Internet of Behaviour (IoB) which makes used of data collected by the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a new term in the advancement of technology. However, how much do we know about the contribution of IoB in healthcare? Let’s discover them through this post. Firstly, the application of the concept of IoB in

The internet is inarguably an important tool in our life and the importance become immensed during the outbreak of COVID-19. People had to stay at home and keep distance from everyone. The border is closed and communication can only be done through one method, the internet of things (IoT). As a result, most organisation has

Operations in the next normal, it is time to recheck again, after a year from the first global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. For the companies and enterprises that should fall, for whatever reason, it should never exist anymore. For those that adapted and evolved their operations in the next normal, they continue to serve the market.

While COVID-19 is reaching the end, bank and financial sector expect massive credit risk after next normal began. While most of the countries will be forcing banking and finance sector players to provide more credit and loan to accelerate the economy recovery. But the 2 years long COVID-19, whether you like it or not, it

Will the COVID-19 pandemic end next 6 months, this is in the mind of everyone. As we saw the vaccines keep rolling out, but a lot of places either extend lockdowns, continue to block the border or make it more difficult for international travel to become possible. Despite we saw what the travel sector is

Are you ready for remote working after next normal, this is the questions not just those working class plan to get hire to be ask, and employer who intent to hire also in consider, since COVID-19 killed traditional workplace, disrupt the structure of how the traditional office and workplace how most of the people use

What Is The Meaning of Travel Technologies ?

Vaccine certificates for travel are starting to move toward the mainstream, as the travel sector and industry indeed need something in place to facilitate the traveling business, while at the same time addressing all the country border control regulations that are imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic. As vaccines keep rolling out across the globe following

We now in the different stage of next normal, some in in the successful containment COVID-19 pandemic, some in the vaccine rollout. Regardless of which stages you are in, massive unemployment that did during the period, despite recovery will not fill back all the jobs, due to those jobs permanently cloud automated and completely eliminated or

Organizations for all sizes across the globe now need to organize for change after next normal. In particular for companies that have already downsized and scaled down due to COVID-19 pandemic, they need to decide what to do next. The world in the positive progress for vaccine rollout, more and more markets, sectors and industries

Let’s get real, despite the vaccine rolling out, for the mass unemployment will not get hired back, due to massive reskilling for an automated future and future work being accelerated during the next normal. For jobs that are being automated and replaced or eliminated, it will not come back. For those who are forced to

After a year long of COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and contain attempts by the various nations in the world, the new mass consumer habits had forged, to get used to shopping online and door-to-door delivery. Not just online retailing is booming, so did the volume expand for the courier and delivery services provider. In the next

The world is in the progress toward recovery from COVID-19 pandemic, the true next-normal is coming, despite now we are in the COVID-19 variant and third wave of attack, with the vaccines invented and roll out, it just a matter for time to put this, finally in the end. For close to a year long

Once upon a time, middle management was vital, to help offload top management for supervising line-of-chain manually … before we were reaching seamless communications generation. Business organizations regardless of public or private expect to run flatter, faster, leaner. And The COVID-19 pandemic crisis once again, testing for whether middle management carries any value added to

Just as everyone expected, remote channel have gained wide acceptance. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, lockdowns and country border closed make physical, onsite channels practically impossible. While one door closes, another new door is opened, the remote channels – telephone and digital. Next Normal right now, we all get used to web meetings to get

Industry transformation is keep moving despite slow comparison with pre-COVID-19, but next normal is keep continuing. From the recent UN release foreign direct investment (GDI) we will notice which country gains the most. They have various variables to impact on GDI, slow down due to COVID-19 pandemic is just one of them. Others include planned

No one will expect COVID-19 pandemic to spread globally and impact so long. Each round of the COVID-19 variant, we are forced to react from lockdowns to isolation with the interconnected world. Last year, the world talked about New Normal, then Next Normal, the world for post COVID-19 pandemic. How will it go? Despite vaccines from multiple countries invented

While the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to end, due to the new COVID-19 variant it starts their wave of impact from place to place. Current rollout of vaccines is not seen and can stop it yet. Faced with the overall market willing to spend is no high, most of the sector is affected due to

The whole world is impacted by COVID-19 pandemic since the very first case recorded in China at Q4 2019, but the virus spread and loss of control is starting from Q1 2020. Right now the whole world is under another wave of COVID-19 Variants. But the world will never stop becoming that, instead, the whole

Cloud is the next Internet, if you are at the point to have yet put that into your business framework. Everything else is actually based on that and few more driving enabling technologies. At this point of time, we have one division line we can use to divide traditional companies living in the past, and

Out of everyone expected, COVID-19 pandemic took longer to go over.  Despite having the vaccine start rollout in November and December last year. But we are impacted by COVID-19 variants that spread at 10 times faster than previous years. Like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic continues, whatever previous thoughts about the next normal will be shifts.

Innovations Shaping the Future of Transportation Industry

Becoming a future-ready company in most of the business enterprise and government top decision maker mind. In the COVID-19 wave after another, following with the variants, whether or not the vaccine is effective or not, we still need at least 3 to 6 months to see. But the global economy due to lockdowns and businesses