Mobile Device Security and Challenges

The future of video entertainment is under the strong pressure to shift toward digital-first platforms away from the respective media and broadcasting companies, who used to monopolize media and entertainment since the film, television era, and continue to do so on the LD, VCD and DVD, BD. But as streamlining becomes the mass choice, it

Recent research and findings, may not surprise everyone. Where print media is under the sunset and keeps declining for a very long period of time. Printed newspapers and magazines, or we use printed media to cover all, is less attractive for Gen Z. They expect to get anything by internet search, including getting news updates

Top 4 Digital Technologies trends in Retail Industry

Digital human, an AI-driven innovation that is widely used in media and entertainment industry has now beginning to gain attention from the world as its approach shows significant potentials in accelerating growth in organisation. Undeniably, the era of digital human has arrived as the application of digital human started to expand across industries. How does

The media and entertainment industry had long applies advanced technology in providing wholesome and realistic experiences to their audience. Multiple times, we encounter various movies with actors reacting with their older self or younger self in certain scene. This experience will either leave us in awe or the assumption that everything was made possible through

No need to poll from very far, we are just using 2020 Jan to 2022 Mar figure, worldwide as aggregated data. Just like everyone expected, Samsung 29.1%, Apple 26.96%, followed by Xiaomi 9.93%. Actually the figure you can see two ways, one is by platform, it is much easier for you to understand what I

With the recent round of stock market value fall, Netflix reported a decline in streaming subscription members, it makes everyone wonder whether The age of Netflix and effect is gone? The company well known for providing good entertaining content is facing decline in subscribers, in current market competition. More and more global companies are entering

Paper and Forest products industry in the digital age

As expected, paper and forest products continue to decline due to digitalization, as the world transit toward fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0. Global consumers continue to adapt digitization and digital lifestyle and equivalent digital products, from physical journaling to digital journaling (where in the first place no paper is needed, together with stationary consumption).

Whether we are prepared or not, we are now entering the fifth industrial revolution or Industry 5.0, an evolve industrial environment where people work with smart machines. Smart machine refers to devices that are embedded with cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). In the recent years, generative AI is among

The media industry had long predicted the death of broadcast TV, due to challenges for both subscriber fees and advertising revenue. Just in the last few years, almost all the giant corporations run their very own media channel, from Disney, from Apple just name it. As everyone is chasing to become the second Netflix and

Collectible NFTs are important for the future gaming industry, if you just think it is for proof of ownership, masterpiece of digital art collection, then you may not see it can be used widely yet. For the visionary gaming producer have see how collectible NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens can help to make money from

Media and Entertainment Industry For Business

Media and entertainment industries are the broadest umbrella term for any business or company involved in areas such as live entertainment, broadcasting, film entertainment, journalism. While most of us associate this industry with pure relaxation – watching movies after work, for example, or relaxing in front of television over the weekend – businesses rely heavily on

Trends in the Media and Entertainment Industry 2

There are times when ordinary people sit around the campfire and spend quality time with each other. Time change, developing people and advanced technology. Then, there are a large number of campfire than people sitting in their living room around the entertainment known as – television. Technology is becoming more advanced and now, people are

There are times when ordinary people sit around the campfire and spend quality time with each other. Time change, developing people and advanced technology. Then, there are a large number of campfire than people sitting in their living room around the entertainment known as – television. Technology is becoming more advanced and now, people are

Media and Entertainment Overview In Era Technology

Media and entertainment industries comprise movies, prints, radios, and televisions. This segment includes movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books. The radio and television broadcasting industry consists of two types of companies. There is a public service broadcaster, where funding is through public money, and commercial broadcasters, which are funded through

Depend on which part of the world and how advance the economy in specific, the extent for the e retailing is eating away majority of physical retail space, across range of category of product. For instance, giant size mega book store that offering any category of book occupied multiple retail floor space is out of

Software applications had become a crucial element in businesses today. As technology advances, the perspective on successful delivery of software applications in business environment had been severely changed. Technology had made us look at innovation differently. We expect bigger things such that a machine that simply doing its purpose is not enough, it had to
Digital transformation, which was previously labelled as an ‘added value’ in a company quickly evolved into a crucial component essential for the resiliency of organisation in the recent years after Covid-19 hit us hard since 2019. ‘Every company is a software company’ – this statement had become the mantra in the recent years as more
Digital business transformation had bring about a new definition to successful software application. From those that meet the need of customer’s demand by being on budget and released on time to rapid delivery with engaging user experience and bringing value to business performance. This new definition spells the need for a more meaningful approach to
For the User Interface (UI) Design, every developer who is involved in it, within their career will use either one or both. Both have their unique use case and strength. For instance, if on premise is required or to be sensitive to the development process, then Sketch is the way to go due to the
Digital Transformation in Camera Market
Digital camera sales have dropped 84% since 2010. Apple introduced the iPhone, the first smartphone during 2007. Over the years, separate cameras have become unnecessary, in particular modern smartphones come with multiple built in lenses. The very last camera market attempted to differentiate them away from the smartphone. For the camera market, the next big
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The utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is expanding. Only the Almighty knows how far this technology can grow. The acceptance among the publics is well of course sensational but also bewildering. Let’s speak simple example of AI application, the virtual assistance, or for some of us, the more familiar name like Siri, Alexa, Cortana
Despite the world being fuelled by the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0 for the project economy and Titanium economy transition. We continue to see a lot of new startups fail due to missing all the opportunities that are missed to capture along the accelerated change.  From capturing the next waves of big things, from
Artificial intelligence or AI is an enigma. When its implementation was first presented to the world, it brought about a crucial question where its answer, until today have yet and may not remove the grey area of AI or the biggest AI problem – AI trust. Significantly, AI adoption is essential as its benefits to
The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) which debuted in 1956 had evolved into a prominent essential in human life. From a robotic figure that is able to solve a particular problem through machine learning to smart appliance that are able to adapt according to the surrounding environment through both machine learning and deep learning, AI technologies
Implementation AI and Automation in Insurance Industry

The Need for AI TRiSM in Organisations

Today, the challenges among business leaders in ensuring the future of their enterprise are overwhelming. Not only, they need to focus on the postpandemic growth, they also have to keep their eye on the effect of recession, controlling the impact of inflation and facing supply chain setbacks. Nevertheless, no matter what the challenges are, it
The world made an aggressive transition toward the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0, at the speed compound by all the sum of all the industrial revolution. Robotics and Artificial intelligence (AI), from the massive deployment of internet of things (IoT) sensors to smart factories that can on-demand adjust and mass customization that beyond manual
Why Composite AI is so important?
The appliances and services that involve the use of artificial intelligence (AI) are increasing over the years. The dependencies on this technology is elevating as it simplifies multiple of human tasks, making life easier and more convenient. With AI, we are offered with various life hacks recommendation, from the route we need to travel, the
Smart Space in Next Normal

The Great Reset toward the New World Order

The Great Reset that impacts the global markets, being brought in the news since COVID-19 pandemic. For the two years alone, we see by our own eye, the great lockdown moment and order, one after another is introduced, and until the world accept co-exist with COVID-19, then it slowly back to let world trade and
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VMware Horizon 6 Technical Overview by E-SPIN
Inertia continues to kill more companies by holding back Innovation, or being the resistant forces for great companies that fail to catch the next wave of big things. The more successful the said companies and have the glory in the past, the more likely they can not let go of the past, whether it is
Titanium Economy is a term used to refer to those world leading industrial-technology companies that are driving innovation and sustainable and inclusive growth. As a group of companies, they are like anchors for the said country or range of the countries where they operated. They are Titanium because they not just merely exercise huge market
Flying droid has been in commercial testing and being deployed for package delivery for sometime in the market. Recent Russia deploy suicide bomb flying droid that remote control for 300km distance, let the world know how far the related technology advance so far. Flying cars being commercially tested and available for sometime in the market.
Today, organisations are facing various challenges in keeping up with the rapidly increasing amount of accumulated data. Significantly, every organisation needs data backup as an essential step to protect themselves from all factors that may lead to data loss. Alas, the traditional data backup method that had been applied by organisations over the years is
Why Composite AI is so important?
If one world event surprises everyone for sure Ukraine-Russia conflict that eventually brings to surface and result in the war, which shocks the world which ends up for a lot of sanction and political support for both sides. In Oct 2022, it further intensify where due to bombing and attempt destroy of the crucial bridge
Data is a vital asset to the modern organisation today. Any data loss event may lead to disrupting impact to organisation. Significantly, every organisation need to have a data backup solution which is an exercise that involves copying data from a primary location to a secondary location to keep them protected from various vulnerabilities and
For those that remain operate under the decade old traditional relationships with brand principles. You will notice it first on technology, followed with logistics faced with the same challenges, and the rest will follow. Across the entire supply chain will expect a decrease in sales, if intermediaries are expected to de-layer, it will be the