How Big Banks are Innovating With Fintech

Like it or not,  emerging of blockchain and machine learning (ML) to big data and artificial intelligence (AI), making each players in the industry for adapting fintech innovation is a must or you are require to get ready to outperform by your competitor, in the global scales basis. For those who are able and those

Top 5 Trends in The Electronic Industry

1. Datafication of our society and rise of big data and business intelligence Like it or not, everything we did in each day, from connect to facebook, WhatsApp, buying coffee, tapping in instagram, email and website search nd browse, what we saw from youtube and other video website, all leaves a trail of data behind.

Digital Transformation (DT) is no more a new word use to describe for the changes and challenges for the enterprise encounter and require to overcome and adapt for continue to be relevant in the modern and future market enterprise. Regardless of sector or industry, whether it is government or multinational corporation, the modern technology advancement

Nowadays, technology brings more ideas and innovations for our industry development. Our hospitality industry was dominated by AirBnB while Uber and Grab dominated the transport companies. Same goes happen to food industry, technology gives big impact on it and help them to develop. Many of developing restaurants are aware of this benefit into food business

AI take over IT job

Artificial intelligence (AI) has large potential to contribute to global economic activity. In particular for automating previous human intensive activity and result in less Human Resources required for certain job function and area. The role of artificial intelligence (AI) as tools or part of digital transformation (DT) strategy use in business had the huge impact.

5 Times Virtual Digital Assistants Lead with Customers

By definition, Virtual Digital Assistants (VDAs) are automated digital systems that assist the human user through understanding natural language in written or spoken form. It represents the intersection of speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and artificial intelligence (AI). A virtual assistant provides customers with a more personalized experience by creating a casual, conversational channel for customers

AI And Chatbots Transforming The Customer Experience

Here are four ways AI and chatbots are creating a major impact in the customer service and customer experience world: 1. The chatbot never sleeps: Customer service is all about convenience, which includes 24/7 customer support. A cost-efficient, yet powerful way to provide basic support is through the never-sleeping chatbot. Devine shared an excellent example

The history of technological development is littered with examples of various formats fighting it out for market dominance. At times, these format wars will dictate what we refer to the new invention as. When purchasing a high-density optical disc we tend to ask for a Blu-ray for example. As artificial intelligence moves out of its

10 Benefits to Using a Virtual Assistant, 5 Benefits GDPR Compliance Will Bring To Your Business

The rise of virtual customer assistants has been rapid, of that, there is no doubt, and as with any new technology, there have been mixed opinions about its effectiveness. Nonetheless, despite some shortcomings in the initial versions of these solutions, it is already clear that virtual customer assistants have enormous potential in regard to enhancing

What Is a Virtual Customer Assistant?

We’ve researched the methods companies use to measure self-service, uncovered some lesser known ways to improve it and shown how important it is in determining customer experience, especially for mobile customers. A virtual customer assistant is a computer program that assists customers. The fact that it’s a computer program, at least partially filling the role of a live agent, is what