Mobile Device Security and Challenges

Rise of Progressive Web Apps

For those who are actively involved in the industry and software application development, I will note that the new progressive web app (PWA) is gaining momentum. Latest round of support includes Microsoft and Google working together to bring more PWA into the Play Store. Microsoft PWABuilder (make PWAs from existing websites and publish them in
We already discuss about what is Connected Retail. By today in this post we are going to talk over about the connected retail of redefining customer engagement. There are 3 key of redefining customer engagement of connected retail; technology as a facilitator, Customer Centricity – Creating a seamless experience and  the last one is Equipping
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Mobile First vs. Desktop First

If you want to do any internet based project, deciding to use either Mobile First approach or Desktop First approach is crucial. So today we will discuss about Mobile First vs. Desktop First. In the long run, you can save a lot of time and money by avoiding the approach mistakes from the beginning. If
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The Benefits of Mobile First

Mobile First assure that we get the right User Experience to the right screen. Mobile First web design start from sketching, prototyping and designing. Then it will be scaling up to bigger screen to meet the user preference. Today we will discuss about the benefits of Mobile First. Designers need to first concern the elements
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What is Connected Retail?

What is Connected retail? Advances in technology remain to expand development and unique modernization comes into performance. Connected retail is a place that arranges an unified, digitally appreciated, in accumulate experience that attach with and affect customers at the bridge of the basic and physical world. It provides shoppers with a logical journey, which is
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Emerging from the pandemic, World toward recovery
Almost all the country emerging from the pandemic, world toward recovery or not is something everyone is concerned about. World economy is under the almost once in the century incident, no country can escape from the economic depression that is coming, due to the connected world economy for the modern world. No matter how each

What Is Mobile First?

What is Mobile First? Mobile First can be refers as method of designing and/or developing an online information for mobile before designing for desktop web or other devices. The goals of Mobile First approach is to shift the workflow of designing for desktop and lessen the design for mobile thereafter. When implementing Mobile First, the
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Let's get real for new normal after COVID-19
New Normal as the new term the world is using for post COVID-19 world. Do not get it wrong, it is not business as usual like before COVID-19. The world is undergoing dramatically change, it challenge most of the sectors and attempt to recover from this world depression (indeed, it not like most of people
Apple WWDC 2020, or 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference took place two days ago, a statement will transit toward ARM Based Mac. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, it became a virtual conference. The 18 announcement is being made but I think the most worth to note is not the rest of the product continuous update release
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Industry Telecommunications

Telcos challenge from merge to surge

Telcos challenge from merge to surge, as telcos industry is going through a transformational phases of merge or consolidate resources with the 5G network trends and digital transformation, where most of the mobile calls average per user continue to fall in the historically new records, and the bright future for the 5G network bring in
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The cyber attack kill chain is a series of steps that trace stages of a cyberattack from the early reconnaissance stages to the exfiltration of data. The kill chain helps us understand and combat ransomware, security breaches, red-teaming attack lifecycle and advanced persistent attacks (APTs). In brief, Cyber attack kill chain involves several core stages,
Application Security Testing AST is a modern term we used to describe various tools based on various technologies used for performing application security testing (AST). Since the product technology keeps advancing, more and more related technology is either consolidated, retired, replaced and being positioned as matured, declined or treated as new emerging technology. The market
Like it or not, COVID-19 created a new virus outbreak and introduced massive death tolls on the global scale. No one can escape from this round of changing economic landscape that introduces it. We saw a lot of enterprises across sector and industry fall, and those who remain need to take extreme measures to make
Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics NPMD or NPM is a modern term we used to describe network system monitoring (NSM), actually for the advance of the technology and generation of changes, modern NPMD or just simple Network Performance Monitoring or Network Performance Management goes through a lot of changes. Do not be misleading by the
In the digital world, data management is very valuable resource. This is why it is seen as one of the most important assets of an organisation. It is the base of information and the basis on which people make decisions. Hence it would follow that if the data is accurate, complete, organised and consistent, it
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Today we are going to discuss regarding, how is branded content management different from native advertising? The two terms regularly get exchanged. However, it’s significant for marketers to comprehend the difference to get the message of the brand across in the correct manner so your company can use them right to maximize the benefits. Native
E-SPIN Data Center Site Cleaning
We’ve been discussing few topic regarding Application Data Management in previous post. For today we going to take up on the  topic about Application Data Management and data center. During a whole of business day, different people in an organization will update these sort of data. Based on their duty and authorization, they may update
Digital Experience Platform DXP over CMS and CRM
Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a new emerging term used to cover emerging categories of enterprise software for companies that want to pursue digital transformation (DT), with the goal of providing better digital customer experience management, like better understanding how people interact with your brand online. For example, a module to create emotional connections with
What is the Growing Importance of Branded Content Management? The branded content management is making it harder for brands to reach consumers and for media associations themselves to capture and retain a loyal audience. At the same time, consumer trust in traditional advertising is low. Not to mention most of the advertising consumers will choose
We have been discussing about Branded Content Management in previous post. For today we going to look into the differences between Branded Content Management and Content Marketing Management. Before we enter through with our topic today, we would like to explain what is Content Marketing Management? Content marketing management is the creation of content that
Branded content management is a commerce approach that affect creating content linked to a brand that allows consumers to make the connection with the brand. It is focused on the values of the brand and, not on its products or its services. Branded content management does not focus on products and services. Although brand products

Challenges of Machine Learning

The enthusiasm for Machine Learning (ML) can be appreciated by essentially understanding that there is a development in volumes and varieties of raw data, the various procedures, and hence, there is a need to find affordable data storage. The need of the hour is to implement a method by which organizations can quickly and automatically
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The importance of deciding which portions of your company will be part of the ZLE effort is crucial. To understand the impact of ZLE on people’s perception, consider these two examples. Internet banking has given us almost up to the minute information on the status of our accounts. Many financial organizations permit you to transfer
We need to test and arrange what is the best way to make sure if an incident is coming, our business continuity plan is working without fail. Typically we will make all the what-if simulation and make sure it helps to identify gaps and areas for improvement. Numerous organizations test a business continuity plan two
What is business continuity management planning? It is the method affected in building a system of prevention and improvement from possibility threats to a company. The plan assure that staff and assets are protected and are ready to function as fast as in the event of a setback or emergency. This plan is overall accepted

The Basics of Branded Content Management

Branded content management varies from other marketing concepts for it focuses on the brand’s culture and values, rather than its products and services. However, due to the growing attribution to user experience, branded content management is now making a big comeback. As a website copywriter, it is important that you know the basics of writing

Maintenance of a Zero-Latency Enterprise

Assuming your organization had a successful implementation and are currently a genuine zero latency enterprise, you are now going to face a huge challenge which is about Maintenance of a Zero-Latency Enterprise. Feel free to contact E-SPIN for any project and operation requirement. E-SPIN in the business of enterprise technology solution provision, consultancy, network and

Modern workplace towards Smart Space

  From the current coronavirus outbreak that impacts globally, we are seeing how many enterprises are facing the challenge to get the business to continue and minimize the operation impact due to lockdowns ordered by the nations, as well as ban foreigners from arriving in the nation. Without doubt, not all the business sectors and

Data Management Challenges

Most of the data management challenges in now days,  branch from the faster measure of business and the developing generation of data. The ever-expanding variation, acceleration, and volume of data available to organizations is pushing them to seek more-effective management tools to keep up. They have some of the main challenges organizations face include the
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