The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for change across the globe, and it has forced businesses to adapt and embrace new ways of operating. As we move towards the next normal, it is clear that the world after COVID-19 will look very different from the past. To succeed in this new world, enterprises must

As technology continues to evolve and emerge, it is not surprising that it has affected the job market. One of the latest trends in the technology industry is no-code/low-code, which helps eliminate IT skills shortage. However, even without the implementation of AI and robotics, the technology industry has already cut down 3 million jobs by

The journey of cloud computing has come a long way from its inception to where it stands today. From hardware virtualization to multi-cloud solutions, cloud computing has gone through various phases and it’s essential for those who are starting their journey to plan ahead to avoid any misallocation of resources. Inadequate planning can result in

The world is in a state of transition, moving from a globalized approach to a localized one, which is being referred to as “Glocalisation.” This change is a result of the increasing influence of technology and the rise of the digital economy. The rise of globalization can be traced back to post-World War II, where

Why Composite AI is so important?

Next wave of tech transformation is arrived now, it serves as a wake-up call for everyone, from individuals to enterprises. In November 2022, ChatGPT was released for public review and in just two months, it has taken the world by storm with its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This is a classic example of a disruptive

As the global IT industry undergoes mass layoffs in 2022 and 2023, it’s essential for companies to control their ICT expenses, which includes telecommunications services. One of the primary areas of focus for any enterprise is to keep costs related to their ICT infrastructure as low as possible. This includes implementing measures to reduce costs

In the past year, we have seen a trend of large companies laying off significant numbers of employees, often in the tens of thousands. This trend is expected to continue in the near future as economic uncertainty, inflation, supply-chain disruptions, geopolitical conflicts, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have all been cited as reasons for these

Data Center Transformation beyond Multi-Cloud is an important step towards modernizing infrastructure for businesses. Data Centers are crucial for enabling the consumption of various services, both directly and indirectly. Direct services include computing, servers, storage, and infrastructure equipment, as well as co-location and cloud computing hosting provided by global players in the industry. It’s well-known

The global tech industry has seen over 55,000 layoffs since the start of 2023, with 12,000 coming from Google and 10,000 from Microsoft alone. The tech sector is among the first to react to economic downturns due to its high level of digitalization. According to, 25,436 tech employees have been laid off by 101

The trend in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) and continuing professional development (CPD) that matters for professional workers is that every worker needs to be able to adapt and perform well in the current and post-COVID-19 “next-normal.” With many employees working remotely due to lockdowns, the ability to work efficiently and effectively from home has

The world is transitioning towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) or Industry 4.0, and it is crucial to be proactive in adapting to these changes rather than being passive and reactive. Smart factories, robotics for remote site operations, driverless vehicles, and AI-powered legal and judicial systems are just some examples of the new efficiencies emerging

China ended zero-Covid with the hope to revive China’s economy, just like every country in the world did. The world is now expressing concern about Covid situation in China. From all the video footage and news, China’s current Covid outbreak across China and new virus variants could emerge and become another round of global concern.

As of 2022, over 800 tech companies worldwide have announced layoffs affecting more than 100,000 employees, according to, a website that tracks job cuts. The majority of these cuts have occurred within the tech industry. Companies such as Meta, Amazon, Twitter, GoTo, Grab, Netflix, and Sea are among those that have announced layoffs. These

The recent years witnesses various transformation in industries, all in the name of keeping up with the increasing consumers demands and becoming a high reliability organisation. With objectives for speed delivery and enhancing user experience, every company are embarking into the journey of adopting multiple top trends technologies as enabling tools for these transformation. Definitely,

China do Reverse Engineered of HAARP and DARPA?

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and business processes management, robotic process automation (RPA) continues to wide out a massive number of human jobs that are not really value-added, but slow down the enterprise operation. AI and robotics do not need sleep, and they operate 24×7 on a never stop basis. They

Digital transformation, which was previously labelled as an ‘added value’ in a company quickly evolved into a crucial component essential for the resiliency of organisation in the recent years after Covid-19 hit us hard since 2019. ‘Every company is a software company’ – this statement had become the mantra in the recent years as more

Digital Transformation in Camera Market

Digital camera sales have dropped 84% since 2010. Apple introduced the iPhone, the first smartphone during 2007. Over the years, separate cameras have become unnecessary, in particular modern smartphones come with multiple built in lenses. The very last camera market attempted to differentiate them away from the smartphone. For the camera market, the next big

Despite the world being fuelled by the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) Industry 4.0 for the project economy and Titanium economy transition. We continue to see a lot of new startups fail due to missing all the opportunities that are missed to capture along the accelerated change.  From capturing the next waves of big things, from

Smart Space in Next Normal

The Great Reset that impacts the global markets, being brought in the news since COVID-19 pandemic. For the two years alone, we see by our own eye, the great lockdown moment and order, one after another is introduced, and until the world accept co-exist with COVID-19, then it slowly back to let world trade and

Titanium Economy is a term used to refer to those world leading industrial-technology companies that are driving innovation and sustainable and inclusive growth. As a group of companies, they are like anchors for the said country or range of the countries where they operated. They are Titanium because they not just merely exercise huge market

Why Composite AI is so important?

If one world event surprises everyone for sure Ukraine-Russia conflict that eventually brings to surface and result in the war, which shocks the world which ends up for a lot of sanction and political support for both sides. In Oct 2022, it further intensify where due to bombing and attempt destroy of the crucial bridge