The Blockchain considered as new web 3.0?

The blockchain gives internet users the ability to create value and authenticates digital information. What will new business applications result? This article will discuss how the blockchain considered as new web 3.0? Smart contracts Distributed ledgers enable the coding of simple contracts that will execute when specified conditions are met. Ethereum is an open source

Paper and Forest products industry in the digital age

Digitalization and Digital Economy has not spelled the end of paper and forest products, but it do require the future mind leaders think out-of-the-box differently and adapt digital transformation for their business model. Paper and forest products such as physical printed book are not going away in the digital economy, fuel by smartphone, tablet and

Big data analytic can improve insurance claims processing

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. Here are six ways where big data analytics can improve insurance claims processing: 1. Fraud One out of 10 insurance claims is fraudulent. Most fraud solutions on

AI take over IT job

AI take over massive of IT job that in the past manual and brain work intensive work such as data entry, manipulate data, compile report and reactive, passive job that waiting for service request and then react, and off course majority of repeated work. From the news headline this year along, we saw Microsoft, Oracle,

Benefits of Big Data for Banking Industry

What exactly is Big Data and Benefits of Big Data for Banking Industry? Big data was born out of the necessity of data sets growing so large and complex that traditional tools are no longer sufficient to process this data. By aggregating large amounts of data from many different sources makes big data very powerful for

Industry Telecommunications

Big Data Challenges for Telecommunications Provider 1) Volume With the advent of LTE/4G mobile networks, the volume of operational data generated with every call or session is increasing tenfold. The expanded use of GPS, location-based services, and social media is adding to the torrent of data. Finally, the advent of IPv6 will create as many

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) deliver real value for companies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) application into business is nothing new, but we reach the age no more interest on early adoption and research & development (R&D). We as companies interest on how it deliver true value by invest in it, whether in the form of automation (industrial, internet, online, application) or accelerate the business workflow to

AI-enabled technologies could help museums survive the digital age and the future to come

AI-enabled technologies could help museums survive the digital age and the future to come Can you recall when is your last time recent a museum? By definition, museums should store and display objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural significance. Want to see dinosaur skeletons, medical oddities, Civil War weapons, or Renoir masterpieces? There’s a

Mobile application replacing bank branches

Mobile application replacing bank branches and young generation prefer apps The need for more bank branches and cash to serve more bank customer generation is gone. As young generation prefer mobile application and internet for digital and ebanking. Mobile banking app globally rise as banker recognised the mega trend and young generation bank customer prefer

Trend toward Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) Market Endpoint Protection Market evolving to Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) Market From the recent Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms 2017, we notice that EPP market listing criteria rise again and now required vendor to demonstrate even more capability beyond their previous core technology offering. The current standard for

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How Do Driver less Cars can Work?

Even though they’re barely on the road, self-driving cars have been talked about so much that they already seem like they’re last year’s model. Google has been working on one for years. Apple is allegedly, possibly, working on one, too. And there’s even speculation that everyone from Uber to Tesla could join the race, too.
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Autonomous Car : Perception,Localization,Mapping
To perfect self-driving cars, companies in the AV space are now working on different approaches, focused on perception, mapping, and localization. Perception. The goal—to achieve reliable levels of perception with the smallest number of test and validation miles needed. Two approaches are vying to win this race. Radar, sonar, and cameras. To perceive vehicles and
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What does Autonomous Car mean?

What does Autonomous Car mean?

An autonomous car is a vehicle that can guide itself without human conduction. This kind of vehicle has become a concrete reality and may pave the way for future systems where computers take over the art of driving. An autonomous car is also known as a driverless car, robot car, self-driving car or autonomous vehicle.
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Cognitive Computing Use Cases Within Healthcare
There are a number publicized use cases in the UK already. For example, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and a leading healthcare charity are seeing the first implementation of cognitive computing. Both projects are at a relatively early stage with live users working with the systems. For Alder Hey the initial work is focused on improving children’s experience
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Veracode Software Composition Analysis SCA Product Overview by E-SPIN
Quantum technology is set to revolutionize the way we think about health care, medical data, and even our own biology. Why does quantum technology hold so much promise for health care? In part, it’s because many cell processes take place at the nanoscale–the world of atoms and subatomic particles. When you get down to the
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Government
The Advantages of Electronic-Government The ultimate goal of the e-government is to be able to offer an increased portfolio of public services to citizens in an efficient and cost effective manner. It allows for government transparency because it allows the public to be informed about what the government is working on as well as the
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E-government can be good for business

E-government can be good for business

Many developing countries face significant challenges associated with collecting taxes and tendering public contracts. High tax compliance costs due to cumbersome regulations and harassment by tax officials deter investment, encourage tax evasion, and undermine economic growth. The public procurement of goods and services is often rife with collusive practices and corruption, resulting in the misallocation
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E-SPIN VMware Content Collaboration Bundle Product Overview

E-Government Key Security Challenges

In the following, the key security challenges facing operation of cross-border eGovernment systems are described. Network security With eGovernment the need for security in communication networks is increasing and resilience against network attacks (access, modification, denial of service) is of pivotal importance. Threats to network security (cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, Advanced Persistent Threats, blended threats
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Barriers of E-Government Implementation

Barriers of E-Government Implementation

There are several challenges that can delay progress towards realizing the promise of e-government. The variety and complexity of e-government initiatives implies the existence of a wide range of challenges and barriers to its implementation and management. This section, will briefly introduce the most important and common challenges and barriers as follows. ICT Infrastructure The
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Importance of Mobile Device Forensics
5G technology is the next step in the development of mobile communication. 5G will not only provide voice and data communication but also provide capabilities for new technologies such as Internet of Things. 5G is no longer confined to provide faster mobile services for voice and data communication but instead it will serve vertical industries,
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