The gaming industry has come a long way since its inception, with advancements in technology and the introduction of various innovations to make the gaming experience more immersive and engaging. From improved graphics and visuals to virtual reality headsets, the gaming industry has always been at the forefront of technology. However, the latest innovation that

Mobile Device Security and Challenges

The future of video entertainment is under the strong pressure to shift toward digital-first platforms away from the respective media and broadcasting companies, who used to monopolize media and entertainment since the film, television era, and continue to do so on the LD, VCD and DVD, BD. But as streamlining becomes the mass choice, it

Recent research and findings, may not surprise everyone. Where print media is under the sunset and keeps declining for a very long period of time. Printed newspapers and magazines, or we use printed media to cover all, is less attractive for Gen Z. They expect to get anything by internet search, including getting news updates

Top 4 Digital Technologies trends in Retail Industry

Digital human, an AI-driven innovation that is widely used in media and entertainment industry has now beginning to gain attention from the world as its approach shows significant potentials in accelerating growth in organisation. Undeniably, the era of digital human has arrived as the application of digital human started to expand across industries. How does

The media and entertainment industry had long applies advanced technology in providing wholesome and realistic experiences to their audience. Multiple times, we encounter various movies with actors reacting with their older self or younger self in certain scene. This experience will either leave us in awe or the assumption that everything was made possible through

No need to poll from very far, we are just using 2020 Jan to 2022 Mar figure, worldwide as aggregated data. Just like everyone expected, Samsung 29.1%, Apple 26.96%, followed by Xiaomi 9.93%. Actually the figure you can see two ways, one is by platform, it is much easier for you to understand what I

With the recent round of stock market value fall, Netflix reported a decline in streaming subscription members, it makes everyone wonder whether The age of Netflix and effect is gone? The company well known for providing good entertaining content is facing decline in subscribers, in current market competition. More and more global companies are entering

Paper and Forest products industry in the digital age

As expected, paper and forest products continue to decline due to digitalization, as the world transit toward fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0. Global consumers continue to adapt digitization and digital lifestyle and equivalent digital products, from physical journaling to digital journaling (where in the first place no paper is needed, together with stationary consumption).

Whether we are prepared or not, we are now entering the fifth industrial revolution or Industry 5.0, an evolve industrial environment where people work with smart machines. Smart machine refers to devices that are embedded with cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). In the recent years, generative AI is among

The media industry had long predicted the death of broadcast TV, due to challenges for both subscriber fees and advertising revenue. Just in the last few years, almost all the giant corporations run their very own media channel, from Disney, from Apple just name it. As everyone is chasing to become the second Netflix and

Collectible NFTs are important for the future gaming industry, if you just think it is for proof of ownership, masterpiece of digital art collection, then you may not see it can be used widely yet. For the visionary gaming producer have see how collectible NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens can help to make money from

Media and Entertainment Industry For Business

Media and entertainment industries are the broadest umbrella term for any business or company involved in areas such as live entertainment, broadcasting, film entertainment, journalism. While most of us associate this industry with pure relaxation – watching movies after work, for example, or relaxing in front of television over the weekend – businesses rely heavily on

Trends in the Media and Entertainment Industry 2

There are times when ordinary people sit around the campfire and spend quality time with each other. Time change, developing people and advanced technology. Then, there are a large number of campfire than people sitting in their living room around the entertainment known as – television. Technology is becoming more advanced and now, people are

There are times when ordinary people sit around the campfire and spend quality time with each other. Time change, developing people and advanced technology. Then, there are a large number of campfire than people sitting in their living room around the entertainment known as – television. Technology is becoming more advanced and now, people are

Media and Entertainment Overview In Era Technology

Media and entertainment industries comprise movies, prints, radios, and televisions. This segment includes movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books. The radio and television broadcasting industry consists of two types of companies. There is a public service broadcaster, where funding is through public money, and commercial broadcasters, which are funded through

Depend on which part of the world and how advance the economy in specific, the extent for the e retailing is eating away majority of physical retail space, across range of category of product. For instance, giant size mega book store that offering any category of book occupied multiple retail floor space is out of

Since the revolutionary introduction of the iPhone to the market back in June 2007, smartphones have evolved into much more than mere communication devices. They have become synonymous with flat displays, offering a multi-touch experience that combines a multitude of functions into one sleek package. These multifaceted devices now seamlessly integrate the internet, high-quality cameras,
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Impact of Cryptocurrency to Financial Industry
The JPEX crypto “fraud” incident that unfolded in Hong Kong has reverberated across the global financial landscape, prompting a critical reassessment of the necessity for tighter regulations within the cryptocurrency sphere. The saga began when a barrage of complaints flooded in concerning an unregistered crypto exchange platform, JPEX. As the public outcry intensified and the
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Retina CS Technical Overview by E-SPIN, Main aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation
In the business landscape, disruptions can come from various sources, some controllable (such as data loss or power failure) and others inevitable (such as natural disasters). With every industry becoming increasingly competitive, businesses need to maintain continuous operations even in times of disaster. Over time, it has become evident that the traditional disaster recovery approach
VanDyke VShell Product Overview by E-SPIN
Today, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) had increase in popularity as a solution by organisation to ensure the reliability of their organisations in responding to unplanned events that can disrupt operational processes and efficiencies. DRaaS is an offering that enables disaster recovery through the cloud, in other words, a cloud-based disaster recovery. The adoption
The as-a-service (AAS) is evolving. AAS is an offering, a business model that provides access to various resources, tools, or services over the internet, typically on a subscription basis, enabling organisations to streamline their operations, reduce upfront costs, and stay agile in a rapidly changing digital landscape. This approach has revolutionized industries by shifting from
Impact of Cryptocurrency to Financial Industry
Financial Technology (Fintech) in Digital Trust include mobile banking redefine convenience and accessibility, cryptocurrency and challenges. The world of finance is undergoing a digital transformation driven by fintech innovations, including mobile banking and cryptocurrency. These technologies have the potential to reshape the financial services industry, offering convenience, accessibility, and efficiency. However, they also raise important
Disaster recovery is a useful strategy needed by every organisation to address disasters that can disrupt business operations, including power outages, equipment failures, cyberattacks, and data loss due to natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. As data increases in importance in organisations, disaster recovery is becoming more complex and essential than ever. The traditional
third party security, 5 Steps to Manage Third-Party Security Risks
In this digital era, data is the lifeline of every business, making it crucial for disaster recovery solutions. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) rises as a transformative approach to safeguarding data, applications, and IT infrastructure against unexpected disruptions. This post discusses into the fundamentals of DRaaS, highlighting its significance in ensuring uninterrupted business operations
The rise of IoT, digital transformation, and cloud migration has ushered in an era where individuals and organizations rely on the internet more extensively than ever before. While these advancements have brought numerous benefits, they have also led to the evolution of cyber attack avenues, providing malicious actors with new opportunities. Consequently, adaptive security has
Cloud computing has become fundamental to modern IT infrastructure as a strategy for redundancy and scalability. However, the shift to the cloud has led to new security challenges that need to be addressed. Adaptive security, with its dynamic and responsive approach, is an empowering implementation for addressing these challenges. This post discusses best practices associated
In the modern world, organizations and institutions, regardless of their size or location, face a new reality: the digital realm, where physical borders cease to exist. Thanks to the internet and cyberspace, the barriers that once confined nations and their governance systems are now just a browser click away from being traversed. This transformative shift
In this digital era, the cybersecurity landscape is dynamic, making the challenges of safeguarding against cyberattacks more critical. A lack of awareness regarding security practices can expose an organization to multiple risks. This is evidenced today through the news, where the impacts of cyberattacks on organizations are highlighted. These impacts range from loss of control
Take Care in Handling the Results of Your Web Application Testing
The cyber threat landscape is ever-evolving, rendering traditional static security measures insufficient for defending against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and rapidly changing attack vectors. Additionally, as cybercriminals continue to develop new tactics, it becomes essential to implement more effective security systems that can adapt in real-time, hence giving rise to the concept of adaptive security. 
E-SPIN Core Access Insight Product Overview
Over the decades, the landscape of cybersecurity threats has evolved significantly. As malware and cyberattacks grow in complexity, it is becoming more prudent to adopt a more adaptive approach to cybersecurity – the evolution of cybersecurity, from traditional to adaptive security. What is Adaptive Security? Adaptive security, along with its synonyms such as adaptive cybersecurity
Take Care in Handling the Results of Your Web Application Testing
In November 2022, the world witnessed the emergence of generative AI, marking a transformative milestone in technology adoption. With its meteoric rise, the development landscape was set for a rapid evolution. Among the many areas destined for groundbreaking change, one that stands out is AI-driven Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). The significance of this
The world is undergoing a profound transformation, and the traditional business models that once thrived are becoming increasingly obsolete in this new ecosystem-driven economy. To succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape, businesses must adopt new and innovative strategies. Many business leaders recognize this fundamental truth, but they remain hesitant to steer away from the well-worn
E-SPIN Group Malaysia would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Malaysia customers, channel partners and suppliers, Selamat Hari Merdeka 2023. This year marks the 66 years of Malaysia as an independent nation and may this meaningful holiday be celebrated years to come. Malaysia declared its status as an independent country On the
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IBM’s CEO, Arvind Krishna, has expressed the belief that AI will initially impact white-collar jobs, though he emphasizes that it could potentially assist workers rather than outright displacing them. The recent decision to halt 7,800 jobs due to AI implementation has stirred discussions about the essential role technology plays in our world. The underlying message
How Does the Clouds Affect Energy Sector?
The world today witnesses an increasing number of organizations adopting a hybrid cloud strategy to maintain competitiveness within their respective industries. While the outcomes of this adoption are promising, it also introduces challenges where the distribution of workloads across different environments adds complexity to workload management. Consequently, this emphasizes the need for fabric computing to
Engaging in a dynamic dance between defense and offense has been the traditional strategy for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the AI-driven world. In times of stagnation and gradual change, when the competitive horizon lacks direct threats or copycat products, established corporations have shown prowess in simultaneously guarding their turf and seizing new opportunities within