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Networks were once the fences that protected businesses from external threats – a barrier only employees could access, fully controlled by the company. The upward push of smart workplace, telecommuting, virtual private networks and BYOD initiatives has modified all of it. Businesses are an increasing number of reliant on third-party applications and business partners, from

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Drone deliveries, mobile car parking assistance, keyless building access. They’re all possible now but how much is necessity and how much is pure hype? The truth is that offices need to be able to flex towards the future workforce. And that means making them smarter. But instead of implementing a building full of expensive gimmicks,

The Benefits of Integrated Intelligence in the Workplace

The total market size of smart workplace is expected to reach more than $43 billion by 2020 according to recent research by MarketsandMarkets. This growth in spending is designed to help companies improve efficiency, while also reducing overhead costs. Typically, IT spending has been reserved for maintaining legacy software systems and implementing cloud storage systems,

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Johnson Controls’ Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) business ‘Smart Workplace 2040 report’ claims that 25 years from now, work will be seen as something workers do, rather than a place to which they commute. Ways of working will be very different as a new generation of what it terms ‘workspace consumers’ choose their time and place

Future of Work Trends The Smart Workspace

Digital transformation solution for migrating your business to a more electronic, cloud-based, mobile-enabled and multi-device platform. It enables a company to be more agile and use technology to speed up business. Sogeti can help your employees do what they need to do, wherever they are. This means the workplace becomes where the people are, not

Smart Workplace Can Be Considered As A Service

The principle guiding today’s business success is survival of the fastest, as rapid digital transformation drives you to innovate and be agile enough to enable new services quickly. Work has changed drastically, happening at all hours of the day, and organizations now see the value of a work environment that is results driven, allowing employees