Service Virtualization

Parasoft Virtualize

Solution Overview

Parasoft virtualize acts as the service virtualization solution that allows the team to develop and test their applications earlier, faster and more completely.

Service Virtualization with Parasoft virtualize

Service virtualization is essential in term of changing test automation into continuous testing. A team needs to have instant access to their test environment In order to benefit agile and DevOps approach as well as increase efficiency.

Parasoft virtualize acts as the service virtualization solution that allows the team to develop and test their applications earlier, faster and more completely. By implementing service virtualization with Parasoft virtualize, the team are able to reduce or remove dependence on unavailable, unstable or costly dependencies.

Parasoft Virtualize acts as your sevice virtualization solution by helping you create, deploy and manage virtual test environment at anytime and everywhere. Service virtualization is powered by the process of creating assets. With Parasoft virtualize, it simplifies the process through creating proxies. The proxies monitor communication between the application and its dependencies so that Virtualize can automate the analysis of traffic files.

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Key Features

1. Easy Way to Build and Manage Virtual Services

  • Parasoft Virtualize has multiple tools that can build virtual services without any scripting knowledge.
  • With virtual services, developers are able to start integration work earlier even if the new service is not available.
  • In addition, stable virtual services allow testing to be performed more often as these virtual services can be created and configured directly on the desktop or browser.

2. Maintain virtual Services as the Real services change easily

  • The change Advisor feature in the Parasoft Virtual proactively scans the API interfaces to find changes in the services. This help defines the impact of virtual service on the changes.
  • Parasoft complete supports of versioning in order to keep track of all the changes.

3. Intuitive technology that delivers the same speed as software development

  • Parasoft virtualize switfly configure complex test conditions and uncover hidden performance issues in while testing your application through managing the service performance, for load testing or slow network simulation.
  • The team are able to easily configure different scenarios through data-driving service virtualization from external data sources which include Parasoft’s data repository infrastructure.

4. Simple Thin-Client Interface

  • Thin-Client interface of Parasoft Virtualize eases collaboration within the team.
  • Users are able to create deployment while running the program from the web interface for automated testing, monitor and configure the test environment, capture real traffic as well as having comprehensive view of requests and responses.

Key Benefits

  • Completely scriptless service virtualization from simple to complex
  • Intelligent correlations and various visual tools ease the building of business logic
  • Automatic identification of changes and offers users with a template to remediate
  • Parasoft virtualize's intuitive browser-based interface allows user to manage test environments, virtual services, test data, and performance characteristics without scripting automate deployment, configuration, and provisioning thus accelerates the CI/CD pipeline.

E-SPIN and Parasoft

E-SPIN have actively in promoting Parasoft full range of products and technologies since 2016 as part of the company Security, Vulnerability Management, Application Security, Software Assessment, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution portfolio. E-SPIN is active in provide consulting, supply, training and maintaining Parasoft products for the enterprise, government and military customers (or distribute and resell as part of the complete package) on the region E-SPIN do businesses. The enterprise range from university, corporate, government agencies to IT security professionals / analysts, developer on the application security or cyber security / cyber warfare /military defense applications.

Please feel free to contact E-SPIN for your inquiry and requirement, so we can assist you on the exact requirement in the packaged solutions that you may required for your operation or project needs.