market, like kill off existing market leaders and rise of new stars. Here we talk about the few that are likely to make the impact
Industry transformation is keep moving despite slow comparison with pre-COVID-19, but next normal is keep continuing. From the recent UN release foreign direct investment (GDI) we will notice which country gains the most. They have various variables to impact on GDI, slow down due to COVID-19 pandemic is just one of them. Others include planned
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Nation sustainability and future economy depends on the nation competitiveness to attract foreign investment by providing a legal, business friendly environment, offer a world class education system to provide graduates the future need, and ideally a local market (else, competitive enough for the export), politically stable and committed for professionals in the government. Like it
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No one will expect COVID-19 pandemic to spread globally and impact so long. Each round of the COVID-19 variant, we are forced to react from lockdowns to isolation with the interconnected world. Last year, the world talked about New Normal, then Next Normal, the world for post COVID-19 pandemic. How will it go? Despite vaccines from multiple countries invented
Shift left security is nothing new, we have extensively covered it two years and more back. We even have the established range of the world class, best of breed solution for the enterprise customer hassle free implementation to achieve modern DevSecOps. The topic today more on shift left security accelerated. All the enterprises in the
US Biden government is just hiring senior public sector professionals for the national cyber warfare unit leadership roles. It seems as the response for reacting to the recent major massive incident of Solarwinds being hacked, and using its software update to compromise a range of the customers that are being reported and under investigation right