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Organizations for all sizes across the globe now need to organize for change after next normal. In particular for companies that have already downsized and scaled down due to COVID-19 pandemic, they need to decide what to do next. The world in the positive progress for vaccine rollout, more and more markets, sectors and industries

While everyone is making use of smartphones, not everyone knows how to make it work for your business. Let’s talk based on the banking sector and industry. Upon business idea execution, we can see the difference, some use it to provide passive banking needs replacement, whether for use for authorized banking transactions by authenticating the transaction.

World is changing at the speed of light, at blink of time, decade gone, digital economy become the dominant force for everything to take place, from the next internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and anything else that have the positive impact for now and future all is digital economy related. We are now

5 huge benefit of digital transformation

In the 1980s, Tom Peter was published In search for excellence, a business book at that time based on his research and founding, what makes an excellence company, and explain what he found with the excellence companies at that time. 40 years over, actually merely 10 years, most of the company uses as the case

Paper planner is symbol of dated work practice? For the young generation where their entire life is grown up with the mobile phone, they do all their things via digital means, from mobile phone, tablet and laptop or desktop computer. The only generation most likely to adapt a pure digital solution for the lifestyle and

Let’s get real, despite the vaccine rolling out, for the mass unemployment will not get hired back, due to massive reskilling for an automated future and future work being accelerated during the next normal. For jobs that are being automated and replaced or eliminated, it will not come back. For those who are forced to

After a year long of COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and contain attempts by the various nations in the world, the new mass consumer habits had forged, to get used to shopping online and door-to-door delivery. Not just online retailing is booming, so did the volume expand for the courier and delivery services provider. In the next

Whether from the DevOps to modern DevSecOps, Linux operating system dominance the use case. You saw how Windows makes WSL Windows subsystem Linux work in Windows operating system, Mac support virtual machine and docker, and IBM acquired Red Hat, you get the feel for what is going on. When in the DevSecOps, it does not

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A lot of people focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and how it steals your job mentality. Since it can run 24 hours x 365 days a year and never stop. You see how it operates robotics in producing a variety of mass customization “on-demand” products in most of the advanced and complex high tech products, you will

Vulnerability Management explained in E-SPIN Vulnerability Management Wheel model

Today we want to talk about the innovators dilemma, as we all know new disruptive innovations happen time from time. It is always the new technologies that are invented to address existing problems that once success, will kill off great enterprise at that time, since what they represented as the business model and product of

From DevOps Shift Left Testing to DevSecOps Shift Left Security

Next Generation Application Security Testing (AST), it is nothing new, borrows the term from firewall to next generation firewall (NGFW), so here the term Next Generation Application Security Testing (NGAST). For those involved in the application security testing (AST) for 10 years or more, will know that, technology keeps advancing and various mega technology from

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2021 and beyond

2021 and beyond, let get real, The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and its effects will last. Now you walk out, the whole world is adapted for the social distance, wear a mask and consciously make use of the hand sanitizer, and we do not expose ourselves to the public space without a mask
Since November, the highly-infectious COVID-19 variant that emerged, it now bring in new wave of global threat and impact on the next-normal we expected slowly moving toward world economy recover with all the sector and border open for business and trade. Coronavirus vaccines are being distributed or in distribution, but the rise of the new
Scan across all the news, FireEye Hacked incident is something worth to highlight and more importantly what the lesson we can learn from it. Let get real, being cyberthreat hunter, but you are being hacked, that is the result, what really matter is actually what is going on, a company suppose possess global capability to
Now we are in the end of 2020, and welcoming 2021. Would like from personal communication to talk about personal communication evolution from now till 2050, 30 years from now. See technology evolution to 2050 from personal communication evolution Now we are in the end of 2020, and welcoming 2021. Would like from personal communication to
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Organizing for speed as a means to transformation under the digital transformation generation is nothing new. Since speed, together with scale and scope, are the three core elements and strategic intent digital transformation aim to achieve. By increasing the speed, so did enterprise gain agility. As we can see now under the next-normal, most big
Trend in TIC and CPD that matters for professional workers that every worker depends on the employee, in particular for current and post COVID-19 Next-Normal. Few competency and skills being needed most, if you are being remote to work from home during the lockdowns period, to show you are capable to perform works with the

Mobile Learning Management System

A mobile learning management system is a training platform designed to flawlessly work with precision on mobile devices of all types. Its primary purpose is to train a learner whether it is a student or employee, to make use of a mobile learning management system LMS that allows operating on devices of all shapes and

Digital Value Matter in M&A

Digital Value Matter in M&A became a strategic consideration for most of post COVID-19 next normal, digital capability and asset did matter. Digital revolution and how much the digital value or capability a company possesses become one of the new M&A deal considerations. The more digital transformation the company is, the higher the digital value
Accelerating digital transformation in next-normal is in every business priority, since across the sectors, all being hit badly except for the few in the business of supply necessity. For the year of COVID-19 and various waves of new mutants, countries encounter one wave after another for the infection, and due to the long period of
Every country in the world is undergoing e-government initiative, or government digital transformation, US election now in news headline. Depending on the country size and how visionary for the chief of government, some are doing it very well and serve as global reference cases or benchmarks for the rest of the world government. Government is
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