Top Five Applications and Services SDN Support

1.Security Services. The modern virtualization ecosystem supports specific virtual services running within the network layer. This means incorporating functions like NFV into SDN platforms. This type of network security creates a truly proactive environment capable of reducing risk and responding to incidents much more quickly. When a breach occurs, every second is critical in stopping

Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Product Overview by E-SPIN

As the security stack becomes more complex at the edge of the network, it’s no wonder that network architects and security professionals are looking for new ways to approach network protection. When data breach volumes started to spike in 2013, it seemed like SDN was going to be the answer. Software-defined networking didn’t revolutionize network

Software Design Network: The future of business

The emergence of SDN over the last few years has undoubtedly changed the way we operate in the wholesale space but telecommunications as a whole. While cost effective and non- labour intensive, it is the greater flexibility and agility of SDN, which has enabled increased innovation and the ability to respond quickly to customers’ needs.

10 SDN Startups On The Cutting Edge

Small companies flush with VC money have led the way in software defined networking. Here are 10 of the hottest startups in the SDN space. 1.Big Switch Networks Big Switch, one of the first SDN startups in the market and probably the most well-known, was founded with the goal of commercializing OpenFlow. The company shifted

The benefits of software defined network

SDN is a journey, and it will take time to get there. Companies need a transition period to introduce or extend network virtualization and automation into data center infrastructure. They may need to nurture in-house skill sets and tune operations in other ways to ready themselves for SDN and the digital transformation that underlies it.