11 Amazing Uses of Virtual Reality

The era of digital innovation has given rise to a vast technological breakthroughs that aim to enhance user experience. From 3D glasses to virtual reality headsets, businesses have been consistently exploring novel avenues to provide their customers with the best possible experience. Among these emerging technologies, digital smell has emerged as a significant area of

Digital Transformation in Camera Market

Digital camera sales have dropped 84% since 2010. Apple introduced the iPhone, the first smartphone during 2007. Over the years, separate cameras have become unnecessary, in particular modern smartphones come with multiple built in lenses. The very last camera market attempted to differentiate them away from the smartphone. For the camera market, the next big

Media and Entertainment Industry For Business

Once upon a time, the camera industry kept compound growth, from analog to digital, but the growth stopped and started reversing since typical smartphones replaced point and shoot cameras, then pro consumer on the DSLR and mirrorless. The key lesson from the current smartphone users is to capture photo and video and then share it,

​​Fake shopping apps to steal user banking credentials are rising, as threat actors continue to be creative and attempt to expose the various hacking possibilities. As more and more consumers will install a one-stop mobile shopping app in their mobile phone, then it matters how you distribute fake shopping apps to steal user data include

Paper and Forest products industry in the digital age

As expected, paper and forest products continue to decline due to digitalization, as the world transit toward fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0. Global consumers continue to adapt digitization and digital lifestyle and equivalent digital products, from physical journaling to digital journaling (where in the first place no paper is needed, together with stationary consumption).

E-SPIN Unified Vulnerability Management (UVM) Explained

Since Tom Peter and Robert Waterman written and published In Search of Excellence in 1982. Those large firms with dominant positions in markets that were senescent or static in the past. Then the wave for Good to Great, and now in 2019, after globalisation, internet, digital economy and current digital transformation era. Market size alone

Digital Transformation in Camera Market

Everyone is being aware the dead of DSLR is near, but the future of photography is not mirrorless. Smartphone being kill off digital point-and-shoot camera, it will continue replaced the rest of camera market and segment. If you being saw what is going on in the open eye and mind, you will see decline of

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way industry work in many different ways, from customer interaction, to consumption of content. Digital transformation has become much more than just technology alone, it is now an essential part of any food and beverage that wants to be successful, over barriers to innovation, leverage those innovations to better

IoT Adoption In The Consumer Products Industry

The consumer products industry may well be the greatest beneficiary of  (IoT) Internet of Things. IoT  enabled digital transformation (DT) is changing the  industry’s methods . Also, certain regions of the world are moving forward with IoT faster than others. Adopting IoT can be very beneficial for consumer products companies across the world. It can

Top 5 Challenges in the Consumer Products Industry

The consumer products industry is consists of organizations that manufacture products that are used by the consumer.For our purposes, it can be described as enveloping practically every item an individual can purchase, especially in the areas of toiletries and cosmetics, appliances, electronics, food and beverage, and other generic household items. Companies operating in this industry face

Depend on which part of the world and how advance the economy in specific, the extent for the e retailing is eating away majority of physical retail space, across range of category of product. For instance, giant size mega book store that offering any category of book occupied multiple retail floor space is out of

The Internet of Things, What you need to understand?

The Internet of Things, What you need to understand? The Internet of Things, What you need to understand? IoT is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to connect and exchange data.Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its