Following our partnership announcement with SecHard, we are delighted to release a video announcement to further elaborate SecHard as one of the option in delivering a complete Zero Trust Solution. This E-SPIN answer to SecHard Interview video is conducted to fulfil and show our dedication as an active partner of SecHard in supplying the product

Introduce of Zero Trust Architecture for IT Security

Perimeter based approach to network and security is widely adopted until the world shift toward perimeterless security, or this few year know as zero trust, or technically known as zero trust architecture (NTA) or zero trust network architecture (NTNA), as the main stream to design and implementation of modern IT systems. The take of “never

Exclusive Interview by Diyanah Ali Recently entering partnership with SecHard, E-SPIN is spreading its wings and ready to provide customers with better services. Thus, we are more than proud to bring you our exclusive interview with Serkan Akcan-CEO of SecHard. 1. Briefly introduce SecHard. What is the background history of the formation of the company?

Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, China – May 21, 2022 E-SPIN a cybersecurity, IT infrastructure management solution company entered into a partnership with SecHard, a manufacturer of Zero Trust Solution.   Hong Kong – Macau – China, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta – Indonesia, Bangkok – Thailand,

What is SecHard? SecHard is a multi-module software which combines security hardening, asset manager, risk manager, vulnerability manager, performance monitor and much more for delivering complete zero trust architecture. With SecHard, users are able to implement zero trust architecture and also enable compliance with Executive Office of Presidential memorandum, NIST SP 800-207 and Gartner Adaptive

Network security vs network performance monitor

Zero Trust Security is the new norm. More and more organisations are beginning to adopt Zero Trust security as their IT network security practice. Significantly, with promising outcomes in reducing risk and improving compliance, Zero Trust security is proven among the effective cybersecurity strategy we had today. Often, when adopting a new technology, there are

Step-by-Step Guide to Secure Software Development 2

The recent years witness the increase in the number of organisations embarking cloud migration as one of their business continuity initiatives. Evidently, with cloud migration, organisations gain limitless opportunities for business growth. While embracing cloud environment is beneficial to organisations, it also lead to cybersecurity issues. With every crucial and sensitive data (IT digital assets,

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – Trend, Challenges and Solutions

Zero Trust Security had begun to replace the use of Virtual private networks (VPNs) in controlling users and devices access to network. Ideally, with VPN, being based on the traditional IT network security or often known as the castle-and-moat model, the shift to Zero Trust Security is essential. The shift results in better security where

Zero Trust Security had become the most efficient model of security strategy in IT network security. Zero Trust Security is an IT security model that carries the slogan “Never trust, always verify”, which in elaboration, it is a model that request for strict identity verification to every individual and device attempting to access resources on

Web Application Security Assessment (WASA) as a Service Product Overview by E-SPIN

One of the main significance of the innovations of technology has always been for the improvement and betterment of human life. Technology had also helped us in surviving the Covid-19 crisis. From the introduction of applications that allow us to regulates keep in compliance with pandemic SOP to providing opportunity in tackling business crisis such

5 Steps To Implement Building Zero Trust Strategy

Many companies are moving to the cloud and, green field environments. Here are 5 steps to implement building Zero Trust strategy that dramatically improves your organization’s security posture: Verify trust upon access to any network resource and do it in real-time. Include assets that are ignored today. Be sure to focus on legacy systems, tools

Lists of Major Myths in Zero Trust Architecture

Zero trust architecture is focused on what the business needs and to be functionally in organization systems by implementing network-centric date security that provides access to the only person who needs it. In a legacy network, organizations have little to no visibility or control regarding network and data usage, but with a Zero Trust Architecture,

Introduce of Zero Trust Architecture for IT Security

The organization that need to reliably prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data and want to improve their system to defend again modern cyber threats can consider a Zero Trust architecture. This Zero Trust is introduced by analyst firm Forrester Research that alternative architecture for IT security. So Zero Trust, Zero Trust Network or Zero Trust

Benefits of Zero Trust for Business and Security

The organization today operates differently a few years ago. Organizations are increasingly turning away from solutions that secure the perimeter and then trust everything inside and are instead moving to a zero trust security model to protect sensitive resources and data. Under the assumption that a Zero Trust solution dynamically and continually assesses trust every