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Media and Entertainment Industry For Business

Media and entertainment industries are the broadest umbrella term for any business or company involved in areas such as live entertainment, broadcasting, film entertainment, journalism. While most of us associate this industry with pure relaxation – watching movies after work, for example, or relaxing in front of television over the weekend – businesses rely heavily on

Trends in the Media and Entertainment Industry 2

There are times when ordinary people sit around the campfire and spend quality time with each other. Time change, developing people and advanced technology. Then, there are a large number of campfire than people sitting in their living room around the entertainment known as – television. Technology is becoming more advanced and now, people are

There are times when ordinary people sit around the campfire and spend quality time with each other. Time change, developing people and advanced technology. Then, there are a large number of campfire than people sitting in their living room around the entertainment known as – television. Technology is becoming more advanced and now, people are

Media and Entertainment Overview In Era Technology

Media and entertainment industries comprise movies, prints, radios, and televisions. This segment includes movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books. The radio and television broadcasting industry consists of two types of companies. There is a public service broadcaster, where funding is through public money, and commercial broadcasters, which are funded through

Depend on which part of the world and how advance the economy in specific, the extent for the e retailing is eating away majority of physical retail space, across range of category of product. For instance, giant size mega book store that offering any category of book occupied multiple retail floor space is out of

A closer look at the future of work in the next normal will be the topic for this post. No one will doubt the future of work for the new generation of knowledge workers who possess competency and are capable of adapting for the rapid changing of the technology and world of business. Across the
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Industry Mining and Natural Resources
Operational Technology or in short OT has become more significant in the industry as the industrial processes continues to improve. What is operational technology? While the term Information Technology (IT) is a much more familiar to us, the concept of OT has been around longer than that of IT. Operational technology, as defined by Gartner,
Let’s face it, we have so many countries invented vaccines, and so many countries are already enrolling them into their citizen, but if you saw the global news, you will notice the new wave of variants is keep coming, the wave of lockdowns is introduced back. Out of everyone expected, it seems it will take
What is knowledge workplace? Have you ever heard of knowledge workplace? First, let’s see their definitions separately. According the Cambridge Dictionary, knowledge is defined as the understanding of or information about a subject that you get by experience or study, either known by one person or by people generally whereas workplace refers to a building
Take Care in Handling the Results of Your Web Application Testing
What is the risk of Internet of Behaviour (IoB)? An article released by Gartner, in October 2020, stated that “IoB does have ethical and societal implications depending on the goals and outcomes of individual uses”. Therefore, while the IoB has been recognised its contribution especially in business and healthcare, its risk should not be disregarded.
Internet of Behaviour (IoB) which makes used of data collected by the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a new term in the advancement of technology. However, how much do we know about the contribution of IoB in healthcare? Let’s discover them through this post. Firstly, the application of the concept of IoB in

6LoWPAN network architecture

The uplink to the Internet is handled by the Access Point (AP) acting as an IPv6 router. Several different devices are connected to the AP in a typical setup, such as PCs, servers, etc. The 6LoWPAN network is connected to the IPv6 network using an edge router. The edge router handles three actions which are:
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5 keys to a successful business intelligence strategy
The word enough is never applicable in the advancement of technology. Artificial intelligence or AI is not an exception. It started with an idea, and now, with the advancement of technology and research, the application of artificial intelligence can be seen everywhere. While people are still in the phase of understanding artificial intelligence, we are
E-SPIN Wireless Network Security Assessment Services Overview
This post is about the Advantages, Disadvantages, and protocol stack of  the 6LoWPAN As we know, the open standard defined in RFC 6282 allows IPv6 packets to be passed from the 6LoWPAN network. It used with IEE 802.15.4 in a 2.4 GHz band. Other networking media such as sub-1 GHz low power RF, PLC, Bluetooth
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Internet of behaviour (IoB) is an extension of Internet of things (IoT) where research companies combine the existing technologies to focus on behavourial psychology. While IoB opens a lot of opportunities in businesses and helps to monitor compliance with health protocol during the ongoing pandemic, it also opens door to cybercrime. Let’s understand the relation
The internet is inarguably an important tool in our life and the importance become immensed during the outbreak of COVID-19. People had to stay at home and keep distance from everyone. The border is closed and communication can only be done through one method, the internet of things (IoT). As a result, most organisation has

What is 6LoWPAN and its functions

IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks or 6LoWPAN for short is originated from the concept that even the smallest devices should also have an access to the Internet Protocol. These smallest devices or low-power devices with limited processing capabilities should be able to participate in the Internet of Things as well. The 6LoWPAN group
Technological trends in online retail industry
Digital marketing refers to the modern marketing component that makes use of internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. As marketing and psychology go side by side in advertising for mass consumer behavior and industrial buyer behavior influence, the role
E-SPIN Group is pleased to offer E-SPIN PECB ISO 37001:2016 – Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS) Understanding ABMS Requirements and Internal Auditing training course for those who have the Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) regulatory compliance need to address and ensure better corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) best practice in place. Introduction An Anti-bribery Management
Composite AI refers to an approach that utilizes multiple AI techniques to more deeply interpret data and solve a wider range of business problems efficiently. According to Gartner’s research report called the “Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies, 2020,”, Composite AI is identified as one of the top 30 with the highest degree of predicted impact
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More and more enterprise customers are now paying attention to IoC or Indirector of Compromise or in the process attempt to make use of it into their existing enterprise infrastructure and security system workflow setup. The objective is hope to get early warning and proactive action be acting on, before too late for them to do

Operations in the next normal

Operations in the next normal, it is time to recheck again, after a year from the first global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. For the companies and enterprises that should fall, for whatever reason, it should never exist anymore. For those that adapted and evolved their operations in the next normal, they continue to serve the market.
Top 4 Digital Technologies trends in Retail Industry
What are the advantages of Composite AI approach in industries? While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular term among us, composite AI on the other hand is otherwise. This post will help us understand Composite AI and its advantages to industries. In 2020, Gartner revealed that Composite AI should be one of the technologies focus
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Composite AI approach is a key to good business as it is one of the technologies with high potential impact in improving business through superior data management. Business is all about data. Thus, there is no good business without good data management. Since every organisation aims for good businesses, composite AI should be an essential

Composite AI over Machine Learning

Recently, many organizations and enterprises had realized the benefit of adapting composite AI over machine learning in managing data analysis. Previously, machine learning which is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions