The future influences the present just as much as the past. This quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher, is undeniably true. We are the ones who determine the future. In other words, our actions may significantly affect the future, for better or for worse. The adoption of technology is crucial, but the lack of

Digital Transformation in Camera Market

Digital camera sales have dropped 84% since 2010. Apple introduced the iPhone, the first smartphone during 2007. Over the years, separate cameras have become unnecessary, in particular modern smartphones come with multiple built in lenses. The very last camera market attempted to differentiate them away from the smartphone. For the camera market, the next big

Media and Entertainment Industry For Business

Once upon a time, the camera industry kept compound growth, from analog to digital, but the growth stopped and started reversing since typical smartphones replaced point and shoot cameras, then pro consumer on the DSLR and mirrorless. The key lesson from the current smartphone users is to capture photo and video and then share it,

In the most recent event, we witnessed a big commotion due to temporary services shut down on several social media platform. Also, the hype for the new release of certain smartphone where people wait in line to get their hand on the new model. As extreme as it was, it is no longer an argument

Welcome to the new age of Universal Memory hardware generation, if you have followed the technology trends since 1980 you will notice that the memory architecture seldom changes and finally the DRAM will be replaced by Universal Memory, unless they have better cost-performance breakthroughs. Instead of having so many types of memory, for CPU, for

E-SPIN Unified Vulnerability Management (UVM) Explained

Since Tom Peter and Robert Waterman written and published In Search of Excellence in 1982. Those large firms with dominant positions in markets that were senescent or static in the past. Then the wave for Good to Great, and now in 2019, after globalisation, internet, digital economy and current digital transformation era. Market size alone

To meet the growing demand using electronic equipment, domestic and foreign firms have actively invested in building many factories and production workshops to supply electronic components to foreign businesses in the electronics industry. This brings many benefits to the development of the domestic electronics industry, as well as creating conditions for attracting foreign companies to

Difference Between Electronic Health Record with Paper Record

While many agree that, as a whole, (electronic health record) EHR offers more benefits than paper health records, EHR is not without their weaknesses. Here are some key differences between paper and electronic records: Time Some providers have reported that EHR has saved it anywhere from 10 to 20 hours a week in documentation, giving

Benefits Of Electronic Healthcare Record

In a world around digital information, an electronic health record is a natural extension of what we expect in our lives, digital transformation from paper based health record to digital record. However, easy access to data is just the most basic benefits of eHR technology. Professionals in clinical information disciplines – especially those earning their

What is the Electronics Sector ?

What is the Electronics Sector ? The electronics sector produces electronic equipment for consumer electronics and industrial products, such as mobile devices, televisions and circuit boards. Industries in the field of electronics include telecommunications, equipment, electronic components, industrial electronics and consumer electronics. Electronic companies can produce electrical appliances, manufacture electrical components and sell merchandise in

4 Trends in the Electronics Industry

Virtual Reality in Electronic Manufacturing Virtual reality technology is being adopted by electronics manufacturing companies to improve manufacturing efficiency. This technology in the electronic manufacturing industry is often referred to as digital design, simulation, and integration. Virtual reality technology allows companies to inspect design objects at all possible scales, thereby eliminating defects in products at

Top 5 Trends in The Electronic Industry

Since the time of “electronic revolution” hit the telecommunications industry, competition in the field has been increasing rapidly leading to irrational investment and innovation, helping to foster the digital economy. The digital economy supports the development of electronic equipment such as smartphones, watches, TVs, refrigerators, security systems, and of course, eco-friendly electric vehicles. In addition

The Internet of Things, What you need to understand?

The Internet of Things, What you need to understand? The Internet of Things, What you need to understand? IoT is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to connect and exchange data.Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its