How We Hire

E-SPIN publish job advertisement with job requirement and person specification.

Applicant submit resume

Applicant submit resume for job advertised.

E-SPIN review for match

E-SPIN resume review and phone screening to found the match applicant with job advertised.

Shortlisted for job interview

Shortlisted for those qualified applicant for job interview session.

Job Interview for confirmation

Interviewer will clarify and attempt to found match evidence during interview, communication, behaivor and what if response.

Job offer and acceptance

Interviewer make offer for the applicant willing to undertaking the offer.

Job placement and orientation

Hired applicant go thru job placement and on the job orientation program.

Job Requirements and Person Matching

E-SPIN first perform manpower planning and job analysis. Then we work out the job requirements and person specification for the job advertisement. From the applicant pool resume received, we review them for the match, and perform phone screening if necessary, just to make sure all the detailed and area require clarification being covered and note into each applicant file.

For shortlisted applicant will be invite for the job interview session. Interviewer will attempt to found evidence for the person specification match the job requirements, applicant past work history, academic qualification, last job achievement, reason for the job changes, communication, behavior and handle of the what-if questions. Interviewer will provide the company overview, job requirement and person specification and answer for any questions applicant may rise during the interview session.

For applicant come back and can make commitment on the job requirements, will be provide the job offer as per interviewer recommendation. For applicant can accept the job offer, will follow up with placement and on the job orientation training program to make sure applicant landing on the job smoothly for performance building toward capable to make contribution to the company business.

Different job types had different hiring criteria

E-SPIN had different hiring criteria for different job types. In general four job types Experienced Hire, Student / Intern, Recent College Graduate and Management/Executive hiring.

Experienced Hire will look for the key result area (KRA) the person can be deliver, it is result oriented hiring expected had value added or contribution make, the past job achievement and competency demonstrate, in particular for the same line of business or similar result can be carry forward.

Student / Interns is open for internship position only. Applicant require to demonstrate for the academic study relate to the internship post. It is also company way for give away opportunity for the student intern to learn by doing and acquired the industry experience.

Recent College Graduate is target for management trainee with 2 years general exposure and on the job learn by doing program. Under senior officer guidance for the performance coach and productivity output and key result area (KRA) activities delivered.

Management/executive hiring is for category of the job open for management and executive officer position. Top management officer and board of directors officer will personally involved in the staffing process, from interview, selection, hiring.

Together everyone achieve more (TEAM)

E-SPIN in the spiral growth due to word of mouth recommendations and continuous support from our partners and customers. We are in the business of customer services, to deliver exception and world class customer services in return for business.

We hire for the employee with the heart and soul (beside the mind) and do care for the customer. Passion in making and delivering services that will change our customer lives in the positive way. Under the world that keep changing and breakthrough by disrupting past practice, we look for employee capable to adapt for the changing world, with the open mind and possess creativity and innovation, and willing to teamwork with other employee together to perform miracle works each days for our valuable customers and partners.