Internet of Thing (IoT) Impact To Oil & Gas Industry

Transform Oil & Gas include how Internet of Things (IoT) enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability. This technological advancement allows for real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data-driven decision-making, significantly impacting the industry’s landscape. Enhancing Operational Efficiency The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to drastically improve the operational efficiency of the oil and gas industry.

What is Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)?

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a system used for remote monitoring and control in various industrial processes. These processes can range from manufacturing, energy generation, and distribution, to water treatment and transportation systems. SCADA systems are essential for managing large-scale industrial operations efficiently and safely. Here’s a detailed overview of SCADA: Key Components

Technology Can Be Change Oil & Gas Industry

Electric vehicle (EV) transformation and how the oil sector reacts, the topic focuses on these two inter related areas. EV megatrend is accelerated, just saw how the EV producers their stock market price skyrocket, and huge order being booked with 10k order recently made. EV is nothing new, it has always been someone who keeps

Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) in Oil and Gas Industrial

The oil and gas sector is a complex industry with challenging demands. Along with the fact that professionals and installations are operating in remote and hostile environments, it is becoming more and more expensive and difficult to extract energy. Business owners have been forced to look for opportunities to maximize investments, lower costs and mitigate

How IoT Can Give Impact to Chemical Industry

If chemical companies want to remain competitive in a changing world, they need to use innovative technology quickly to perform digital transformation. Combining IoT – especially combining IoT with machine learning – can move the chemical industry forward to work more efficiently and produce better results. Below is how IoT can give impact to chemical

Technology Can Be Change Oil & Gas Industry

Gas and oil – our world depends on them, but they are limited resources. They will run out one day, and consequently may be a disaster. It’s been a concern for the future, of course, but oil and gas companies around the world are looking for a more efficient way of finding their fuel. And,

What is Industrial Control System (ICS)?

The Industrial Control System (ICS) is a general term used to describe hardware and software integrations with network connections to support critical infrastructure. ICS technologies include, but are not limited to, control and data acquisition controls (SCADA) and distributed control systems (DCSs), automated systems and control systems (IACSs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable automation controls

PRTG System Requirements

The understanding Industrial Control System(ICS) basic term is used for any distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC), supervision and data acquisition (SCADA) or automation systems used in industrial environments critical infrastructure. ICS security is designed to protect the system from any interruption whether intentionally or unintentionally, which may lead to undesirable ICS operations.

What is Distributed control system (DCS)?

The distributed control system (DCS) is a specially designed automated control system consisting of geographical control elements distributed in the plant or control area. It differs from a centralized control system where a central controller controls the control function, but in DCS each element or process machine or machine group is controlled by a specific

Industrial Control System (ICS)/SCADA Availability and Security Solution Overview by E-SPIN

Industrial Control System (ICS)/SCADA System is widely adopted in manufacturing, energy and utilities, chemical and petroleum industries for mission critical industrial automation. For quick key term definition. Operational Technology (OT) refers to computing systems that are used to manage industrial operations as opposed to administrative operations. Operational systems include production line management, mining operations control,