Mobile World Investment Corporation (MWG)

Mobile World Investment Corporation (MWG) operates in the retail of mobile phone. MWG is based in Thu Dau Mot, Vietnam. The company is listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange.

Mobile World Investment Corporation operates under two distribution formats: the “thegioididong” which means Mobile World, and “dienmay” which means Consumer Electronics.

The format is currently distributing digital mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and accessories) in the all 63 cities and provinces of Vietnam, through a network of more than 1100 stores. The first store was launched in 2004.

The format instead is specialized in the distribution of consumer electronics (televisions, karaoke machines, refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, blenders, irons, electromagnetic stoves, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, etc.) and digital products (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and accessories). From 4th May 2015, has changed its name to DIEN MAY XANH with the distribution network is made of 600 stores, located in 63 provinces, became the first CE channel has a nationwide coverage in Vietnam.